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Album Reports 2019
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24 Pesos (UK) - Flesh & Bones (Blues)
3HatTrio (US) - Live in Zion (Alt-Folk)

Aaron Whitby (US) - Cousin From Another Planet (Jazz - Fusion)

Ad Dupas (US) - The Lonesome Side Of Town (Alt-Country)
Adam Holt (US) - Kind of Blues (Blues - Country Rock)
Al Lerman (Can) - Northern Bayou (Blues)
Alain Pire Experience (B) - Apex (Psychedelische Rock)
Alan Rosenthal (US) - Elbow Grease (Jazz)
Alice Howe (US) - Visions (Folk-Blues)
Ally Venable (US) - Texas Honey (Blues - Bluesrock)

Al Qahwa Ensemble (Can) - Cairo Moon (Wordl Music)
Amber Cross (US) - Savage on the Downhill (Americana)(2017) - UK & European release march, 2019
And They Spoke In Anthems (B) - Money Time (Alt-Indie)
Andrea Brachfeld (US) - Brazilian Whispers (Jazz)
Andrea Cubeddu (I) - Weak Like A Man
Andy Clark (UK) - I Love Joyce Morris (Singer-songwriter)
Angela Perley (US) - 4:30 (Alt-rock)
Annie & Rod Capps (US) - When They Fall (Folk)
Annie Keating (US) - Can't Stand Still (EP) (Singer-songwriter)
Annika Chambers (US) - Kick My Sass (Blues)
Anthony Caceres (US) - Something's Gotta Give (Jazz)
Arlan Feiles (US) - What Kind of World? (Singer-songwriter)
Arroyo Rogers (US) - Single Wide (Country)
Arsen Shomakhov (Can) - Rain City Blues (Blues)
Arthur Adams (US) - Here To Make You Feel Good (Blues - Soul)
Ash Grunwald (Aus) - Mojo (Blues)
Atomic Road Kings (US) - Clean Up The Blood (Blues)
Auburn (UK) - Game of Faith (Americana - Blues)
Augie Meyers (US) - I Know I Could Be Happy , If Myself Wasn't Here (South Texas Soul - Tex-Mex)
August Kann (Nor) - How Did All These People Get Into My Room (Singer-songwriter)
Away With Birds (Irl/NL) - Away With Birds (Folk)
Back Porch Republic (Nor) - Hustle & Flow (Blues)
Bad Temper Joe (D) - The Maddest Of Them All (Acoustic Blues)
Bad Temper Joe & Fernant Zeste (D/B) - Haunt (Blues)
Banty Holler (US) - Wired For Sound (Americana - Roots)
Bart Flos Solo & Trio (NL) - Roots & Reflections (Jazz)
BB & The Blues Shacks (D) - Dirty Thirty (Blues - Rhyhtm 'n Blues)
Bear & Robert (US) - Hearts in Blues (Acoustic Blues)
Beaux Gris Gris (US/UK) - Love and Murder
Belle Hole Freak (I) - Bump, Mirrors & Bounce (Delta Blues - OMB)
Belle Starr & the Boot Jacks (B) - On the Front Porch (Country - Rock 'n Roll)
Ben Flocks (US) - Mask of the Muse (Jazz)
Ben Winkelman Trio (US) - Balance (Jazz)
Ben Wolfe (US) - Fatherhood (Jazz)
Benedicte Maurseth (Nor) - Selftitled (Folk)
Benny Turner & Cash McCall (US) - Going Back Home (Chicago Blues)
Betsy Phillips (US) - Like We're Talking (Singer-songwriter)
Beth Hart (US) - War in My Mind (Blues)
Betty Fox Band (US) - Peace in Pieces (Blues - Soul)
Bianca De Leon (US) - Dangerous Endeavor (Americana)
Bibi (Den) - From Bibi With Love XX (Singer-songwriter)
Big Daddy Wilson (US) - Deep In My Soul (Soul - Countryblues - Gospel)
Big Dave McLean (Can) - Pocket Full of Nothin' (Blues)
Big Jack Reynolds (US) - That’s A Good Way To Get To Heaven (Harmonica Blues)
Big Poppa Stampley (US) - Jukebox Blues (Harmonica Blues)
Bill O'Connell & The Afro Carribean Ensemble (US) - Wind Off The Hudson (Jazz)
Billie Williams (US) - Hell to Pay (Blues)
Biscuit Miller and The Mix (US) - Chicken Grease
Billy Branch & The Sons of Blues (US) - Roots & Branches: The Songs of Little Walter (Blues)
Billy White Jr. (US) - It's About Time (Southern Rock - Blues)
Black Bottle Riot (NL) - Fire (Rock - Southern Rock)
Black Cat Biscuit (B) - That's How The Cookie Crumbles (Blues - West Coast - Swing)
Black Cat Bones (US) - Tattered & Torn (Bluesrock - Blues)
Blind Lemon Jazz (US) - After Hours (Jazz)
Bloodest Saxophone (Jap) - Texas Queens 5 (Rhythm 'n Blues)
Blue Moon Marquee (Can) - Bare Knuckles & Brawn (Gyspy - Blues - Jazz)
Blues Boy Willie (US) - Blues, Then and Now
Blues Caravan 2019 - Katarina Pejak - Ina Forsman - Ally Venable (Blues)
Blues Meets Girl (US) - Selftitled (Blues)

Bob Bradshaw (US) - Queen of the West (Americana)
Bob Corritore & Friends (US) - Do The Hipshake Baby! (Blues)
