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Sean Webster Band (UK)
Three Nights Live (re-release 2021)
Hans Theesink & Big Daddy Wilson
Pay Day
Martyn Jospeh (UK)
The Adam Larson Trio (US)
With Love, From Chicago
The Sugar Roots (US)
Savage"s Life
AJ Plug (NL)
Killer King
Calvin Johnson Jr. (US)
Notes of A Native Son
Norma Winchester & Bluedays (US)
(blues - jump blues)
Ricci/Krown (US)
Mike Nagoda (Can)
Outside The Box
Christiane Karam (LB)
(Balkan jazz)
Waterstreet Blues Band (US)
Talkin About
Nienke Dingemans (NL)
Devil on my Shoulder
Scott Ellison (US)
There’s Something About the Night
Old Salt (US/EU)
Live in Room 13 (EP)
Sugaray Rayford (US)
In Too Deep
(soul - blues)
John Aulabaugh (US)
Sweet As You
(singer-songwriter - rock)
Little G Weevil (Hun)
Live Acoustic Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Dionne Bennett (UK/Jam)
Sugar Hip Ya Ya
(rhythm 'n blues - soul - blues)
Katie Henry (US)
On My Way
(blues - roots)
Billy O'Connell (US)
A Change Is Gonna Come
Suzie Ungerleider (US)
My Name is Suzie Ungerleider
Michael Johnathon (US)
Cosmic Banjo
(americana - folk)
Elles Bailey (UK)
Sunshine City (EP)
(blues - roots)
Mathis Picard (US)
Live at the Museum
The Old N°5's (US)
Moment To Lose
(southern rock - blues)
Baritone Loco (B)
Down Below
Mandy Marylane (US)
Blues Shack
Catherine Russell (US)
Send For Me
Bobby Allison & Gerry Spehar(US)
Delta Man
Imelda May (Irl)
11 Past The Hour
(pop noir)
Camile Baudion (US)
This Old House
Geir Bertheussen (N)
Health Disease
Hughes Taylor (US)
Modern Nostalgia
Joe Vestich (US)
Steal the Wind
Mean Old Fireman (US)
Dumpster Fire
Jon Spear Band (US)
B-Side of my Life
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
To Another Clowns Paradise
(blues-dirty rock 'n roll)
A Murder in Mississippi (B)
Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schultz
Bayou Christkind
Oscar Hernández & Alma Libre (US)
Lauren Anderson (US)
Love On The Rocks
(blues-rockin soul)
Curse of Lono (UK)
People In Cars
Anastasia Lynne (US)
The Girl With The Hourglass Eyes
The Matthews Baartmans Consp.
Distant Chatter
Lowland Brothers (F)
Lowland Brothers
(country soul)
Brandi Vezina (Can)
Dave Young (Can)
Mick Kolassa (US)
Uncle Mick's Christmas Album
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
XXL (Live)
(blues-dirty rock 'n roll)
The DogTown Blues Band (US)
Search No More
The Ragged Roses (B)
Do Me Right
(roots-rock 'n roll)
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Bluesworld vol 1 & 2
(blues-dirty rock 'n roll)
Fascination Curve (Nor)
Corona Time in Amerika
Willie Jackson (US)
All In The Blues
Marco R.Wagner (Mex)
Back To The Plow
Benny Benack III & Steven Feifke
Season's Swingin' Greetings
Malcolm MacWatt (Scot)
Roos Meijer (NL)
Why Don't We Give It A Try
The Kentucky Headhuntes (US)
...And That's A Fact Jack!
(southern rock-blues)
George Ensle (US)
Be A Better Me
Eric Devries (NL)
Songs & Dance Man
JP's Epiphanies (B)
I Went Up The Hill
The Mick Schafer Band (US)
Back To The Blues
Henry Cole & Villa Locura (PR)
Buscando La Vida
Sue Foley (Can)
Pinky's Blues
Matt Patershuk (Can)
An Honest Effort
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Joseph Veloz (US)
Joseph & The Velozians
Alex Brown (US)
The Dark Fire Sessions
Danny Bryant (UK)
The Rage To Survive
Abby Posner (US)
Kisbee Ring
Jon Roniger (US)
Live At 6010
Negroni's Trio (US)
Mala Oreen (CH)
Gordie Tentrees (Can)
Mean Old World
Lady A (US)
Seven Stars over Sicily (NL)
The Endless Sea
(maritime noir)
Carolyn Wonderland (US)
Tempting Fate
The Honeyrunners (Can)
Everything is on Fire
(alt-rock & Americana)
Pokey LaFarge (US)
In the Blossom of Their Shade
Cory Weeds (US)
What is There to Say?
