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Album Reports 2019
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Ally Venable (US) - Texas Honey (Blues - Bluesrock)
Amber Cross (US) - Savage on the Downhill (Americana)(2017) - UK & European release march, 2019
Andrea Cubeddu (I) - Weak Like A Man
Anthony Caceres (US) - Something's Gotta Give (Jazz)
Atomic Road Kings (US) - Clean Up The Blood (Blues)
Augie Meyers (US) - I Know I Could Be Happy , If Myself Wasn't Here (South Texas Soul - Tex-Mex)
Away With Birds (Irl/NL) - Away With Birds (Folk)
Bad Temper Joe (D) - The Maddest Of Them All (Acoustic Blues)
Belle Hole Freak (I) - Bump, Mirrors & Bounce (Delta Blues - OMB)
Ben Winkelman Trio (US) - Balance (Jazz)
Benny Turner & Cash McCall (US) - Going Back Home (Chicago Blues)
Billy White Jr. (US) - It's About Time (Southern Rock - Blues)
Black Bottle Riot (NL) - Fire (Rock - Southern Rock)
Black Cat Biscuit (B) - That's How The Cookie Crumbles (Blues - West Coast - Swing)
Blues Boy Willie (US) - Blues, Then and Now
Blues Meets Girl (US) - Selftitled (Blues)

Boo Boo Davis (US) - Tree Man (Blues)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Deep (NU-Blues)
Brent Birckhead (US) - BIRCKHEAD (Jazz - Hardbop)
Brother Snakeoil & The Medicine Man (D) - Cures All (Blues)
Cam Penner & Jon Wood (Can) - At War With Reason (Electrified Folk Blues)
Cara Being Blue (US) - Grit (Rockin' Blues)
Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays (I-US) - Across The Sea (Jazz)

Chris O'Leary (US) - 7 Minutes Late (Electric Blues)
Colin Linden, Luther Dickinson with The Tennesseee Valentines (Can/US) - Amour
Copper Viper (UK) - Cut It Down, Count The Rings (Folk)
Crystal Thomas (US) - Drank of My Love (Blues - Soul)
Danni Nicholls (UK) - The Melted Morning (Singer-songwriter)
Danny Schmidt (US) - Standard Deviation (Singer-songwriter)
Dave Rosewood (US) - Gravel and Gold (Country)
David Liebman (US) - On The Corner Live: The Music Of Miles Davis (Jazz)
Eden & John's East River String band (US) - Coney Island baby (Delta & Country Blues)
Ellen Rowe Octet (US) - Momentum - Portraits of Women in Motion (Jazz)
Elles Bailey (UK) - Road I Call Home (Blues - Roots)
Eric Gales (US) - The Bookends (Blues - Bluesrock) Filthy Horse (B) - War & Beer (Folk)
Eriksson Delcroix (B) - The Riverside Hotel (Blues - Roots)
Filthy Horse (B) - War & Beer (Folk)
Five Play (US) - Live from The Firehouse Stage (Jazz)
Gary Clark Jr. (US) - This Land (Bluesrock)
Gary Dean Smith (US) - Awaking (Fusion)
Gaye Adegbalola (US) - The Griot (Blues)
Glen Clark (US) - You Tell Me (Soul - Blues - Americana)
Guy Verlinde (B) - All is Forgiven (Acoustic Blues 'n Roots)
Håkon Kornstad Trio (Nor) - Im Treibhaus (Jazz)
Ht Roberts feat. Pascale 'Bloomfish' Michiels (B) - Sunburst & Silk (Singer-songwriter)
Inna De Yard (Jam) - The Soundtrack (Reggea)
J. Aubertin (F) - Whispers in The Wind (Singer-songwriter)
J.P. Soars (US) - Southbound I-95 (Blues) - European release 2019
James Fernando (US) The Lonely Sailor (Jazz)

Jarrod Dickenson (US) - Under A Texas Sky (EP)(Americana)
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK) - Shake Them Rattlin' Bones (Roots - Voodoo Punk - Reggea)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK) - Reckless Heart (Bluesrock)
John Blek (Irl) - Thistle & Thorn (Folk)
John Mayall (UK) - Nobody Told Me (Blues)
Jordan Pettay (US) - Strange Fruit (Jazz)
Katrina Pejak (RS) - Roads That Cross (Blues)
Katy Mitchell (US) - Katy Sings The Blues (Blues)
Keith Catfish Woodrow (Can) - Don't Tell Your Children (Delta Blues)
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith & The House Bumpers - Drop The Hammer (Blues)
Kerrie Powers (US) - Starseeds (Country- en Folk Blues)(2018) release Europe 2019)
Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella (Irl) - Oh The Stralings (Folk)
Kirri's Travelin' Kitcherm Jam (B) - Little Somethings (Blues - Roots)
Kristina Koller (US) - At The Poli Club (Vocal Jazz)
Kristina Stykos (US) - River of Light (Americana)
Kyla Brox (UK) - Pain & Glory (Blues)
Lady Valiant (US) - Back Roads (Delta Blues)
Larkin Poe (US) - Venom & Faith (Blues & Roots)
Leo 'Bud' Welch (US) - The Angels In Heaven Have Done Signed My Name (Delta Blues)
Little Boy and Nightingale (B) - Two Lousy People
Little G Weevil (Hun) - Back in Alabama (Acoustic Blues)
Little Jimmy (B) - Blues Rebel (Blues)
Lou Shields (US) - Cabin Sessions (Roots - Country Blues)
Luca Di Luzio (I) - Globetrotter (Jazz)
Luca Kiella (I) - Figure It Out (Blues - Soul)