Bob Livingston (US) - Up The Flatland Stairs (Country - Americana)
Bob Margolin (US) - This Guitar and Tonight (Acoustic Blues)
Bobbo Byrnes (US) - The Red Wheelbarrow (Alt-Country)
Bobby Rush (US) - Sitting On The Top Of The Blues (Blues)
Bonita & The Blues Shacks (SA/D) - Sweet Thing (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Bonsai Universe (US) - Too Many Ghosts (Psychedelic alt-rock)
Boo Boo Davis (US) - Tree Man (Blues)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Deep (NU-Blues)
Brad Vickers and his Vestapolitans (US) - Twice As Nice
Braindogs - Real Live Brains (Celebration of Tom Waits) (Rock- Roots)
Brandee Younger (US) - Soul Awakening (Jazz)
Brent Birckhead (US) - BIRCKHEAD (Jazz - Hardbop)
Brett Spaulding & The Psychic Spies (Can) - Livin' to Play (Blues - Rock - Funk)
Brian Lynch Big Band (US) - The Omni American Book Club (Jazz)
Brother Snakeoil & The Medicine Man (D) - Cures All (Blues)
Bruce Katz (US) - Solo Ride (Piano Blues - Boogie Woogie)
Buford Pope (SE) - The Waiting Game (Singer-songwriter)
Bushman's Revenge (Nor) - Et Hån Mot Overklassen (Soundscapes)
Bywater Call (Can) - Selftitled (Soul - Soulblues)
Cam Penner & Jon Wood (Can) - At War With Reason (Electrified Folk Blues)
Cara Being Blue (US) - Grit (Rockin' Blues)
Carolyn Gaines (US) - The Thrill is Gone (Blues - Jazz)
Carolyn Lee Jones (US) - Close Your Eyes (Vocal Jazz)
Catfish (UK) - Burned Bridges (Bluesrock)
Catherine MacLellan (Can) - Coyote (Singer-songwriter)
Catherine Russell (US) - Alone Together (Jazz)
Chain Wallet (Nor) - No Ritual (Gothic Pop)
Chase Baird (US) - A Life Between (Jazz)
Cheyenne James (US) - Burn It Up (Blues - Soul)
Chip Taylor (US) - Whiskey Salesman (Singer-songwiter)
Chris Barber (UK) - Memories of my Trip ( Jazz - Blues - Gospel)
Chris Bergson & Ellis Hooks (US) - Live in Normandy (Blues - Soul)
Chris Madsen (US) - Bonfire (Jazz)
Chris O'Leary (US) - 7 Minutes Late (Electric Blues)
Chris Rawlins (US) - Bring On The Rain (Americana)
Christian Draghi (I) - Black Roses & Hats (Singer-songwriter - Rock)
Christina LaRocca (US) - These Are My Whiskey Dreams (Alternative)
Chiara Izzi & Kevin Hays (I-US) - Across The Sea (Jazz)
Clark Gibson Quintet (US) - Tri-Colored Eyes (Jazz)

Cliff Stevens (Can) - Nobody But You (Blues)
Coco Love Alcorn (Can) - Rebirth (Soul - Gospel)
Colin Linden, Luther Dickinson with The Tennesseee Valentines (Can/US) - Amour
Combo Royal (B) - Combo Royal (Nederlandstalige Roots)
Cosmic Circus (NL) - Central Galactic Time (Pop-Folk)
Copper Viper (UK) - Cut It Down, Count The Rings (Folk)
Coyote Brother (US) - Selftitled (Americana)
Creature and the Woods (US) - J Tree (EP)(Americana)
Crystal Thomas (US) - Drank of My Love (Blues - Soul)
Curse Of Lono (UK) - 4AM and Counting (Alt-rock)
Curtis Nowosad (Can) - Selftitled (Jazz)
Daddy Long Legs (US) - Lowdown Ways (Blues)
Dalva (B/F) - Rail (Urban Blues)
Dan Krikorian (US) - Grandeur (Singer-songwriter)
Dan Navarro (US) - Shed My Skin (Americana)
Daniel Meron (US) - Embracing Wild (Jazz)
Danni Nicholls (UK) - The Melted Morning (Singer-songwriter)
Danny Bryant (UK) - Means of Escape (Bluesrock)
Danny Schmidt (US) - Standard Deviation (Singer-songwriter)
Darren Barrett (Can) - Mr. Steiner (Jazz)
Darren Eedens & The Slim Pickin's (Can) - Selftitled (Alt-Country)
Dave Rosewood (US) - Gravel and Gold (Country)
Dave Tattum & The Rattlesnakes Bones (Wal/B) - Selftitled (Blues - Rock - Roots)
David Finck (US) - Bassically Jazz (Jazz)
David Liebman (US) - On The Corner Live: The Music Of Miles Davis (Jazz)
David Ronaldo (B) - Citizen of the World (Rock - Roots - Blues)
Dawn Tyler Watson (Can) - Mad Love (Blues - Soul)
Debra Power (Can) - That's How I Roll (Blues)
Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws (US/NL) - Crocuses From Ashes (Blues)
Deeps (Can) - In The Aftermath of Last Night (Rock - Southern Rock)
Delbert McClinton & The Self-Made Men ft. Dana (US) - Dark, Tall and Handsome (Swing-Blues-Roots)
Deline Briscoe (Aus) - Wawu (Jazz)
Denny Earnest (US) - Resonator Blues (Blues)
Diablo Dimes (US) - The Shine Sessions (Acoustic Blues)
Diesel Park West (UK) - Let It Melt (Alt-Rock)