The Surfbeat Club (B)
Shakedown and more...
The Vegetarians (SE)
Bill Haley
Zac Harmon (US)
Long As I Got My Guitar
Asaf Yuria (IL)
Tas Cru (US)
Broke Down Busted Up
The Kokomo Kings (Den/Se)
A Drive By Love Affair
(rockin' blues)
Shedrick Mitchell (US)
What Do You Say?
Diane Durrett & Soul Suga (US)
Put A Lid On It
Michael Eckroth Group (US)
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK)
The Blues Album
Tom Rodwell (UK)
Wood & Waste
Mark Rogers (US)
Rhythm of the Roads
Wee Willie Walker (US)
Not In My Lifetime
Kris Wiley (US)
Pepe Ahlqvist & Tomi Leino (Fin)
Backstreets of Blue
Michael Feinberg (US)
Hard Times
Jesse Malin (US)
Sad and Beautiful World
Mild High Club (US)
Going Going Gone
(psychedelic rock)
Skyler Floe (US)
Seth James (US)
Different Hat
James McMurtry (US)
The Horses and The Hounds
Luca Kiella (US)
Ready For You
Jeffery Broussard (US)
Keeping The Tradition Alive
John Wort Hannam (Can)
Long Haul
Miss Lady Blues (US)
Moe Betta Blues
Thornbjørn Risager (DK)
Best Of
West Of Eden (SE)
Boogie Beasts (B)
Love Me Some
(hypnotic blues)
Southern Avenue (US)
Be The Love You Want
(blues, R'n'B, soul)
Grant Richards (US)
Colin Linden (Can)
The Prokroll Project (US)
Papa Didnt Raise Me Right
Allan Thomas (US)
The Journey
Brian Lynch (US)
Bus Stop Serenade
Alabama 3 (UK)
Step 13
Taylor Young Band (US)
Mercury Transit
(singer-songwriter - alt-rock)
Alex Hamburger (US)
And She Spoke
Tommy Castro (US)
A Bluesman Came To Town
Samantha Fish (US)
Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers (US)
The Beautifel Art Of Decay (SE)
Sounds of A Promising Future (EP)
Rusty Ends Blues Band (Can)
Nathan Bell (US)
Red, White and American Blues
Dave Meder (US)
Unamuno Songs and Stories
Champain Fulton (US)
Live From Lockdown
Elly Wininger (US)
The Blues Never End
(acoustic blues)
Fisher Z (UK)
Till The Oceons Overflow
Malford Milligan (US)
& The Southern Aces (NL)

I Was A Witness
(soul - americana)
Paul Carrack (UK)
One is One
(blue-eyed soul)
Brian Setzer (US)
Gotta Have To Rumble
Michael Stephenson (US)
Meets The Alexander Claffy Trio
Guy Verlinde (B)
Standing in the Light
of A Brand New Day

(american - blues - roots)
Ericson Holt (US)
99 Degrees
(blues - americana)
Richard D. Johnson (US)
First Glance
Tony Holiday (US)
Front Porch Sessions vol.2
Brad Vickers & Vestapolitans (US)
The Music Get Us Thru
GA-20 (US)
Try It...You Might Like It
Susanna en David Wallumrød (Nor)
(indie - jazz)
Brandon Goldberg (US)
In Good Time
Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Freedom Jazzdance
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US)
Shine a Light on me Brother
(southern rock - gospel - soul)
Carlos Henriquez (US)
The South Bronx Story
Somi (R/ES)
Zenzile (Miriam Makeba)
Teresa James & The Rhyhtm Tramps
Rose-Colored Glasses vol.1
The Bean Pickers Union (US)
Greatest Picks
The Oak Ridge Boys (US)
Front Porch Singin'
(gospel country)
Starlite Campbell Band (UK)
The Language of Curiosity
Big Daddy Wilson (US)
Hard Time Blues
Steven Graves (US)
All Alone
Paul Kaplan (US)
We Shall Stay Here
David Crosby (US)
For Free
Gonzalo Rubalcaba (US)
Gabriel Zucker (US)
Leftover Beats From...
