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Paris Texas (B)
When You're Gone

(americana - bluesgrass)
Federico Luiu (I)
Walking The Blues

Jontavious Willis (Us)
Spectacular Class

Tom JJ & Greg Miller (UK/F)

(acoustic blues)
Jaron Reid Raven^sky (Can)
I Can't Take The Darkness...

August Kann (Nor)
How Did All These People...

"Sir" Oliver Mally & Hubert Hofherr

(acoustic blues)
Black Cat Bones (US)
Tattered & Torn

Tamuz Nissim (US)
Capturing Clouds

Kailey Nicole (US)
Selftitled (EP)

Kern Pratt (US)
Greenville, MS
...what about you?
Elsa Nilsson (SE)

Eric Hofbauer (US)
Book of Fire

Ledfoot (US)
White Crow

(singer-songwriter blues)
Tony Denikos (US)
Gravity Wins

Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orch.(US)

Yasser Tejeda y Palotré (US)

(latin jazz)
Michal Martyniuk (Pol)

Ginetta's Vendetta (US)
Pocketful of Cool


Les Amazones d'Afrique
Amazones Power

(world music)
Peter Gallway & The Real Deal (US)
Reach For It

(roots 'n blues)
Drive By Truckers (US)
The Unraveling

(southern rock)
Bibi (Den)
From Bibi With Love XX

Sugar Blue (US)

Tack Dogs (US/Irl/UK)
Fire On The Rails

Henrik Cederblom (SE)

Andrea Brachfeld (US)
Brazilian Whispers

Massimo Biolcati (SE)

Popa Chubby (US)
It's A Mighty Hard Road

Sway Wild (US)
Sway Wild

Jay Gordon & Blues Venom (US)
Slide Rules!

Lizzie Thomas (US)
New Sounds From the Jazz Age

Rae Gordon Band (US)
Wrong Kind Of Love

Thorbjørn Risager
& The Black Tornado (Den)
Come On In

Frank Kohl (US)
The Crossing

Betty Fox Band (US)
Peace in Pieces

Lois Bruno (US)
And So It Begins

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Moonfruits (Can)

Heathen Apostles (US)
Born By Lightning (EP)

(gothic blues)
Combo Royal (B)
Combo Royal

(nederlandstalige roots)
Sam Fazio (US)
Let's Go

BB & The Blues Shacks (D)
Dirty Thirty

(blues - rhyhtm 'n blues)
Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste

Wooden Soldiers (NL)

Melvin Linton & Mando Man (US)
Between the Wars

Bushman's Revenge (Nor)
Et Hån Mot Overklassen

Nathan Bell (US)
The Right Reverend Crow...

Guy Belanger (Can)

Kelly Steward (US)
Tales and Tributes...

John Dee Holeman (US)
Last Pair of Shoes

Sunny Lowdown (US)
Shady Deal

R.L.Boyce (US)
Sometimes I Wonder

Martina DaSilva & Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski (US)
A Very ChimyTina Christmas

Bywater Call (Can)

(blues 'n soul)
David Ronaldo (B)
Citizen of the World

Justine Vandergrift (Can)

(americana - singer-songwriter)
Dynamite Blues Band (NL)

Nico Duportal & The Sparks (F)
Dog, Saint And Sinner

(roots 'n soul)
Natalie MacMaster (Can)

Deline Briscoe (Aus)

Cosmic Circus (NL)
Central Galactic Time

John F. Klaver Band (NL)
Organic & Sustainable Sessions Vol.1

Wide Mouth Mason (Can)
I Wanna Be With You

(blues - roots)
24 Pesos (UK)
Flesh & Bones

Catherine MacLellan (Can)

Jude Johnstone (US)
Living Room

Victor Ector Organatomy Trio (US)
Theme For Ms. P


Raquel Cepeda (US)

(Latin jazz)

Van Morrison (UK)
Three Chords & The Truth

(soulblues-rhythm 'n blues)
Dave Tattum (Wal)
and the Rattlesnakes Bones (B)


Bob Margolin (US)
This Guitar and Tonight

(acoustic blues)
Matt Herskowitz (US)
Mirro Image

Myhre & Olafsson (Nor)

Giorgia Santoro & Pat Battstone(US)
Dream Notes

Lumen Drones (Nor)

Carolyn Gaines (US)
The Thrill is Gone

Dime Box Band (US)