Dime Box Band (US) - Happy (Country - Folk)
Don Diego (I) - September's Rag (Country Blues)
Dov Hammer (US) - Blue Soul (Harmonica Blues)
Dover Quartet (US) - The Curtis Session (Jazz)
Dred Scott (US) - Riding Alone (Jazz)
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors (US) - Dragons (Americana)
Drive By Truckers (US) - The Unraveled (Southern Rock)
Dry Riverbed Trio (NL) - Cained And Bound (Rootsrock)
Dudley Taft (US) - Simple Life (Bluesrock)
Dwane Dixon (Can) - Betting On A Gamblin' Man (Blues - Country)
Dynamite Blues Band (NL) - Medecine (Blues)
Eden & John's East River String band (US) - Coney Island baby (Delta & Country Blues)
Eliza Neals (US) - Sweet or Mean (EP) (Bluesrock)
Ellen Rowe Octet (US) - Momentum - Portraits of Women in Motion (Jazz)
Elles Bailey (UK) - Road I Call Home (Blues - Roots)
Ellis Mano Band (CH) - Here and Now (Blues - Bluesrock)
E.L.S. Band (SE) - Dark Blues Sky (Blues)
Elsa Nilsson (SE) - Hindsight (Jazz)
Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra (US) - Puertos: Music From International Waters (Jazz)
Emma Frank (US) - Come Back (Jazz - Folk)
Eric Gales (US) - The Bookends (Blues - Bluesrock)
Eric Hofbauer (US) - The Book of Water (Jazz)
Eric Hofbauer (US) - Book of Fire (Jazz)
Eric Hofbauer & Dylan Jack (US) - Remains of Echoes (Jazz)
Filthy Horse (B) - War & Beer (Folk)

Eriksson Delcroix (B) - The Riverside Hotel (Blues - Roots)
Erja Lyytinen (Fin) - Another World (Blues)
Erlend Apneseth Trio ft. Frode Halti - Salika, Molika (Folk)
Espen Berg Trio (Nor) - Free To Play (Jazz)
Exoterm (Nor) - Exits Into A Corridor (Jazz- Jazzrock)
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US) - Swing Out! (Jazz)
Faris Nourallah (US) - Minus One (Singer-songwriter)
Federico Luiu (I) - Walking The Blues (Blues)
Filthy Horse (B) - War & Beer (Folk)
Fima Chupakhin (Ukr) - Water (Jazz)
Fisher-Z (UK) - Swimming in Thunderstorms (Rock - Pop)
Five Play (US) - Live from The Firehouse Stage (Jazz)
Fleur Seule (US) - Standards and Sweet Things (Jazz)
Frank Kohl (US) - The Crossing (Jazz)
Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers (US) - The Things You Left Behind (Roots Rock)
Frode Haltli (Nor) - The Border Woods (Jazz-Folk)
Fruteland Jackson (US) - Good As Your Last Dollar (Country Blues)
Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity (Nor) - For Whom Who By A Record (Jazz)
Gary Clark Jr. (US) - This Land (Bluesrock)
Gary Dean Smith (US) - Awaking (Fusion)
Gaye Adegbalola (US) - The Griot (Blues)
George Benson (US) - Walking To New Orleans (Rhythm 'n Blues)
Georgina Peach & The Savoys (NL) - I'm On My Way (Soul - Rhythm 'n Blues - Gospel)
Geraint Watkins (UK) - Rush of Blood (Americana)
Gerry Gibbs (US) - Our People (Jazz)
Ghalia (B) - Mississippi Blend (Blues)
Ghost Town Blues Band (US) - Shine (Blues - Americana)
Giles Robson (UK) - Don't Give Up On The Blues (Harmonica Blues)
Ginetta's Vendetta (US) - Pockertful of Cool (Jazz)
Giorgia Santoro & Pat Battstone (US) - Dream Notes (Jazz)
Glen Clark (US) - You Tell Me (Soul - Blues - Americana)
Good Lovelies (Can) - Shapeshifters (Folk)
Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys (Can) - Dreamland (Roots - Americana)
Gracie Curran (US) - Come Undone (Blues)
Grady Champion (US) - Steppin' In (Blues)
Greg Copeland (US) - Brown-Eyed handsome Man (Soul - Blues)
Griff Hamlin & The Single Barrel Blues Band (US) - I'll Drink To That (Blues)
Guy Belanger (Can) - Eldorado (Blues)
Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey (US) - Conspirators (Blues - Roots - Country)
Guy Verlinde (B) - All is Forgiven (Acoustic Blues 'n Roots)
Hajk (Nor) - Drama (Alt-Indie - Fusion)
Håkon Kornstad Trio (Nor) - Im Treibhaus (Jazz)
Handkerchief (B) - Mutiny Ballads (Roots-Ska-Gypsy)
Hannah Williams & The Affirmations (UK) - 50 Foot Woman (Soul)
Hans Frederik Jacobson (Nor) - Ore (Folk)
Harpdog Brown (US) - For Love & Money (Blues)
Hazmat Modine (US) - Box of Breath (Blues - Gypsy - NOLA)
Heathen Apostles (US) - Born By Lightning (Gothic Blues)
Heathen Apostles (US) - Dust To Dust (Americana Noir)
