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J. Aubertin (F)
Whispers In The Wind
Tedeschi Trucks Band (US)
(blues - soul)
Kristina Stykos (US)
River of Light
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini
Settting Rays of Summer
The Interplay Jazz Orchestra (US)
On The Sunny Side
Tobias Bader (NL)
Rise and Fall (EP)
John Blek (Irl)
Thistle & Thorn
Wild Bill & The Railroad Cats (UK)
Santa Fé Buffet
(rock 'n roll - rhythm 'n blues)
Andrea Cubeddu (I)
Weak Like A Man
(acoustic blues)
Merrow (NL)
A Story To Tell...
Lou Shields (US)
Cabin Sessions
(roots - country blues)
Stef Paglia (B)
Never Forget
(bluesrock - rock)
Boo Boo Davis (US)
Tree man
Sam & Julia (NL)
So Far, So Good
Danny Schmidt (US)
Standard Deviation
Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays (I/US)
Across The Sea
Scott Ramminger (US)
Rise Up
The Gloaming (Irl/US)
Susan Williams & The Wright Groove
It's About Time
Tomiko Dixon (US)
Blues Arising
(chicago blues)
Ht Roberts ft. Pascale Michiels (B)
Sunburst & Silk
(singer-songw- acoustic blues)
Willie Buck (US)
Willie Buck Way
(chicago blues)
Jordan Pettay (US)
First Fruit
Copper Viper (UK)
Cut It Down, Count The Rings
Mister Goodfaith (Can)
Big Mistake
Anthony Caceres (US)
Something's Gotta Give
The Thyle's Band (B)
Groovy Devil Woman
Black Cat Biscuit (B)
That's How The Cookie Crumbles
(blues-west coast-swing)
Colin Linden, Luther Dickinson
with the Tennesee Valentines

Swampboys (B)
Drunken Biker
(rockabilly-rock 'n roll)
Vegas Strip Kings (US)
Mighty Magnolias (Nor)
Unknown Skyline
Mavis Staples (US)
Live in London
Litle G Weevil (US)
Back in Alabama
(acoustic blues)
Eric Gales (US)
The Bookends
(blues - bluesrock)
Mad Dog Blues (US)
Happy Dance
Tommy Castro & The Painkillers (US)
Killin' It Live
Atomic Road Kings (US)
Clean Up The Blood
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US)
Kitchen Table Blues vol. 1
(harmonica blues)
Brent Birckhead (US)
(jazz - hardbop)
The John Bull Band (US)
Memphis Money
(harmonica blues)
Kirri's Travelin' Kitchen Jam (B)
Litlle Somethings
(blues - roots)
Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings
Share What You Own
(blues - roots)
Filthy Horse (B)
War & Beer
Little Boy and Nightingale (B)
Two Lousy People
(blues - roots)
Gary Dean Smith (US)
Ally Venable (US)
Texas Honey
(blues - bluesrock)
Eriksson Delcroix (B)
The Riverside Hotel
(blues - roots)
Ben Winkelman Trio (US)
Larkin Poe (US)
Venom & Faith
(blues - roots)
Benny Turner & Cash McCall (US)
Going Back Home
(chicago blues)
Brother Snakeoil
& The Medicine Man (D)

Cures All
Wesli (HT/Can)
Rapadou Kreyol
(world music)
David Liebman (US)
On The Corner Live: Miles Davis
Augie Meyers (US)
I Know I Could Be Happy...
(South Texas Soul - Tex-Mex)
Katrina Pejak (RS)
Roads That Cross
Ellen Rowe Octet (US)
Kerrie Powers (US)
(folk-blues (2018) Europa: 2019)
Amber Cross (US)
Savage on the Downhill
(americana (2017) Europa: 2019)
Tony Holiday (US)
Porch Sessions
Watermelon Slim (US)
Church of the Blues
Sauce Boss (US)
Blind Boy Billy
(jump blues - swamp blues)
Eden & John's East River String Band
Coney Island baby
(delta & country blues)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orch.
Soul Of My City
(western swing-ragtime-roots)
Black Bottle Riot (NL)
(rock - southern rock)
Håkon Kornstad Trio (Nor)
Im Treibhaus
Michael Jerome Browne (Can)
That's Were It's At!
(acoustic blues - country blues)
Vin Mott (US)
Rogue Hunter
(harmonica blues)
The Downtown Livewires (US)
I’ll Do It To Day, But Not Right
(Electric blues)
Mr. Sax & The Giant (NL)
Lipstick, Powder & Paint
(jump rhythm 'n blues)
Chris O'Leary (US)
7 Minutes Late
(electric blues)
Lucky Bastards (E)
Breaking The Rules
The Blue Chevys (B)
Twice Fifteen
(blues-roots-rhythm 'n blues)
Select Captain (DK)
Off To Save The World
Jarrod Dickenson (US)
Under A Texas Sky (EP)
Paul Nelson (US)
Over Under Trough
(blues - americana)
Blues Boy Willie (US)
Blues, Then and Now
(harmonica blues)
Tomislav Goluban (HR)
Chicago Rambler
(harmonica blues)
Tiny Legs Tim (B)
Elsewhere Bound
(blues - nola)
Belle Hole Freak (I)
Bump, Mirrors & Bounce
(delta blues)
Rymden (Nor)
Reflections & Oddyseys
Lady Valiant (US)
Back Roads
(delta blues)
Piedmont Four (US)
Back To The Bars
(jump blues)
Crystal Thomas (US)
Drank of My Love
(blues - Soul)
Glen Clark (US)
You Tell me
(soul - blues - americana)
Cara Being Blue (US)
(rockin' blues)
Cam Penner & Jon Wood (Can)
At War With Reason
(electrified folk blues)
Kieran Goss & Annie Kinsella (Irl)
Oh, The Stralings
Boogie Beasts (B)
(NU blues)
The Big Swamp (D)
(blues - southern rock)
Gaye Agedbalola (US)
The Griot
Kristina Koller (US)
At The Poli Club (EP)
(vocal jazz)
Blues Meets Girl (US)

J.P.Soars (US)
Southbound I-95
(report 2018)
(release Europe march, 2019)

Steve Morgan & The Kingfish (US)
That Ain't The Blues
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)

Lucy Malheur (D)
Bad Cat Mama
blues - country blues)

The Bluesmen (US)
The Devil is A Blues Man
(delta blues)
Keith Catfish Woodrow (Can)
Don't Tell Your Children
(delta blues)
James Fernando (US)
The Lonely Sailor
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