Benedicte Maurseth (Nor)

Triggers and Slips (US)
The Stranger

(country-country soul)
Sofia Talvik (SE)
Paws of A Bear

Alan Rosenthal (US)
Elbow Grease

Coco Love Alcorn (Can)

Betsy Phillips (US)
Like We're Talking

Skip and Dan Wilkins Quartet (US)

Michael Lane (D/US)
Traveling Son

Weather Advisory (Can)
Make My Day

Popol Ace (Nor)
Silently Loud

(prog. rock)
Wanda Johnson (US)
Slow Dance

Dalva (B/F)

(Urban blues)
One Rusty Band (CH)
Voodoo Queen

(OMB blues)
Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes (US)
Cypress Grove

(acoustic blues)
Mike Zito and Friends (US)
A Tribute To Chuck Berry

(rock 'n roll)
John Blues Boyd (US)
Trough My Eyes

Dov Hammer (US)
Blue Soul

(harmonica blues)
Junior Watson (US)
Nothin' To It But To Do It

Ilya Portnov (Rus)

(harmonica blues)
Big Poppa Stampley (US)
Jukebox Blues

(acoustic blues)
Matt Patershuk (Can)
If Wishes Were Horses

Santiago Bosch (Ven)
Galactic Warrior

Matchedash Parisch (Can)
Satruday Night

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity (Nor)
To Whom Who Buys A Record

Bart Flos Solo & Trio (NL)
Roots & Reflections

Get-Next Bigband (US)
Listen Up!

Sue Decker (Can)
Outskirts of Love

(blues - outlaw country)
Marti Brom & Her Rancho Notorious (US/SE)
Midnight Bus

Terrence Wintersmith (US)
A Walk In The Woods

Bonsai Universe (US)
Too Many Ghosts

(psychedelic alt-rock)
Joe Goodkin (US)
Paper Arrows

Ghost Town Blues Band (US)

Slowman (SE)
En Romantisk Idiot
Tony McLoughlin (Irl)
True Native

Johnny Rawls (US)
I Miss Otis Clay


Jennis (Can)
The Mirror

Espen Berg Trio (Nor)
Free to Play

Jean-Paul De Roover (Can)

Arlan Feiles (US)
What Kind of World?

Ralph de Jongh (NL)
(blues & dirty rock 'n roll)
Mudfish (SE)

Biscuit Miller and The MIx (US)
Chicken Grease

Private Time Machine (NL)

Chris Barber (UK)
Memories of my Trip

Richie Goods & The Goods Project
My Left Hand man

West My Friend (Can)
In Constellation

Rich Willey's Boptism Big Band

Screamin' John & TD Lind (US)
Mr. Little Big Man

Big Dave McLean (Can)
Pocket Full of Nothin'

Darren Barrett (Can)
Mr. Steiner

Ed Dupas (US)
The Lonesome Side Of Town
Thinkin' Big (US)

Paul Messinger (US)
The Reckoning
Shannon Gunn (US)
Gunn's Ablazin'

Hannah Williams
& The Affirmations
50 Foot Woman

Bobbo Byrnes (US)
The Red Wheelbarrow
Jacqui Brown (US)
Love Love Love

Meena Cryle & Chris Fillmore (A)

Coyote Brother (US)

Tad Robinson (US)
Real Street

Beth Hart (US)
War in my Mind

Toronzo Cannon (US)
The Preacher, The Politician
or The Pimp

Fleur Seule (US)
Standards and Sweet Things

Samantha Fish (US)
Kill Or Be Kind

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (US)

Wentus Blues Band (Fin)
feat. Duke Robillard (US)

Too Much Mosterd!

Joost Dijkema (NL)
Time Thief

Jeff Chaz (US)
No Paint

Janiva Magness (US)
Change in the Weather

Fima Chupakhin (Ukr)

Jim Patton & Sherry Brooks (US)
Collection: 2008-2018

La Tanya Hall (US)
Say Yes

Brad Vickers (US)
and his Vestapolitans

Twice As Nice

Miki Purnell (US)
Midnight Bloom

Ronny Whyte (US)
Whyte Witchcraft

Spike Flynn (Aus)
Just This Side Of Here

Annie & Rod Capps (US)
When They Fall

Arsen Shomakhov (Can)
Rain City Blues

Myles Goodwyn (Can)
Friends of the Blues 2

Wouter Planteijdt (NL)