Henrik Cederblom (SE) - Zobop (Fusion - Jazz)
Holy Hyatt (Can) - Wild Heart (Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
Ht Roberts feat. Pascale 'Bloomfish' Michiels (B) - Sunburst & Silk (Singer-songwriter)
I See Hawks in L.A. & The Good Intentions (US/UK) - Hawks with Good Intentions (Alt-country - Folk)
Ian Wardenski Quintet (US) - Collective Thoughts (Jazz)
Ilya Portnov (Rus) - III (Harmonica Blues)
Inna De Yard (Jam) - The Soundtrack (Reggea)
J. Aubertin (F) - Whispers in The Wind (Singer-songwriter)
Jacqui Brown (US) - Love Love Love (Country - Blues - Soul)
Jaime Michaels (US) - If You Fall (Singer-songwriter)
J.P. Soars (US) - Southbound I-95 (Blues) - European release 2019
James Fernando (US) The Lonely Sailor (Jazz)

Jan Seides (US) - Unsung (Folk)
Janiva Magness (US) - Change in the Weather (Blues-Roots-Soul)
Jarrod Dickenson (US) - Under A Texas Sky (EP)(Americana)
Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind (US) - My Chops Are Rolling (Blues)
Jay Gordon & Blues Venom (US) - Slide Rules! (Bluesrock)
Jean-Paul De Roover (Can) - Love (Singer-songwriter)
Jeff Chaz (US) - No Paint (Blues)
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers (US) - West Towards South (Americana)
Jennis (Can) - The Mirror (Blues - Reggea)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus (US) - Collection: 2008-2018 (Folk)
Jim Stephens (US) - Yellow River (Soul - Nola -Jazz)
Jimbo Mathus (US) - Incinerator (Country Blues)
Jimmie Vaughan (US) - Baby, Please Come Home (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes (US) - Cypress Grove (Acoustic Blues)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK) - Reckless Heart (Bluesrock)
Joe Louis Walker (US) - Viva Las Vegas Live (Blues)
Joel Paterson (US) - Plays The Beatles (Vintage Instrumentals)
John Blakeley & Jeff Larson (US) - Yesterday's Dream (Poprock)
John Blek (Irl) - Thistle & Thorn (Folk)
John Blues Boyd (US) - Trough My Eyes (Blues)
John Boutté (US) - A "Well Tempered" Boutté (Jazz)
John Cee Stannard (UK) - Moving On (Blues)
John Clifton (US) - In The Middle Of Nowhere (Blues)

John Dee Holeman (US) - Last Pair of Shoes (Blues)
John Duer & The Blues Freaks (US/E) - Try Some Of This (Delta- Country Blues)
John F. Klaver Band (NL) - Organic & Sustainable Sessions Vol.1 (Bluesrock - Funk - Souljazz)
John Fairhurst (UK) - The Divided Kingdom (Bluesrock - Heavy Blues)
John Harp (Bra) - How Can I Lose What I Never Had (Harmonica Blues)
John Mayall (UK) - Nobody Told Me (Blues)
John McDonough (US) - Can You See Me Now (Singer-songwriter)
John Primer & The Real Deal Bluesband (US) - The Soul of A Blues Man (Blues)
Johnny Burgin (US) - Live (Blues)
Johnny Rawls (US) - I Miss Otis Clay (Soul)
Jontavious Willis (US) - Spectacular Class (Blues)
Joost Dijkema (NL) - Time Thief (Folk)
Jordan Pettay (US) - Strange Fruit (Jazz)
Jordi Baizan (US) - Free and Fine (Singer-songwriter)
Jose Luis Pardo (Arg) - Phlippe is... (Blues)
Josean Jacobo & Tumbao (Dom) - Cimmarón (Jazz)
Josh Gray (US) - Songs From the Highway (Americana)
JP Soars (US) - Let Go Of The Reins (Blues)
Julian Taylor Band (Can) - Avalanche (Soul - Funk)
Junior Watson (US) - Nothin' To It But To Do It (Blues)
Justine Vandergrift (Can) - Stay (Americana - Singer-songwriter)
Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars (D) - Live in Concert (Blues)
Kailey Nicole (US) - Selftitled (EP)(Country)
Katrina Pejak (RS) - Roads That Cross (Blues)

Katy Mitchell (US) - Katy Sings The Blues (Blues)
Keb' Mo' (US) - Oklahoma (Blues)
Keith Catfish Woodrow (Can) - Don't Tell Your Children (Delta Blues)
Kelly Steward (US) - Tales and Tributes Of The Deserving And Not So (Americana)
Kenner (Isr) - 8 Ball City (Jazz)
Kenny "Beedy Eyes" Smith & The House Bumpers - Drop The Hammer (Blues)
Kenny Wayne Sheperd (US) - The Traveler (Bluesrock)
Kern Pratt (US) - Greenville,MS...what about you? (Blues)
Kenyatta Beasley Septet (US) - Frank Foster Songbook (Jazz)
Kern Pratt (US) - Greenville, MS...what about you? (Blues)
Kerrie Powers (US) - Starseeds (Country- en Folk Blues)(2018) release Europe 2019)
