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Album Reports 2018

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Kris Lager Band (US)
Love Songs & Life Lines
Grant Peeples
& The Peeples Republik (US)

Settling Scores Vol.II
Suzie Vinnick (Can)
Shake The Love Around
Bluebird (B)
Live at Missy Sippy
Flaata-Ackles-Busk (Nor)
The Gospel Album
NPO Trio (US)
Live at The Stone
(jazz - free jazz)
Dan Siegel (US)
(jazz - smooth jazz)
James Harman (US)
Karen Lee Batten (Can)
Under the Covers In Muscle Shoals
Johanna Sillanpaa (Can)
From This Side
(vocal jazz)
The Vamps (US)
Premier Soul-Jazz
(jazz - soul jazz)
The Nick Moss Band (US)
feat. Dennis Greunling

The High Cost of Low Living
Courtney Yasmineh (US)
High Priestess and the Renegade
Reverend Freakchild (US)
Dial It In
Gurls (Nor)
Run Boy Run
Nathaniel Rateliff (US)
and the Night Sweats

Tearing at the Seams
(roots - soul)
07 april in De Roma
Manitoba Hal (Can)
Blues in the Water
(acoustic blues)
Mud Morganfield (US)
They Call Me Mud
(blues - soul)
Sheesham & Lotus & 'Son (Can)
Clear The Table
Bart Buls (B)
Parallel Minds
Teresa James (US)
& The Rhythm Tramps

Here in Babylon
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Winning Hand
(blues - bluesrock)
Angel Forrest (Can)
Electric Love
(blues - bluesrock)
Ian Siegal (UK)
All The Rage
Blues Caravan 2017
Blues Got Soul
(blues - soul - rhythm 'n blues)
Meadow Creek (SE)
'Till Death Do US Part
Guitar Jack Wargo (US)
Keepin' It Real
(blues - soul)
Marshall Lawrence (Can)
Feeling Fine
(blues - soul)
Black Mango (B)
Djirri Djarra
vernieuwe opstelling
Keegan McInroe (US)
A Good Old Fashioned Protest
OBK Trio (US)
The Ing...
Band of Gold (N)
Scott Smith (US)
Igniting the Flame (EP)
(americana - rockin' blues)
Jeb Barry (US)
and the Pawn Shop Saints

Texas, etc...
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Carvin Jones (US)
The Big Time Souvenir
Deborah Hendriksson (SE)
Near and Far
Chip Taylor (US)
Fix Your Words
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US)
(Latin jazz)
Danielle Nicole (US)
Cry No More
Patrick McCallion (UK)
Keep Smiling
Mike Spine (US)
Don't Let It Bring You Down
(singer-songwriter - rock)
Ten-Hut (NL)
Clean (EP)
(world funk)
Cina Samuelson (SE)
Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me
(country - single)
Tommy DarDar (US)
Big Daddy Gumbo
(blues - swampblues)
Demi Knight (NL)
(singer-songwriter - country)
Jonathan Barber (US)
Vision Ahead
PK Gregory (US)
Honkabilly Blues
Caroline Wickberg (SE)
I'm Not Mad (EP)
Victor Wainwright & the Train (US)
(blues - boogie woogie)
Bakersongs (NL)
Words/In a Dream
Rob Mo (I)
From Scratch
Laurence Jones (UK)
The Truth (re-release)
Vanja Sky (HR)
Bad Penny
Sundae & Mr. Goessl (US)
When You're Smiling
(vintage jazz)
The Bluesbones (B)
Chasing Shadows
release MOD Hasselt
22 maart 2018
Sara Lee (Fin)
Heart of Stone
(rhythm 'n blues - swing)
The Gloaming (Irl/US)
Live at the NCH
(folk-contemporary music)
Blues Ghetto (I)
Down in the Ghetto
The Blues Messengers (A)
Supersonics (NL)
Close to You
(roots-rock 'n roll-country)
Sjock 2018
Gus Spensos (US)
It's Lovin' I Guarantee
(swing-rhyhtm 'n blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos(US)
Breaks It Down
Ajay Mathur (CH)
Little Boat
Laurie Morvan (US)
Chris Ruest (US)
Been Away Too Long
Steven Troch Band (B)
Rhymes for Mellow Minds
release Kafee Zapoi Mechelen
03 maart 2018
Raebekah (Aus)
My World
Laurie Jane and the 45's (US)
Midnight Jubilee
Andrew Gold (US)
First Things First
The James Hunter Six (UK)
Whatever It Takes
(rhythm 'n bues - soul)
Kyle Carey (US)
The Art of Forgetting
Aiming For Enrike (Nor)
Las Napalmas
(electronic mathrock)