Searson (Can)
Live at the Neat café

Clarck Gibson (US)
Tri-Colored Eyes

Carolyn Lee Jones (US)
Close Your Eyes

(vocal jazz)
Ranzel X Kendrick (US)
Texas Cactus


Danny Bryant (UK)
Means of Escape

Chris Madsen (US)

Bianca De Leon (US)
Dangerous Endeavor

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Andy Clark (UK)
I Love Joyce Morris
Geraint Watkins (UK)
Rush of Blood
Silver Lake 66 (US)
Ragged Heart
Tennessee Redemption (US)
Brian Lynch Big Band (US)
The Omni American Book Club
Ms. Jody (US)
Get It! Get It!

Exoterm (Nor)
Exits Into A Corridor


Ash Grunwald (Aus)

Mark Crissinger (Can)
Believe in Love

3HatTrio (US)
Live in Zion

Real Live Brains

(Celebration of Tom Waits)
Richville (NL)
Bruce Katz (US)
Solo Ride

(pianoblues-boogie woogie)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orch. (UK)
Eta Carinae (EP)

(western swing - roots)
Troy Roberts (US)
Days Like These

Eric Hofbauer & Dylan Jack (US)
Remains of Echoes

Johnny Burgin (US)

Bobby Rush (US)
Sitting On The Top Of The Blues

JP Soars (US)
Let Go Of The Reins

Giles Robson (UK)
Don't Give Up On The Blues

(harmonica blues)
King Of The World (NL)

Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks (US)
Live in Normandy

The McNaMarr Project (Aus)
Holla & Moan

(soul - soulblues)
Midnight Shine (Can)
High Road

Matt Urlery (US)
Delicate Charms

Mean Mary (US)

Oran Etkin's Timbalooloo (Isr)
Finding Friends far From Home

Michael Bloom (US)
& The Blues Prophecy

Whisper in the Wind

The Blue Poets (UK)
All It Takes

(bluesrock - rock)
Belle Starr and the Boot Jacks (B)
On the Back Porch
(country-rock 'n roll)
Tweed ft. Gervis Myles (US)
Love Strong

2018 Europe - 2019 Worldwide
Makar Kashitsyn (Rus)
Jazz Animals

Bob Bradshaw (US)
Queen of the West

Laurence Jones Band (UK)

T.K. Blue (US)
The Rhythms Continue

Trond Kallevåg Hansen (Nor)
Bedehus & Hawaii

King of the Tramps (US)
Wild Water

(roots rock)
Bloodest Saxophone (Jap)
Texas Queens 5

(rhythm 'n blues)
The Cornbread Project (DK)

Blues Caravan 2019
Katarina Pejak - Ina Forsman
Ally Venable

Annika Chambers (US)
Kick My Sass

The Nick Moss Band (US)
feat. Dennis Greunling

Lucky Guy!

Ghalia (B)
Mississippi Blend

Jan Seides (US)

Dudley Taft (US)
Simple Life

Supersonics (NL)
69 Automobile

Mad Love (US)

Wallace Roney (US)
Blue Dawn - Blue Nights

Moonlamb Project (B)
Derivative Blues

(acoustic blues)
Frode Haltli (Nor)
The Bordes Woods

Randy Lewis Brown (US)
Red Crow

Pascal Bokar (US)
American Trails

Sumitra (US)

Bill O'Connell (US)
Wind Off The Hudson

Mats Eilertsen (Nor)
Reveries and Revelations

Session Americana (US)
North East

(folk - americana)
Steve Mednick (US)

Rachel Harrington (US)
Hush The Wild Horses

(americana - bluegrass)
Polly O'Keary & Rhythm Method (US)
As Live As It gets

Banty Holler (US)
Wired For Sound
Shaun Murphy (US)
Reason To Try

Gracie Curran & Friends (US)
Come Undone

Bear & Robert (US)
Hearts in Blues

(acoustic blues)
Diablo Dimes (US)
The Shine Sessions

(acoustic blues)
Jaime Michaels (US)
If You Fall

Emma Frank (US)
Come back

(jazz - folk)
Christina LaRocca (US)
hese Are My Whiskey Dreams
Kirsten R. Bromley Trio (US)
Simply Miraculous

Jim Stephens (US)
Yellow River

I See Hawks in L.A. (US)
& The Good Intentions (UK)