Ketil Bjørnstad (Nor) - Rainbow Sessions (New Edition) (Jazz)
Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella (Irl) - Oh The Stralings (Folk)
King of Foxes (Can) - Salt & Honey (EP)(Rock)
Kingfish (US) - Selftitled (Blues)
Kirri's Travelin' Kitchen Jam (B) - Little Somethings (Blues - Roots)
Kirsten R. Bromley Trio (US) - Simply Miraculous (Jazz)
Kitty Rose & The Rattlers (US) - Selftitled (Rockabilly - Jump)
Kristina Koller (US) - At The Poli Club (Vocal Jazz)
Kristina Stykos (US) - River of Light (Americana)
Kyla Brox (UK) - Pain & Glory (Blues)
Lady Valiant (US) - Back Roads (Delta Blues)
Larkin Poe (US) - Venom & Faith (Blues & Roots)
Larry Corban (US) - Emergence (Jazz)
Lasers Lasers Birmingham (US) - Warning (Country)

La Tanya Hall (US) - Say Yes (Jazz)
Lauren Desberg (US) - Out For Delivery (Jazz)
Laurence Jones Band (UK) - Selftitled (Bluesrock)
Lazy Afternoon (SE) - Almost Home (Country - Folk - Tex-Mex)
Lena & The Slide Brothers (Fin) - IV (Blues)
Leaf Rapids (Can) - Citezen Alien (Folk)
Ledfoot (US) - White Crow (Acoustic Blues)
Leo 'Bud' Welch (US) - The Angels In Heaven Have Done Signed My Name (Delta Blues)
Les Amazones d'Afrique - Amazones Power (World Music)
Les Talons Gitans (B) - Gimme No (Rock)
Little Boy and Nightingale (B) - Two Lousy People
Little G Weevil (Hun) - Back in Alabama (Acoustic Blues)
Little Jimmy (B) - Blues Rebel (Blues)
Lizzie Thomas (US) - New Sounds from the Jazz Age (Jazz)
Lois Bruno (US) - Ans So It Begins (Jazz)
Lou Shields (US) - Cabin Sessions (Roots - Country Blues)
Louis Armstrong (US) - Live in Europe (Jazz)
Luca Di Luzio (I) - Globetrotter (Jazz)
Luca Kiella (I) - Figure It Out (Blues - Soul)

Lucas Haneman Express (Can) - Catch The Westbound (Blues)
Lucky Bastards (E) - Breaking The Rules (Blues)
Lucy Malheur (D) - Bad Cat Mama (Blues)
Luk de Graaf (B) - Mono (Americana)
Luman Drones (Nor) - Umbra (Folkrock)
Mad Dog Blues (US) - Happy Dance (Bluegrass)
Mad Love (US) - ISH (Jazz)
Madeleine Roger (Can) - Cottonwood (Folk)
Magpie and the Moon (Nor) - Local Store (Progressive Rock)
Makar Kashitsyn (Rus) - Jazz Animals (Jazz)
Manx Marriner Mainline (Can) - Hell Bound For Heaven (Acoustic Blues)
Mara Levine (US) - Facets of Folk (Folk)
Marino Valle Band (SE) - Selftitled (Rhythm 'n Blues - Blues)
Mark Crissinger (Can) - Believe in Love (Blues)
Mark Rogers (US) - Laying It Down (Singer-songwriter)
Marti Brom & Her Raunchy Notorious (US/SE) - Midnight Bus (Rockabilly - Retro)
Martina DaSilva, Dan “Chimy” Chmielinski & Friends (US) - A Very ChimyTina Christmas (Jazz)
Marton Juhasz (Hun) - Discovery (Modern Jazz)
Massimo Biolcati (SE) - Incontre (Jazz)
Matchdash Parish (Can) - Saturday Night (Soul - Gospel - Blues)
Mats Eilertsen (Nor) - Reveries and Revelations (Jazz)
Matt Andersen (Can) - Halfway Home By Morning (Blues - Soul)
Matt Herskowitz (US) - Mirror Image (Jazz)
Matt Patershuk (Can) - If Wishes Were Horses (Americana)
Matt Skeleger Group (US) - Vitality (Jazz - World Music - Fusion)
Matt T Mahony (B) - Live at Missy Sippy (Blues-Jazz-Fusion)
Matt Urlery (US) - Delicate Charms (Jazz)
Mavis Staples (US) - We Get By (Blues - Soul)
Mavis Staples (US) - Live in London (Blues - Soul - Gospel)
Mean Mary (US) - Cold (Folk)
Meena Cryle & Chris Fillmore Band (A) - Elevations (Blues - Americana)
Melbreeze (US) - Amethyst (Jazz)
Melvin Litton & Mando Dan (US) - Between the Wars (Country - Folk)
Merrow (NL) - A Story To Tell... (Folk)
Michael Bloom and the Blues Porphecy (US) - Whisper in the Wind (Blues)
Michael Eaton (US) - Dialogical (Modern Jazz)
Michael Jerome Browne (Can) - That's Were it's At! (Acoustic Blues - Country Blues)
Michael Lane (D/US) - Traveling Son (Singer-songwriter)
Michael Lee (US) - Selftitled (Blues)
Michal Martyniuk (Pol) - Resonate (Jazz)
Michelle Wilson (US) - So Emotional (Jump Blues)
Midnight Shine (Can) - High Road (Rootsrock)
Mighty Magnolias (Nor) - Unknown Skyline (Americana - Country)
Mike Goudreau (Can) - Acoustic Sessions (Acoustic Blues)
Mike Teardrop Trio (SE) - Till The Dawn (Rockabilly - Honky Tonk)
Mike Zito and Friends (US) - Rock 'n Roll (A Tribute To Chuck Berry) (Rock 'n Roll)