Gerry Gibbs (US)
Songs From My Father
Mark Zaleski Band (US)
Reimagining Dave Brubeck
David Liebman (US)
Selflessness (Music of John Coltrane)
Kalinec & KJ (US)
Let's Get Away
(folk - americana)
The Wallflowers (US)
Exit Wounds
Mick Kolassa (US)
Wasted Youth
Dana Gillespie (UK)
Deep Pockets
Wesley Pruitt Band (US)
Gypsy Soul
R.B. Morris (US)
Going Back To The Sky
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Lucy Yeghiazaryan & Vanisha Gould
In Her Words
Bad Edrington V (US)
Two Days in Terlingua
Cuby + Blizzards (NL)
Window Of My Eyes (EP)
Paul Benoit (US)
Beautiful Lies
Ethan Gold (US)
Earth City 1: The Longing
Johnny Tucker ft. Kid Ramos... (US)
75 and Alive
Krissy Matthews (UK/Nor)
Pizza Man Blues
The Chillkats (D)
Chillkat Night Out
(jump blues)
Jeff Chaz (US)
I Just Caught The Blues
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (US)
The Lucky Ones (Can)
(country-roots, bluegrass)
Kirk Lightsey (US)
I Will Never Stop Loving You
Altered Five Blues Band (US)
Holler If You Hear Me
Jackson Browne (US)
Downhill From Everywhere
(Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Polly O'Keary & The Rhythm Method
Johnny Ray Jones (US)
Way Down South
Optimystik Visionaries (UK)
(jazzfunk - fusion)
I See Hawks in L.A. (US)
On Our Way
Andy Farber & his Orchestra (US)
Early Blue Evening
Haeun Joo (Kor)
We Will Find
Los Lobos (US)
Native Sons
(blues- roots)
Seth Lee Jones (US)
Mike Zito (US)
Sasha Dobson (US)
Girl Talk
Urban Ladder Society (US)
The Summit
(Blues - Hip Hop)
Roland Roberts (US)
All About The Timing
Rodd Bland & Members Only Band
Live on Beale Street
Raphael Wressnig & Igor Prado
Groove & Good Times
Sean Chambers (US)
That's What I A'm Talking About
Malcolm Holcombe (US)
Tricks of the Trade
(Singer-songwriter - roots)
Mitchell Manburg (US)
Laplace Resonance
Hilary Kole (US)
Sophisticated Lady
Air-Cool Jenny (US)
First Flight
(folk - americana)
Nacomi Tanaka (Jap)
Onward and Upward
Adam Schultz (US)
Soulful Distancing
(blues - funk - soulblues)
Pete Alderton (UK)
Mystery Lady
(acoustic blues 'n roots)
Deb Ryder (US)
Memphis Moonlight
Fia Ekberg (SE)
Soulful Femme (US)
It Is Well With My Soul
Cedric Burnside (US)
I Be Trying
Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones (US)
Here To Tell The Tail
The Liberators (NL)
Annie Gallup (US)
Oh Everything
Shaye Zadravec (US)
Now and Them
Patty Tuite (US)
Consider This
Mark Cameron (US)
Back From The Edge
Adi Meyerson (US)
I Want To Sing My Heart Out In Praise of Life
Debbie Bound (US)
Blues Without Borders
John Murry (US)
The Stars Are God's Bullet Holes
(singer-songwriter - rock)
Dennis Roger Reed (US)
Down At The Washington Hotel
Tiffany Pollack & Co (US)
Bayou Liberty
Martha Fields (US)
Headed South
Roger Chapman (UK)
Life in The Pond
(blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Yonder Boys (D)
Acid Folk
(folk - bluegrass)
Sam Blakeslee & Wistful Thinking
The Long Middle
Altoizm (US)
Gerald McClendon (US)
Let's Have A Party
(blues - soulblues)
Steve Dawson (US)
At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree
David Ronaldo (B)
Shoot Them With Words
(rock-southern rock)
Jan van Bijnen (NL)
Modest Man
(americana - blues)
Big Daddy Wilson (US)
Hard Time Blues (EP)
(blues - soulblues)
Mehmet Ali Sanlikol (US/TR)
An Elegant Ritual
Same Player Shoot Again (F)
Our King Albert
Chris Bergson (US)
All I Got Left
Nolan McKelvey (US)
Into The Silence
Keith Loftis (US)
Original State
Guy Davis (US)
Be Ready When I Call You
The Atomic 44's (US)