Hawks With Good Intentions

(alt-country - folk)
Delbert McClinton (US)
Tall, Dark and Handsome

Louis Armstrong (US)
Live in Europe

Frank Migliorelli (US)
The Things You Left Behind

(roots rock)
Diesel Park West (UK)
Let It Melt

Kenyatta Beasley Septet (US)
Frank Foster Songbook

Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind (US)
My Chops Are Rolling

Michelle Wilson (US)
So Emotional

(jump blues)
Arthur Adams (US)
Here To Make You Feel Good

(blues - soul)
Zac Harmon (US)
Mississippi BarBQ

Greg Copeland (US)
Brown-Eyed handsome Man

(blues - soul)
The California Honeydrops (US)
A Higher Degree

(blues - funk - nola)
Dwane Dixon (Can)
Betting On A Gamblin' Man

(blues - country)
Back Porch Republic (Nor)
Hustle & Flow

Oscar Hernandéz (US)
Love The Moment

(latin jazz)
The Vignatis (US/F)
Let's Hit The Road

Catherine Russell (US)
Alone Together

Sam Levin (US)
A General Air of Regret
Fisher-Z (UK)
Swimming in Thunderstorms

Griff Hamlin (US)
I'll Drink To That

Voctave (US)
Somewhere There's Music

Svetlana (US)
Night At The Movies

Tim Easton (US)

John Primer (US)
The Soul of A Blues man

Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey (US)

Annie Keating (US)
Can't Stand Still (EP)
Lena & The Slide Brothers (Fin)

Rudy Rotta (I) (1950-2017)
Now and Then...Forever

Shawn Purcell (US)

The Curtis Brothers (US)

Billy Branch (US)
Roots & Branches

Rory Gallagher (Irl)

Adam Holt (US)
Kind of Blues

(blues - country rock)
Willie Cobbs (US)
Butler Boy Blues

ZZ Top (US)
Goin' 50

Mike Teardrop Trio (SE)
Till The Dawn

(rockabilly - honky tonk)
Rod Picott (US)
Tell The Truht & Shame The Devil
Ben Wolfe (US)

Robert Jospé Express (US)
Just Lookin'

Heathen Apostles (US)
Dust To Dust
(Americana Noir)
David finck (US)
Bassically Jazz

Eliza Neals (US)
Sweet or Mean
Angela Perley (US)
The Session (US)
Ben Flocks (US)
Mask of the Muse

Jordi Baizan (US)
Free and Fine

Clark Gibson Quintet (US)
Tri-Colored Eyes

Ralph Molina (US)
Love & Inspiration

The Kokomo Kings (SE)
Fighting Fire With Gasoline

(jump blues)
John McDonough (US)
Can You See me Now

Deeps (Can)
In The Aftermath of Last Night

(rock-southern rock)
Mara Levine (US)
Facets of Folk

Chase Baird (US)
A Life Between

Alice Howe (US)

Blind Lemon Jazz (US)
After Hours

(vocal jazz)
Josh Gray (US)
Songs From the Highway

Øyvind Torvund (Nor)
The Exotic Album

(free jazz)
Al Qahwa Ensemble (Can)
Cairo Moon

(world music)
Sam Baker (US)
Horses and Stars

Piedmont Bluz (US)
Ambassadors of Country Blues

(acoustic blues)
Arroyo Rogers (US)
Single Wide

Billie Williams (US)
Hell to Pay

Eric Hofbauer (US)
Book of Water

Roxy Coss (US)

Curse Of Lono (UK)
4AM and Counting

Veronika Jackson (US)
The Woman I Am

(acoustic blues)
Keb' Mo' (US)

Cheyenne James (US)
Burn It Up

Gerry Gibbs' Trasher People (US)
Our People

The Maes (Aus)

Mindi Abair & the Boneshakers (US)
No Good Deed

Melbreeze (US)

Erlend Apneseth Trio (Nor)
Salika, Molika

Julian Taylor Band (Can)

(soul - funk)
Ray Fuller & The Bluesrockers
Pay The Price

Mark Rogers (US)
Laying It Down

Ståle Storløkken (Nor)
The Haze of Sleeplessness

Lasers Lasers Birmingham (US)

Pat Kearns (US)
Down in the Wash

Debra Power (Can)
That's How I Roll

Wayne Alpern (US)