Miki Purnell (US) - Midnight Bloom (Jazz)
Mike Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts (US) - OHBAHOY (Alt-Rock)
Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers (US) - No Good Deed (Blues - Rock - Soul)
Mister Goodfaith (Can) - Big Mistake (Blues)
Mitch Woods (US) - A Tip Of The Hat To Fats (Blues - Boogie Woogie)
Moonfruits (Can) - Ste-Quequepart (Folk)
Moonlamb Project (B) - Derivative Blues (Acoustic Blues)
Mr. Sax & The Giant (NL) - Lipstick, Powder & Paint (Jump Rhythm 'n Blues)
Mrs. Greenbird (D) - Dark Waters (Folk)
Ms. Jody (US) - Get It! Get It! (Soulblues)
Muddy What? (D) - Dancing In The Halls (Acoustic Blues)
Mudfish (SE) - Mudfish (Alt-rock)
Myles Goodwyn (Can) - Friends of the Blues 2 (Blues)
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (US/Braz) - Setting Rays of Summer (Jazz)

Natalie MacMaster (Can) - Scetches (Folk)
Nathan Bell (US) - The Right Reverend Crow Sing New American Folk And Blues (Folk - Blues)
Nick Waterhouse (US) - Selftitled (Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
Nico Duportal & The Sparks (F) - Dog, Saint And Sinner (Roots 'n Soul)
Nobody's Girl (US) - Waterline (Rock)
One Rusty Band (CH) - Voodoo Queen (OMB Blues)
Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings (US) - Share What You Own (Blues - Roots)
Oran Etkin's Timbalooloo (Isr) - Finding Freinds Far From Home (Jazz - World Music)
Oscar Hernandéz (US) - Love the Moment (Latin Jazz)
Øyvind Torvund (Nor) - The Exotic Album (Free Jazz)
Paris Texas (B) - When You're Gone (Americana - Bluegrass - Folk)
Pascal Bokar (US) - American Trails (Blues)
Pat Battstone (US) - The Last Taxi: New Destinations (Jazz)
Pat Kearns (US) - Down in the Wash (Singer-songwriter)
Paul Messinger (US) - The Reckoning (Singer-songwriter)
Paul Nelson (US) - Over Under Trough (Blues - Americana)
Paul Pigat (Can) - Boxcar Campfire (The Game) (Acoustic Country Blues)
Peter Gallway & The Real Band (US) - Reach For It (Roots 'n Blues)
Peter Lin (US) - New Age, Old Ways (Jazz - Bebop)
Piedmont Bluz (US) - Ambassadors of Country Blues (Acoustic Blues)
Piedmont Four (US) - Back To The Bars (Jump Blues)
Point Quiet (NL) - Walking in the Wind (Americana - Folk)
Polly O'Keary & The Rhythm Method (US) - As Live As It Gets (Blues)
Popa Chubby (US) - It's A Mighty Hard Road (Blues - Bluesrock)
Popol Ace (Nor) - Silently Loud (Progressieve Rock)
Private Time Machine (NL) - One (Jazz - Funk)
Rachel Harrington (US) - Hush The Wild Horses (Americana)
Rae Gordon Band (US) - Wrong Kind of Love (Blues - Soul - Funk)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Roadtrippin' (4ology) (Blues & Dirty Rock 'n Roll)
Ralph Molina (US) - Love & Inspiration (Americana)
Ralph Peterson & The Messenger Legacy (US) - Alive vol. 6 At The Side Door (Jazz)
Ralph Peterson's Get-Next Bigband (US) - Listen Up! (Jazz)
Randy Lewis Brown (US) - Red Crow (Americana)
Ranzel X Kendrick (US) - Texas Cactus (Singer-songwriter)
Raquel Cepeda (US) - Passion (Latin Jazz)
Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers (US) - Pay The Price (Blues)
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Road Dog Dharma (Blues - Folk - Americana)
Reverend Sekou (US) - When We Fight We Win (Live In Memphis) (Blues - Soul - Gospel)
Richie Arndt & Band (D) - Back To Bad (Blues - Roots)
Richie Goods & The Goods Project (US) - My Left Hand Man (Jazz)
Richie Willey's Boptism Big Band (US) - Down & Dirty (Jazz)
Richie Willey's Boptism Big Band (US) - Conspiracy (Jazz)
Richville (NL) - Richville (Blues - Gospel)
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (US) - Contemporary (Blues)
R.L. Boyce (US) - Sometimes I Wonder (Blues)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra (UK) - Soul Of My City (Western Swing - Ragtime - Roots)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra (UK) - Eta Carinae (EP) (Western Swing - Roots)
Robert Hill & The Muskogee Few (SE) - Selftitled (Alt-Folk - Country)
Robert Jospe Express (US) - Just lookin' (Jazz)
Roberto Lopez (Can) - Kaleido Strópico (Latin Soul & Funk)
Rockin' Johnny & Quiqué Gomez (US/E) - Dos Hombres Wanted (Blues)
