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Album Reports 2020
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Adam Karch (Can) - Everything Can Change (Country Blues - Americana)
Albert Castiglia (US) - Wild and Free (Live) (Bluesrock)
Albert Cummings (US) - Believe (Blues - Soul)
Amberly Chalberg (US) - Hi-Line (Singer-songwriter - Americana)

Andrew Hawkey (UK) - Long Story Short (Singer-songwriter)
Andy Milne & Unison (US) - The Remission (Jazz)
Ann Lee (B) - Down The Road (EP) (Soulful Blues - Americana)
Aubrey Johnson (US) - Unraveled (Vocal Jazz)
Austin Walkin' Cane (US) - Muso (Blues)
Avey Grouws Band (US) - The Devil May Care (Blues)
Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers - Salone (Blues)
Barbara Bergin (US) - Blood Red Moon (Singer-songwriter)
Barnill Brothers (B) - A Better Place (Singer-songwriter)
Ben Reel (Irl) - The Nashville Calling (Rootsy Americana)
Ben Rice & RB Stone (US) - Out of the Box (Blues - Bluesrock)

Bernard Allison (US) - Songs From The Road (Blues)

Bill Blue (US) - The King Of Crazy Town (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Bobby Selvaggio (US) - Live From The Bop Stop (Jazz)
Cargo Mas (B) - Cargo Mas (Funk - Jazz - Latin)
Carolina Calvache (Col) - Vida Profunda (Jazz)
Caroline Rose (US) - Superstar (Synth-pop)
Carus Thompson (Aus) - Shakespeare Avenue (Singer-songwriter)

Casey Hensley (US) - Good as Gone (Blues, Swing)
Cave Flowers (US) - Selftitled (Southern Rock)

Charles Pillow Ensemble (US) - Chamber Jazz (Jazz)
Charlie Sutton (US) - Primitive Songs For Modern Times (Roots)

Chicago Yestet (US) - Not There Yet (Jazz)
Chickenbone Slim (US) - Sleeper (West Coast Blues)
Chip Taylor (US) - In Sympathy Of A Heartbreak (Singer-songwriter)
Chris McCarthy (US) - Still Time To Quit (Jazz)
Clark Sommers' Ba(SH) (US) - Peninsula (Jazz)
DC Snakebuster (B) - Snakeboots (Blues)