Lucky Bastards (E) - Breaking The Rules (Blues)
Lucy Malheur (D) - Bad Cat Mama (Blues)
Mad Dog Blues (US) - Happy Dance (Bluegrass)
Madeleine Roger (Can) - Cottonwood (Folk)
Marton Juhasz (Hun) - Discovery (Modern Jazz)
Matt Andersen (Can) - Halfway Home By Morning (Blues - Soul)
Mavis Stales (US) - Live in London (Blues - Soul - Gospel)
Merrow (NL) - A Story To Tell... (Folk)
Michael Eaton (US) - Dialogical (Modern Jazz)
Michael Jerome Browne (Can) - That's Were it's At! (Acoustic Blues - Country Blues)
Mighty Magnolias (Nor) - Unknown Skyline (Americana - Country)
Mike Goudreau (Can) - Acoustic Sessions (Acoustic Blues)
Mr. Sax & The Giant (NL) - Lipstick, Powder & Paint (Jump Rhythm 'n Blues)
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (US/Braz) - Setting Rays of Summer (Jazz)
Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings (US) - Share What You Own (Blues - Roots)
Paul Nelson (US) - Over Under Trough (Blues - Americana)
Paul Pigat (Can) - Boxcar Campfire (The Game) (Acoustic Country Blues)
Piedmont Four (US) - Back To The Bars (Jump Blues)
Reverend Sekou (US) - When We Fight We Win (Live In Memphis) (Blues - Soul - Gospel)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra (UK) - Soul Of My City (Western Swing - Ragtime - Roots)
Rockin' Johnny & Quiqué Gomez (US/E) - Dos Hombres Wanted (Blues)
Rosie Flores (US) - Simple Case Of The Blues (Blues)
Rymden (Nor) - Reflections & Oddyseys (Jazz)
Sam & Julia (NL) - So Far, So Good (Americana)
Sauce Boss (US) - Blind Boy Billy (Jump & Swamp Blues)
Scott Ramminger (US) - Rispe Up (Blues)
Sean Pinchin (Can) - Bad Things (Blues)
Select Captain (DK) - Off To Save The World (Singer-songwriter)
Seth Walker (US) - Are You Open? (Blues - Americana)
Shotgun Sally (B) - Never Gonna Break My Heart (single) (Rockabilly)
Sister Speak (Can) - The Stand (EP)(Alt-folk)
Sivan Arbel (Isr) - Change Of Light (Jazz)
Skip Williams Quartet (US) - Czech Wishes (Jazz)
Soul Message Band (US) - Soulful Days (Souljazz)
Stef Paglia (B) - Never Forget (Bluesrock - Rock)
Steve Morgan and The Kingfish (US) - That Ain't The Blues (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Sugaray Rayford (US) - Somebody Save Me (Blues - Soul)
Susan Williams & The Wright Groove () - It's About Time (Blues)
Swampboys (B) - Drunken Biker (Rockabilly - Rock 'n Roll)
Tedeschi Trucks Band (US) - Signs (Blues - Soul)
The Big Swamp (D) - Selftitled (Blues - Swamp Blues - Southern Rock)
The Blue Chevys (B) - Twice Fifteen (Blues - Roots - Rhyhtm 'n Blues)
The Bluesmen (US) - The Devil is A Blues Man (Delta Blues)
The Downtown Livewires (US) - I’ll Do It To Day, But Not Right Now (Electric Blues)
The Feralings (US) - The Feralings (EP)(Folk - Americana)
The Gloaming (Irl-US) - "3" (Folk)
The Interplay Jazz Orchestra (US) - On The Sunny Side (Big Band Jazz)
The John Bull Band (US) - Memphis Money (Harmonica Blues)
The Lachy Doley Group (Aus) - Make or Break (Blues - Rock)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US) - Kitchen Table Blues vol. 1 (Harmonica Blues)
The Thyle's Band (B) - Groovy Devil Woman (Blues)
Tiny Legs Tim (B) - Elsewhere Bound (Blues - Nola)
Tobias Faber (NL) - Rise and Fall (Alt-Folk)
Tomiko Dixon (US) - Blues Arising (Chicago Blues)

Tomislav Goluban (HR) - Chicago Rambler (Harmonica Blues)
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers (US) - Killin' It Live (Blues)
Tony Holiday (US) - Porch Sessions (Blues)
Tuomo Uusitalo (Fin) - Stories From Here And There (Jazz)
Vegas Strip Kings (US) - Jackpot (Blues - Tex-Mex - Zydeco)
Vin Mott (US) - Rogue Hunter (Harmonica Blues)
Watermelon Slim (US) - Church of the Blues (Blues)
Wesli (HT/Can) - Rapadou Kreyol (World Music)
West of Eden (SE) - Flat Earth Society (Folk)
Whocat (B) - Joyful Rebellion (Alt-pop - Jazz)
Wild Bill and The Railroad cats (UK) - Santa Fé Buffet (Rock 'n Roll - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Willie Buck (US) - Willie Buck Way (Chicago Blues)
Willie Farmer (US) - The Man From The Hill (Delta Blues)