Rod Picott (US) - Tell The Truth & Shame The Devil (Singer-songwriter)
Ronny Whyte (US) - Whyte Witchcraft (Jazz)
Rory Gallagher (Irl) - Blues (Bluesrock)
Rosie Flores (US) - Simple Case Of The Blues (Blues)
Roxy Coss (US) - Quintet (Jazz)
Rudy Rotta (I) - Now and Then...Forever (Blues)
Rymden (Nor) - Reflections & Oddyseys (Jazz)
Sam & Julia (NL) - So Far, So Good (Americana)
Sam Baker (US) - Horses and Stars (Singer-songwriter)
Sam Fazio (US) - Let's Go (Jazz)
Sam Levin (US) - A General Air of Regret (Singer-songwriter)
Sam Newsome (US) - Chaos Theory (Jazz)
Samantha Fish (US) - Kill Or Be Kind (Bluesrock)
Santiago Bosch (Ven) - Galactic Warrior (Jazz)
Sauce Boss (US) - Blind Boy Billy (Jump & Swamp Blues)
Savoy Brown (UK) - City Night (Bluesrock)
Scott Ramminger (US) - Rispe Up (Blues)
Screamin' John & TD Lind (US) - Mr. Little Big Man (Blues)
Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols (US) - Forgive (Roots)
Sean Pinchin (Can) - Bad Things (Blues)
Sean Taylor (UK) - The Path into Blue (Blues)
Searson (Can) - Live at the Neat Café
Select Captain (DK) - Off To Save The World (Singer-songwriter)
Session Americana (US) - North East (Folk - Americana)
Seth Walker (US) - Are You Open? (Blues - Americana)
Shannon Gunn (US) - Gunn's Ablazin' (Jazz)
Shaun Murphy (US) - Reason To Try (Blues - Soul - Americana)
Shawn Purcell (US) - Cimmetricity (Jazz)
Shotgun Sally (B) - Never Gonna Break My Heart (single) (Rockabilly)
Silver Lake 66 (US) - Ragged Heart (Americana)
Simon Sammut & Omar Vàzquez (MT/Mex) - Gravity (Jazz)
"Sir" Oliver Mally & Hubert Hofherr (A/D) - Overdue (Acoustic Blues)
Sister Speak (Can) - The Stand (EP)(Alt-folk)
Sivan Arbel (Isr) - Change Of Light (Jazz)
Skip and Dan Wilkins Quartet (US) - Someday (Jazz)
Skip Williams Quartet (US) - Czech Wishes (Jazz)
Slowman (SE) - En Romantisk Idiot (Blues - Rock)
Sofia Talvik (SE) - Paws of A Bear (Folk - Americana)
Smooth Gentlemen (Pol) - NEW (Blues - Soul)
Soul Message Band (US) - Soulful Days (Souljazz)
Southern Avenue (US) - Keep On (Blues - Soul - R&B)
Spike Flynn (Aus) - Just This Side Of Here (Alt-Country)
Ståle Storløkken (Nor) - The Haze of Sleeplessness (Jazz)
Stef Paglia (B) - Never Forget (Bluesrock - Rock)
Steve Haines & The Third Floor Orchestra (US) - Selftitled (Jazz)
Steve Mednick (US) - Enough! (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Morgan and The Kingfish (US) - That Ain't The Blues (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Steve Wilkins (Aus) - Waiting (Singer-songwriter)
Sue Decker (Can) - Outskirts of Love (Outlaw Country - Blues)
Sugar Blue (US) - Colors (Blues - Fusion)
Sugaray Rayford (US) - Somebody Save Me (Blues - Soul)
Sumitra (US) - Bittersweet (Jazz)
Sunday Wilde (Can) - Sunday Wild & The1 Eyed Jacks (Blues)
Sunny Lowdown (US) - Shady Deal (Blues)
Supersonics (NL) - 69 Automobile (Country - Retro - Rockabilly)
Susan Williams & The Wright Groove () - It's About Time (Blues)
Svetlana (US) - Night At The Movies (Jazz)
Swampboys (B) - Drunken Biker (Rockabilly - Rock 'n Roll)
Tad Robinson (US) - Real Street (Blues - Soul)
Tamuz Nissim (US) - Capturing Clouds (Vocal Jazz)
Tedeschi Trucks Band (US) - Signs (Blues - Soul)
Tennessee Redemption (US) - Selftitled (Blues - Roots - Soul - Gospel)
Terrence Wintersmith (US) - A Walk In The Woods (Jazz)
Terry Robb (Can) - Confessin' My Blues (Fingerpickin' Blues 'n Ragtime)
The 44's (US) - Twist The Knife (Blues)
The BB King Blues Band (US) - The Soul Of The King (Blues)
The Big Swamp (D) - Selftitled (Blues - Swamp Blues - Southern Rock)
The Blue Chevys (B) - Twice Fifteen (Blues - Roots - Rhyhtm 'n Blues)
The Blue Poets (D) - All It Takes (Bluesrock - Rock)
The Bluesmen (US) - The Devil is A Blues Man (Delta Blues)
The Breath (UK) - Only Stories (Singer-songwriter)
The California Honeydrops (US) - A Higher Degree (Blues - Funk - NOLA)
The Campfire Flies (US) - Sparks Like Little Stars (Singer-songwriter)
The Cashbox Kings (US) - Hail To The Kings (Jump Blues)
The Cornbread Project (DK) - Catawampus (Blues)
The Curtis Brothers (US) - Algorithm (Jazz)
