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Album Reports 2019
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Belle Hole Freak (I) - Bump, Mirrors & Bounce (Delta Blues - OMB)
Blues Boy Willie (US) - Blues, Then and Now
Blues Meets Girl (US) - Selftitled (Blues)

Boogie Beasts (B) - Deep (NU-Blues)
Cam Penner & Jon Wood (Can) - At War With Reason (Electrified Folk Blues)
Cara Being Blue (US) - Grit (Rockin' Blues)
Chris O'Leary (US) - 7 Minutes Late (Electric Blues)
Crystal Thomas (US) - Drank of My Love (Blues - Soul)
Gaye Adegbalola (US) - The Griot (Blues)
Glen Clark (US) - You Tell Me (Soul - Blues - Americana)
J.P. Soars (US) - Southbound I-95 (Blues) - European release 2019
James Fernando (US) - The Lonely Sailor (Jazz)

Jarrod Dickenson (US) - Under A Texas Sky (EP)(Americana)
Keith Catfish Woodrow (Can) - Don't Tell Your Children (Delta Blues)
Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella (Irl) - Oh The Stralings (Folk)
Kristina Koller (US) - At The Poli Club (Vocal Jazz)
Lady Valiant (US) - Back Roads (Delta Blues)
Lucky Bastards (E) - Breaking The Rules (Blues)
Lucy Malheur (D) - Bad Cat Mama (Blues)
Paul Nelson (US) - Over Under Trough (Blues - Americana)
Piedmont Four (US) - Back To The Bars (Jump Blues)
Rymden (Nor) - Reflections & Oddyseys (Jazz)
Select Captain (DK) - Off To Save The World (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Morgan and The Kingfish (US) - That Ain't The Blues (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
The Big Swamp (D) - Selftitled (Blues - Swamp Blues - Southern Rock)
The Blue Chevys (B) - Twice Fifteen (Blues - Roots - Rhyhtm 'n Blues)
The Bluesmen (US) - The Devil is A Blues Man (Delta Blues)
Tiny Legs Tim (B) - Elsewhere Bound (Blues - Nola)
Tomislav Goluban (HR) - Chicago Rambler (Harmonica Blues)