Auburn (UK)
Game of Faith

(americana - blues)
Various Artists
25 Years Anniversary Ruf Records

Daniel Meron (US)
Embracing Wils

Kenny Wayne Shepherd (US)
The Traveler

Michael Lee (US)

Mavis Staples (US)
We Get By

(blues - soul)
The Texas Horns (US)
Get Here Quick

(blues - soul)
Chris Rawlins (US)
Bring On The Rain

Cliff Stevens (Can)
Nobody But You

Magpie and the Moon (Nor)
Local Store

(progressive rock)
The Campfire Flies (US)
Sparks Like Little Stars

Grady Champion (US)
Steppin' In

Blue Moon Marquee (Can)
are Knuckles & Brawn
(gypsy - blues - jazz))
Tullie Brae (US)

Yellow House Orchestra (US)

(latin jazz)
Kitty Rose & The Rattlers (US)

(rockabilly, jump)
Chip Taylor (US)
Whiskey Salesman

Rich Willey's Boptism Big Band
Down & Dirty

Faris Nourallah (US)
Minus One

Roberto Lopez (Can)
Kaleido Strópico

(latin soul & funk)
Savoy Brown (UK)
City Night

Les Talons Gitans (B)
Gimme No

(rock - Blues)
Vivian Sessoms (US)
Life II

Fruteland Jackson (US)
Good As Your Last Dollar

(country blues)
The 44's (US)
Twist The Knife

Zach Brock, Matt Ulery, Jon Dietemyer

Dover Quartet (US)
The Curtis Session

The Cashbox Kings (US)
Hail To The Kings

(jump blues)
The Smokin' Polecats (US)
My Little Baby

John Harp (Bra)
How Can I Lose What I Never Had

(harmonica blues)
Daddy Long Legs (US)
Lowdown Ways

Buford Pope (SE)
The Waiting Game

Ian Wardenski Quintet (US)
Collective Thoughts

Creature and the Woods (US)
J Tree (EP)

(rootsy americana)
  Joel Paterson (US)
Plays The Beatles

The Teskey Brothers (Aus)
Run Home SLow

Chain Wallet (Nor)
No Ritual

(gothic pop)
Ketil Bjørnstad (Nor)
Rainbow Sessions (New Edition)

Kingfish (US)

Dan Navarro (US)
Shed My Skin

Southern Avenue (US)
Keep On

(blues - soul - R&B)
Big Jack Reynolds (US)
That’s A Good Way To Get To Heaven

(harmonica blues)
Joe Luis Walker (US)
Viva Las Vegas Live

Luk de Graaf (B)

Lazy Afternoon (SE)
Almost Home

Lucas Haneman Express (Can)
Catch The Westbound

Eyal Vilner Big Band (US)
Swing Out!

John Cee Stannard (UK)
Moving On

Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws
Crocuses from Ashes (EP)

Jimmie Vaughan (US)
aby, Please Come Home

(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Holy Hyatt (Can)
Wild Heart

(rhythm 'n blues - soul)
E.L.S. Band (SE)
Dark Blues Sky

Pat Battstone (US)
The Last Taxi: New Destinations

The BB King Blues Band (US)
The Soul of The King

The Duke Robillard Band (US)
Ear Worms

(blues - swing - rhythm 'n blues)
Larry Corban (US)

Jeffrey Halford & The Healers (US)
West Toward South

Alain Pire Experience (B)

(psychedelic rock)
Darren Eedens & The Slim Pickin's

Don Diego (I)
September's Rag

(country blues)
Bob Corritore & Friends (US)
Do The Hipshake Baby!

Manx Marriner Mainline (Can)
Hell Bound For Heaven

(acoustic blues)
Sunday Wilde (Can)
Sunday Wilde & The 1 Eyed Jacks

Dred Scott (US)
Rides Alone

Erja Lyytinen (Fin)
Another World

Tokso (Nor/F/GR)
Fyrsta Morginn
George Benson (US)
Walking To New Orleans

(rhythm 'n blues)
Simon Sammut & Omar Vàzquez

Curtis Nowosad (Can)

Mitch Woods (US)
A Tip Of The Hat To Fats

(blues - boogie woogie)
Reverend Freakchild (US)
Road Dog Dharma

(blues - folk - americana)
Harpdog Brown (US)
For Love & Money

Hazmat Modine (US)
Box of Breath

(blues - gypsy - NOLA)
Brett Spaulding & The Psychic Spies
Livin' To Play

(blues - rock - funk)
The Resonant Rogues (US)
Autumn of the World

(folk - gypsy - roots)
Hajk (Nor)