The Downtown Livewires (US) - I’ll Do It To Day, But Not Right Now (Electric Blues)
The Duke Robillard Band (US) - Ear Worms (Blues - Swing - Rhythm 'n Blues)
The Feralings (US) - The Feralings (EP)(Folk - Americana)
The Gloaming (Irl-US) - "3" (Folk)
The Interplay Jazz Orchestra (US) - On The Sunny Side (Big Band Jazz)
The John Bull Band (US) - Memphis Money (Harmonica Blues)
The Kokomo Kings (SE) - Fighting Fire With Gasoline (Jump Blues)
The Lachy Doley Group (Aus) - Make or Break (Blues - Rock)
The Lee Boys (US) - Live On The East Coast (Blues - Gospel)
The Maes (Aus) - The Maes (Folk)
The McNaMarr Project (Aus) - Holla & Moan (Soul - Soulblues)
The Mermaid Moonshine Project (B) - Scars (Roots)
The Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Greunling (US) - Lucky Guy! (Blues)
The Resonant Rogues (US) - Autumn of the World (Folk - Gypsy - Roots)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US) - Kitchen Table Blues vol. 1 (Harmonica Blues)
The Session (US) - Collusion (Jazz)
The Smokin' Polecats (US) - My Little Baby (Blues)
The Smooth Gentlemen (Pol) - NEW (Blues)
The Teskey Brothers (Aus) - Run Home Slow (Soul)
The Texas Horns (US) - Get Here Quick (Blues - Soul)
The Thyle's Band (B) - Groovy Devil Woman (Blues)
The Vignatis (US/F) - Let's Hit The Road (Gypsybilly)
Thinkin' Big (US) - Reclamation (Jazz - Big Band)
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado (Den) - Come On In (Bues)
Tim Easton (US) - Eposition (Folkrock)
Tom JJ & Greg Miller (UK/F) - Traveller (Acoustic Blues)
Tiny Legs Tim (B) - Elsewhere Bound (Blues - Nola)
T.K. Blue (US) - The Rhythms Continue (Jazz)
Tobias Faber (NL) - Rise and Fall (Alt-Folk)
Tokso (Nor/F/GR) - Fyrsta Morginn (Folk - Klassiek)
Tomiko Dixon (US) - Blues Arising (Chicago Blues)

Tomislav Goluban (HR) - Chicago Rambler (Harmonica Blues)
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers (US) - Killin' It Live (Blues)
Tony Holiday (US) - Porch Sessions (Blues)
Tony McLoughlin (Irl) - True Native (Americana)
Tony Denikos (US) - Gravity Wins (Americana)
Toronzo Cannon (US) - The Preacher, The Politician or The Pimp (Chicago Blues)
Track Dogs (US/Irl/UK) - Fire On The Rails (Folk - Americana)
Triggers and Slips (US) - The Stranger (Country - Country Soul)
Trond Kallevåg Hansen (Nor) - Bedehus & Hawaii (Jazz - Folk)
Troy Roberts (US) - Days Like These (Jazz)
Tullie Brae (US) - Revelation (Blues)
Tuomo Uusitalo (Fin) - Stories From Here And There (Jazz)
Tweed feat. Gervis Myles (US) - Love Strong (Funk - Soul - Blues)
Union Duke (Can) - Golden Days (Folk - Bluegrass)
Various Artists - 25 Anniversary Ruf Records (Blues)
Vegas Strip Kings (US) - Jackpot (Blues - Tex-Mex - Zydeco)
Veronika Jackson (US) - The Woman I Am (Acoustic Blues)
Vin Mott (US) - Rogue Hunter (Harmonica Blues)
Vince Ector Organamoty Trio (US) - Theme For Ms. P (Jazz)
Vivian Sessoms (US) - Life II (Jazz)
Voctave (US) - Somewhere There's Music (Jazz)
Wallace Roney (US) - Blue Dawn - Blues Nights (Jazz)
Wanda Johnson (US) - Slow Dance (Blues)
Watermelon Slim (US) - Church of the Blues (Blues)
Wayne Alpern (US) - Skeleton (Jazz)
Weather Advisory (Can) - Make My Day (Blues - Boogie -Rockabilly)
Wentus Blues Band feat. Duke Robillard (Fin/US) - Too Much Mostard! (Blues)
Wesli (HT/Can) - Rapadou Kreyol (World Music)
West My Friend (Can) - Constellation (Folk)
West of Eden (SE) - Flat Earth Society (Folk)

Whocat (B) - Joyful Rebellion (Alt-pop - Jazz)
Wide Mouth Mason (Can) - I Wanna Be With You (Blues - Roots)
Wild Bill and The Railroad cats (UK) - Santa Fé Buffet (Rock 'n Roll - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Willie Buck (US) - Willie Buck Way (Chicago Blues)
Willie Cobbs (US) - Butler Boy Blues (Blues)
Willie Farmer (US) - The Man From The Hill (Delta Blues)
Wooden Soldiers (NL) - Selftitled (Folk)
Wouter Planeijdt (NL) - Bullhorn (Singer-songwriter)
Yasser Tejeda y Palotré (US) - Kijombo (Latin Jazz)
Yellow House Orchestra (US) - Pop (Latin Jazz)
Zach Brock, Matt Ulery, Jon Dietemyer (US) - Wonderment (Jazz)
Zac Harmon (US) - Mississippi BarBQ (Blues)
ZZ Top (US) - Goin' 50 (Bluesrock)