Ghost Town Blues Band (US)
Backstage Pass (Live)
Torgeir Waldemar (Nor)
Jamais Vu (EP)
3hattrio (US)
Lord of the Desert
Big Bo (NL)
Preaching The Blues
(pre-war blues)
Bruno Deneckere (B)
feat. Nils De Caster

I Remember The Day
The Delta Bombers (US)
Pressure and Time
(rockabilly - rock 'n roll)
Larry Ham & Woody Witt (US)
Soul Return (US)
Mary Battiata & Little Pink (US)
The Heart, Regardless
(Americana - Country)
Shorty Jetson (B)
and his Racketeers

Sue Foley (Can)
The Ice Queen

31 mei 2018 @ Move2Blues
Janiva Magness (US)
Love is An Army
The LYNNes (Can)
Heartbreak Song for the Radio
Mike Harvey's Hot Club (US)
(gypsy jazz)
Dayna Kurtz (US)
with Robert Maché

Here vol.2
Velma Powell
and Bluedays (US)

Blues To The Bone
Noa Fort (Isr)
No World Between Us
Billy Walton Band (US)
Soul of A Man
Veronneau (US)
Love & Surrender
Ad Vanderveen (NL)
Denver Nevada (Still Life)
Bernard Allison (US)
Let It Go
Benji Kaplan (US)
Corando Sete Cores
Greg Sover (US)
Various Artists
Strange Angels
(In Flight With Elmore James)
Curtis Saldago
and Alan Hager (US)

Rough Cut
(acoustic blues)
The Rex Granite Band
feat. Sarah Benck (US)

Johnny Fink
& the Intrusion (US)

Denis Solee &
The Beegie Adair Trio

Gershwin on Sax
Mick Kolassa & Friends (US)
Double Standards
Radka Toneff (Nor)

re-release album 1982
Guy Verlinde (B)
& the Mighty Gators

Crystal Shawanda (Can)
VooDoo Woman
Tutu Puoane & BJO (SA-B)
We Have a Dream
Billy & Bloomfish (B)
Happy Uncomplete
James Payne (US)
Love Talk
(deep soul)
Matthews Southern Comfort (UK)
Like a Radio
(folk - singer-songwriter)
Darling West (Nor)
While I Was Asleep
James Weidman (US)
Spiritual Impressions
Jamell Richardson (US)
Blues How I Wanna Blues
Sarah McQuaid (UK)
If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Be Dangerous
Emily Burgess (Can)
Are We In Love?
Robert Kennedy (US)
Closer to Home
(organ jazz - soul jazz)
Jean Jacques Milteau (F)
Blues Harp
(harmonica blues)
re-release debuutalbum 1989
Mike Goudreau (Can)
Alternate takes vol 1
Robbert Fossen Band (NL)
Get Off On It!
Sugar Queen (US/B/NL)
and The Straight Blues Band

340 Blues
Lex Grey (US)
and the Urban Pioneers

Usual Suspects
(modern blues)
Justin Piper (US)
(acid jazz)
Stefano Ronchi (I)
In Close Embrace
Emily Herring (US)
Rupert Wates (UK)
The Lights of Paris

Pittman-Daniels Quartet (US)
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