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Album Reports 2021
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Aaron Lee Tasjan (US) - Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! (Singer-songwriter)
Ally Venable (US) - Heart of Fire (Bluesrock)
Atomic 44's (US) - The Boogeyman (Blues)
Catherine Britt (Aus) - Home Truths (Country)
Cristina Vane (US) - The Magnolia Sessions (Acoustic Blues)

Gustavio Cortiñas (US) - Desafio Candente (Jazz)

Janinah Burnett (US) - Love The Color of Your Butterfly (Jazz)

Kat Danser (Can) - One Eye Open (Blues, Countryblues, Roots)
KB Bayley (UK) - Little Thunderstorms (Singer-songwriter)
Layla Zoe (Can) - Nowhere Left To Go (Bluesrock)
Leahy (Can) - Good Water (Folk - Roots)
Leeann Atherton (US) - Fallen Angel (Blues - Americana)
Logan Richardson (US) - Afrofuturism (Jazz - Alt-rock - Soundscapes)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Flower Of Life (Blues)
Rick Shea (US) - Love & Desperation (Country, Blues, Tex-Mex)
Skylar Rogers (US) - Firebreather (Soul Rockin' Blues)
Tammi Savoy & Chris Casello Combo (US) - That Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm! (Rhythm 'n Roll)
The WildRoots (US) - WildRoots Sessions Vol.1 (Blues - Roots - Soul)