(alt-indie - fusion)
Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few

(country - alt-folk)
Point Quiet (NL)
Walking in the Wind

(americana - folk)
Bonita & The Blues Shacks (SA/D)
Sweet thing

(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Catfish (UK)
Burned Bridges

Beaux Gris Gris (US/UK)
Love & Murder

(blues - roots)
Aaron Whitby (US)
Cousin From Another Planet

(jazz - fusion)
Union Duke (Can)
Golden Days (re-released)

(folk - americana)
Matt Skeleger Group (US)

(jazz - world music - fusion)
Gordie MacKeeman (Can)

(roots - americana)
Nick Waterhouse (US)

(rhythm 'n blues - soul)
Muddy What? (D)
Dancing in The Halls

(acoustic blues)
Sean Taylor (UK)
The Path into Blue

Jimbo Mathus (US)

(country blues)
The Lee Boys (US)
Live On The East Coast

(blues - gospel)
Dawn Tyler Watson (Can)
Mad love

(blues - soul)
Good Lovelies (Can)

Sam Newsome (US)
Chaos Theory

Ellis Mano Band (CH)
Here and Now

(blues - bluesrock)
Smooth Gentlemen (Pol)

(blues - soul)
Leaf Rapids (Can)
Citizen Alien

Brandee Younger (US)
Soul Awakening

Sean K. Preston & Loaded Pistols

Georgina Peach & The Savoys (NL)
I'm On My Way

(rhythm 'n blues - soul - gospel)
John Clifton (US)
In The Middle Of Nowhere

Lauren Desberg (US)
Out For Delivery

Richie Arndt & Band (D)
Back To Bad

(blues - roots)
John Fairhurst (UK)
The Divided Kingdom

(Bluesrock - Heavy Blues)
Christian Draghi (I)
Black Roses & Hats

(Singer-songwriter - Rock)
Marino Valle Band (SE)
(rhythm 'n blues - blues)
Big Daddy Wilson (US)
Deep In My Soul

(soul - countryblues - gospel)
Al Lerman (Can)
Northern Bayou

And They Spoke In Anthems (B)
Money Time

Kai Strauss (D)
Live in Concert
Josean Jacobo & Tumbao (Dom)

Peter Lin (US)
New Age, Old Ways

Nobody's Girl (US)

Terry Robb (Can)
onfessin' My Blues
(fingerpickin' blues 'n ragtime)
Handkerchief (B)
Mutiny Ballads
Matt T Mahony (B)
Live at Missy Sippy
Ralph Peterson (US)
& The Messenger Legacy

John Blakeley & Jeff Larson (US)
Yesterday's Dream
Bob Livingston (US)
Up The Flatland Stairs
(country - americana)
The Breath (UK)
Only Stories
The Mermaid Moonshine Project
John Duer & The Blues Freaks (US)
Try Some Of This
(Delta- country blues)
Dan Krikorian (US)
Hans Fredrik Jacobsen (N)
(instrumental folk)
Kenner (Isr)
8Ball City

Steve Haines (US)
& The Third Floor Orchestra (US)

Mrs. Greenbird (D)
Dark Waters
Madeleine Roger (Can)
Inna De Yard (Jam)
The Soundtrack
Luca Kiella (I)
Figure It Out (EP)
(blues - soul)
Soul Message Band (US)
Soulful Days
Five Play (US)
Live From The Firehouse Stage
José Luis Pardo (Arg)
& The Mojo Workers (E)