Dirty5 (B) - Travelling Shoes (Blues)
Don Flemons (US) - Prospect Hill: The American Songster Omnibus (Blues)
Eamonn McCromack (Irl) - Storyteller (Bluesrock)
Eileen Ivers (US) - Scatter The Light (Folk)
Eileen Rose (US) - Muscle Shoals (Americana)
Elsa Nilsson (SE) - Hindsight (Jazz)
Fernando Neris (B) - The Tiny Crowd (Blues - Spirituals)
Fog Holler (US) - The Offical Bootleg (Bluegrass)
Frank Bey (US) - All My Deus Are paid (Blues - Soul)
Frank Kohl (US) - The Crossing (Jazz)
Gabriel Chakarji (Ven) - New Beginning (Jazz)
Genna & Jesse (US) - Say OK (Soul)
Gunther Brown (US) - Heartache & Roses (Roots - Americana)
Håkon Høye (Nor) - Nights at the Surf Motel (Blues - Soul - Roots)
Hayseed Dixie (US) - Blast From The Grassed (Alt-country - Bluegrass)
Hot Club of Los Angeles (US) - Cinema Swing (Gypsy Swing - Jazz Manouche)
Ivy Ford (US) - Club 27 (Blues)
Jake La Botz (US) - They're Coming To Take Me Away (Blues - Americana)
Jan James (US) - Justify (Blues)
JD Walter (US) - Dressed in A Song (Jazz)
Jeff Rupert & George Garzone (US) - The Riplle (Jazz)
Jeffrey Foucault (US) - Blood Brothers (Americana)
Jeremiah Johnson (US) - Heavens To Betsy (Blues)
Jimmy Johnson (US) - Every Day Of Your Life (Chicago Blues)
Joe Nolan (Can) - Drifters (Singer-songwriter)
John Blek (Irl) - The Embers (Folk)
Johnny Rawls (US) - Live in Europe (Blues - Soul)
Jonathan NG (US) - The Sphynx (Jazz)
Jono Manson (US) - Silver Moon (Americana)
Joy Mills Band (US) - Echocolator (Americana)
Justin Varnes (US) - Survival Instinct: the Evilution of the Pack (Jazz)
Kaylé Brecher (US) - Kayleidoscope (Vocal Jazz)
Kiki Valera (CU) - Vivencias en Clave Cubana (Latin Jazz)
King Solomon Hicks (US) - Harlem (Blues)
Laila Biali (Can) - Out of Dust (Jazz)
Lakecia Benjamin (US) - Persuance: The Coltranes (Jazz)
Laura Kits (NL) - Holy Fountain Water (Country-rock)
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL) - Where We're Heading (Bluesrock - Rock)
Leslie Beukelman (US) - Golden Daffodil (Jazz)
Lisa Mills (US) - The Triangle (Blues - Soul)
Little Devils & The Shuffle Blue Flames (F) - Sticky Rollin' (Blues)
Liz Mandeville (US) - Playing With Fire (Blues)
Louise Cappi (US) - Mèlange (Jazz - Blues - NOLA)
Lucifer Mo'Blues (B) - We Know Much Better (Acoustic Blues)
Lynne Hanson (Can) - Just Words (Americana)
Marc Borms (B) - [IN]sane (Singer-songwriter - Roots)
Marcus King (US) - El Dorado (Blues - Soul)
Martyn Joseph (UK) - Days of Decision (Singer-songwriter)
Mary Jo Curry Band (US) - Front Porch (Blues)
Matt Harlan (US) - Best Beasts (Americana)
Maya Rae (Can) - Can You See Me? (Singer-songwriter)
Mick Kolossa (US) - Blind Lemon Sessions (Acoustic Blues)
Mike Bond (US) - The Honorable Ones (Jazz)
Miss Tess (US) - The Moon is an Ashtray (Amrican Roots Music)
Missy Sippy All Stars (B) - Missy Sippy All Stras Vol. 1 (Blues - Gospel - Roots)
Mrs. Henry (US) - Live At The Casbah (Rock)
My Darling Clementine (UK) - Country Darkness Vol. 1 (EP)
Neil Bob Herd & The Dirty Little Acoustic Band (UK) - Every Soul a Story (Americana - Country - Folk)
Nels Andrews (US) - Pigeon and the Crow (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Özgür Hazar (TR) - Sad and Blue (Bluesrock)
Pacific Mambo Orchestra (US) - The III Side (Latin Jazz)
Phantom Blues Band (US) - Still Cookin' (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Popa Chubby (US) - It's A Mighty Hard Road (Blues - Bluesrock)
Rachel Therrien (US) - VENA (Jazz)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - The Whole World Inside (Blues)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Live @ The Theatre Vol. 2 (Blues - Dirty Rock 'n Roll)
Randall Bramblett (US) - The Meantime (Singer-songwriter)
Reverend Red (US) - Lakewood Dreamers (Americana)
Richard Ray Farrell (US) - Three Pints of Gin (Acoustic Blues)
Robin McKelle (US) - Alternations (Vocal jazz)
Roomful of Blues (US) - In A Roomful of Blues (Blues)
Rory Bock (US) - Prove It One Me (Acoustic Blues)
Rott'n Dan & Lightnin' Willy (Can) - Sweet Sweet Acoustic Blues (Acoustic Blues - Country Blues)
Ruby Lovett (US) - It's A Hard Life (Country - Americana)
Ruby Turner (Jam) - Love Was Here (Soul-Blues-Rhythm 'n Blues)
Ry Cavanaugh (US) - Time For This (Singer-songwriter)
Ryan Perry (US) - High Risk, Low Reward (Blues)
Sam Doores (US) - Sam Doores (Singer-songwriter)
Sam Hirsh (US) - Quite Frankly (Jazz)
Sam Lewis (US) - Solo (Singer-songwriter)
Sarah Thorpe (F) - Deep Blue Love (Vocal Jazz)
Sari Schor (US) - Live in Europe (Bluesrock)
Sasha Mashin (Rus) - Happy Synapse (Jazz)
Sass Jordan (Can) - Rebel Moon Bues (Blues)
Shawn Pittman (US) - Make It Right (Blues)
Shunzo Ohno (Jap) - Runner (Jazz)
Sid Whelan (US) - Waitin' For Payday (Singer-songwriter - Blues)
Sister Lucille (US) - Alive (Blues - Memphunk)
Snafu by Alias Wayne (US) - Snafu (Blues - Rock)
Sonny Landreth (US) - Blacktop Rain (Blues)
Spanish harlem Orchestra (US) - The Latin Jazz Project (Latin Jazz)
Stepahnie Hatfield (US) - Out This Fell (Singer-songwriter)
Stephen Fearing (US) - The Unconquerable Past (Jazz)
Steven De bruyn (B) - The Eternal Perhaps (Filmisch - Jazz - Soundscapes)
Tami Neilson (Can) - Chicka Boom! (Soul - Retro - Country)
Tas Cru (US) - Drive On (Blues)
Terry Ohms (US) - Cold Cold Shoulder (Alt-rock)
Thana Alexa (US/HR) - ONA (Jazz)
The Dave Liebman Group (US) - Earth (Jazz)
The James Hunter Six (UK) - Nick of Time (Soul - Rhythm 'n Blues)
The Pilgrims (NL) - 6IX (Rock)
The Proven Ones (US) - You Ain't Done (Alt-Blues)
The Secret Sisters (US) - Satrun Return (Singer-songwriter)
Tinsley Ellis (US) - Ice Cream In Hell (Blues)
Tom Gilberts (US) - Old School (Blues)
Tom Mank & Sera Smolen (US) - We Still Know How To Love (Folk)
Tom "The Suit" Forst (US) - Wolrd of Broken Hearts (Bluesrock)
Tomás Doncker (US) - Moanin' At Midnight: The Howlin' Wolf Project (Blues)
Torgeir Waldemar (N) - Love (Rock)
Vanja Sky (HR) - Woman Named trouble (Blues)

Walter Smith III & Matthew Stevens (US) - In Common 2 (Jazz)
Watermelon Slim (US) - Travelling Man (Live)(Blues)
Waylon Thibodeaux (US) - Here We Go Again (Louisiana Blues)
What A Wonderful...Toots (B) - Remembering the Gentle Baron (Jazz)
White Owl Red (US) - Afterglow (Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Whitney Shay (US) - Stand Up! (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)