Philippe is...
Dave Peabody & Regina Mudrich
Some Of These Days
(country blues)
Denny Earnest (US)
Resonator Blues
(acoustic blues)
Sarah Potenza (US)
Road To Rome
Sean Pinchin (Can)
Bad Things
Seth Walker (US)
Are You Open?
Skip Williams Quartet (US)
Czech Wishes
Luca Di Luzio (I)
Sister Speak (Can)
The Stand (EP)
Danni Nicholls (UK)
The Melted Morning
Reverend Sekou (US)
When We Fight We Win (Live)
Whocat (B)
Joyful Rebellion
(alt-pop - jazz)
Leo 'Bud' Welch (US)
The Angels In Heaven Have...
(delta blues)
Willie Farmer (US)
The Man From The Hill
(delta blues)
Little Jimmy (B)
Blues Rebel
Bad Temper Joe (D)
The Maddest Of Them All
(acoustic blues)
The Lachy Doley Group (Aus)
Make or Break
(blues - rock)
Billy White Jr. (US)
It's About Time
(southern rock - blues)
Mike Goudreau (Can)
Acoustic Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Matt Andersen (Can)
Halfway Home By Morning
(blues - soul)
Rockin' Johnny & Quiqué Gomez
Dos Hombres Wanted
Kyla Brox (UK)
Pain & Glory
Away With Birds (Irl/NL)
Away With Birds
Dave Rosewood (US)
Gravel and Gold
Marton Juhasz (Hun)
(modern jazz)
Michael Eaton (US)
(modern jazz)
Vítor Bacalhau (PT)
Cosmic Attraction (2018)
Budda Power Blues (PT)
Fifteen Long Years (Vinyl single)
Budda Power Blues (PT)
Back To The Roots (2018)
Katy Mitchell (US)
Katy Sings The Blues
Sugaray Rayford (US)
Somebody Save Me
(blues - soul)
The Feralings (US)
The Feralings (EP)
Gary Clark Jr. (US)
This Land
King Of Foxes (Can)
Salt & Honey (EP)
(soft rock)
Shotgun Sally (B) (single)
Never Gonna break My Heart
Guy Verlinde (B)
Al is Forgiven
(acoustic blues 'n roots)
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith (US)
Drop The Hammer
West Of Eden (SE)
Flat Earth Society
Sivan Arbel (Isr)
Change Of Light
Tuomo Uusitalo (Fin)
Stories From Here and There
Paul Pigat (Can)
Boxcar Campfire 'The Game'
(acoustic country blues)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK)
Reckless Heart
Elles Bailey (UK)
Road I Call Home
(blues - roots)
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK)
Shake Them Rattlin' Bones
John Mayall (UK)
Nobody Told Me
Rosie Flores (US)
Simple Case Of The Blues
  Dry Riverbed Trio (NL)
Chained and Bound

(roots - rock 'n roll)
John Boutté (US)
A "Well Tempered" Boutté
J. Aubertin (F)
Whispers In The Wind
Tedeschi Trucks Band (US)
(blues - soul)
Kristina Stykos (US)
River of Light
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini
Setting Rays of Summer
The Interplay Jazz Orchestra (US)
On The Sunny Side
Tobias Bader (NL)
Rise and Fall (EP)
John Blek (Irl)
Thistle & Thorn
Wild Bill & The Railroad Cats (UK)
Santa Fé Buffet
(rock 'n roll - rhythm 'n blues)
Andrea Cubeddu (I)
Weak Like A Man
(acoustic blues)
Merrow (NL)
A Story To Tell...
Lou Shields (US)
Cabin Sessions
(roots - country blues)
Stef Paglia (B)
Never Forget
(bluesrock - rock)
Boo Boo Davis (US)
Tree man
Sam & Julia (NL)
So Far, So Good
Danny Schmidt (US)
Standard Deviation
Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays (I/US)
Across The Sea
Scott Ramminger (US)
Rise Up
The Gloaming (Irl/US)
Susan Williams & The Wright Groove
It's About Time
Tomiko Dixon (US)
Blues Arising
(chicago blues)
Ht Roberts ft. Pascale Michiels (B)
Sunburst & Silk
(singer-songw- acoustic blues)
Willie Buck (US)
Willie Buck Way
(chicago blues)
Jordan Pettay (US)
First Fruit
Copper Viper (UK)
Cut It Down, Count The Rings
Mister Goodfaith (Can)
Big Mistake
Anthony Caceres (US)
Something's Gotta Give
The Thyle's Band (B)
Groovy Devil Woman
Black Cat Biscuit (B)
That's How The Cookie Crumbles
(blues-west coast-swing)
Colin Linden, Luther Dickinson
with the Tennesee Valentines

Swampboys (B)
Drunken Biker
(rockabilly-rock 'n roll)
Vegas Strip Kings (US)
Mighty Magnolias (Nor)
Unknown Skyline
Mavis Staples (US)
Live in London
Litle G Weevil (US)
Back in Alabama
(acoustic blues)
Eric Gales (US)
The Bookends
(blues - bluesrock)
Mad Dog Blues (US)
Happy Dance
Tommy Castro & The Painkillers (US)
Killin' It Live
Atomic Road Kings (US)
Clean Up The Blood
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US)
Kitchen Table Blues vol. 1
(harmonica blues)
Brent Birckhead (US)
(jazz - hardbop)
The John Bull Band (US)
Memphis Money
(harmonica blues)
Kirri's Travelin' Kitchen Jam (B)
Litlle Somethings
(blues - roots)
Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings
Share What You Own
(blues - roots)
Filthy Horse (B)
War & Beer
Little Boy and Nightingale (B)
Two Lousy People
(blues - roots)
Gary Dean Smith (US)
Ally Venable (US)
Texas Honey
(blues - bluesrock)
Eriksson Delcroix (B)
The Riverside Hotel
(blues - roots)
Ben Winkelman Trio (US)
Larkin Poe (US)
Venom & Faith
(blues - roots)
Benny Turner & Cash McCall (US)
Going Back Home
(chicago blues)
Brother Snakeoil
& The Medicine Man (D)

Cures All
Wesli (HT/Can)
Rapadou Kreyol
(world music)
David Liebman (US)
On The Corner Live: Miles Davis
Augie Meyers (US)
I Know I Could Be Happy...
(South Texas Soul - Tex-Mex)
Katrina Pejak (RS)
Roads That Cross
Ellen Rowe Octet (US)
Kerrie Powers (US)
(folk-blues (2018) Europa: 2019)
Amber Cross (US)
Savage on the Downhill
(americana (2017) Europa: 2019)
Tony Holiday (US)
Porch Sessions
Watermelon Slim (US)
Church of the Blues
Sauce Boss (US)
Blind Boy Billy
(jump blues - swamp blues)
Eden & John's East River String Band
Coney Island baby
(delta & country blues)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orch.
Soul Of My City
(western swing-ragtime-roots)
Black Bottle Riot (NL)
(rock - southern rock)
Håkon Kornstad Trio (Nor)
Im Treibhaus
Michael Jerome Browne (Can)
That's Were It's At!
(acoustic blues - country blues)
Vin Mott (US)
Rogue Hunter
(harmonica blues)
The Downtown Livewires (US)
I’ll Do It To Day, But Not Right
(Electric blues)
Mr. Sax & The Giant (NL)
Lipstick, Powder & Paint
(jump rhythm 'n blues)
Chris O'Leary (US)
7 Minutes Late
(electric blues)
Lucky Bastards (E)
Breaking The Rules
The Blue Chevys (B)
Twice Fifteen
(blues-roots-rhythm 'n blues)
Select Captain (DK)
Off To Save The World
Jarrod Dickenson (US)
Under A Texas Sky (EP)
Paul Nelson (US)
Over Under Trough
(blues - americana)
Blues Boy Willie (US)
Blues, Then and Now
(harmonica blues)
Tomislav Goluban (HR)
Chicago Rambler
(harmonica blues)
Tiny Legs Tim (B)
Elsewhere Bound
(blues - nola)
Belle Hole Freak (I)
Bump, Mirrors & Bounce
(delta blues)
Rymden (Nor)
Reflections & Oddyseys
Lady Valiant (US)
Back Roads
(delta blues)
Piedmont Four (US)
Back To The Bars
(jump blues)
Crystal Thomas (US)
Drank of My Love
(blues - Soul)
Glen Clark (US)
You Tell me
(soul - blues - americana)
Cara Being Blue (US)
(rockin' blues)
Cam Penner & Jon Wood (Can)
At War With Reason
(electrified folk blues)
Kieran Goss & Annie Kinsella (Irl)
Oh, The Stralings
Boogie Beasts (B)
(NU blues)
The Big Swamp (D)
(blues - southern rock)
Gaye Agedbalola (US)
The Griot
Kristina Koller (US)
At The Poli Club (EP)
(vocal jazz)
Blues Meets Girl (US)

J.P.Soars (US)
Southbound I-95
(report 2018)
(release Europe march, 2019)

Steve Morgan & The Kingfish (US)
That Ain't The Blues
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)

Lucy Malheur (D)
Bad Cat Mama
blues - country blues)

The Bluesmen (US)
The Devil is A Blues Man
(delta blues)
Keith Catfish Woodrow (Can)
Don't Tell Your Children
(delta blues)
James Fernando (US)
The Lonely Sailor
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