Volume 1
Louien (Nor)
No Tomorrow (EP)
Lea McIntosh (US)
Blood Cash
Nolan McKelvey & Ron James (US)
Songs of Hope (EP)
The Hello Darlins (Can)
Go By Feel
Riley Downing (US)
Start It Over
(blues - roots)
Tashaki Miyaki (US)
Jim Keller (US)
By No Means
(blues - americana)
Deborah Parlor (NL)
Dreaming Wide Aweke (EP)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B)
Too Many People (Single)
Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws (US/NL)
When Birds were Snakes
Robert Finley (US)
Sharecropper's Son
Sam Pilnick's Nonet Project (US)
The Adler Suite
Cettina Donato & Ninni Bruschetta (I)
I Siciliani
Chad McCullough (US)
(Belgian Tour October 2021)

Robert Billard & Cold Calls (Can)
(blues rock)
Jess Jocoy (US)
Brighter Eyes (EP)
Christopher Dean Band (US)
Songs From French Street
Donna Herula (US)
Bang at the Door
Ticket West (NL)
Cab Driving Man
John Hiatt (US)
Leftover Feelings
Mike Clark & Michael Zilber (US)
Mike Drop
Jennifer Porter (US)
Sun Come and Shine
Horizons Quartet (US)
Bruce Harris (US)
Roger C & Marion Wade (D)
Cookin' At Home
Tylor & The Train Robbers (US)
Non-Typical Find
Ben Reddell Band (US)
LA Baby (EP)
Tommy Z (US)
Plug In & Play
Rob Stone (US)
Trio in Tokyo
Half Death Clatch (UK)
(delta blues)
Lauren Henderson (US)
Bob Corritore & Friends (US)
Spider in my Stew
The Black Keys (US)
Delta Kream
(blues - rock)
Keith Brown Trio (US)
African Ripples
Eddie 9V (US)
Little Black Flies
(blues - soul)
Afton Wolfe (US)
Kings For Sale
(blues - americana)
Kelly's Lot (US)
Where and When
Van Morrison (Irl)
Latest Record Project vol.1
"Sir" Oliver Mally Group (A)
Tryin' To Get By
Angela Wrigley Trio (US)
You Don't Know What Love Is
Betty Sue & The Hot Dots (D)
A Coffee and A Cigarette
Rachel Baiman (US)
Chris Gill (US)
Between Midnight and Louise
(acoustic blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US)
The Cause Of It All
Doug Hoekstra (US)
The Day Diserved
Eric Johanson (US)
Covered Tracks Vol.1
(acoustic blues)
Dexter Allen (US)
Keep Moving On
(blues - soul)
The Halley DeVestern Band (US)
Money Ain't Time
(blues - bluesrock)
Sam Robbins (US)
Finally Feeling Young
Rob Lutes (Can)
Come Around
The Pink Stones (US)
introducing...The Pink Stones
(americana - countryrock)
The Baylor Project (US)
(jazz - soul)
Dee Daniels (US)
The Promise
Ted Russell Kamp (US)
Maria Muldaur ft. Tuba Skinny (US)
Let's Get Happy Together
(NOLA - Ragtime - Blues)
Steve Cropper (US)
Fire It Up
(blues-rhythm 'n blues-soul))
Crystal Thomas (US)
Now Dig This
Jalen Baker (US)
This Is Me, This Is Us
Hilary Scott (US)
Reverend Freakchild (US)
Supramundane Blues
Kyle Culkin (US)
Pork Shops & Blues
Big Creek Slim (DK)
Migration Blues
(acoustic blues)
Big Creek Slim (DK)
Twenty-Twenty Blues
(acoustic blues)
Alex Lopez (US)
Rising Up
Michael Johnathon (US)
The Painter
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Mike Goudreau (Can)
The Isolation Blues
Clarence Spady (US)
Tim Mayer (US)
Keeper of the Flame
Annie Keaton (US)
Bristol County Lines
(americana - blues)
Alex Conde (E)
Descarga For Bud
Thorbjørn Risager & Emil Balsgaard
Taking The Good With The Bad
Water Tower (US)
Fly Around
(folk - bluesgrass)
Nikki O'Neill (US)
World is Waiting
Tim Hagans (US)
A Conversation
AJ Fullerton (US)
The Forgiver and the Runaway
Samara Joy (US)
Samara Joy
Scott McKeon (UK)
New Morning
(bluesrock - rock)
Jesco (NL)
Bored or Sad
(Filthy Folk 'n Roll)
Charnett Moffett (US)
New Love
Elizabeth King (US)
Living in the Last Days
(blues - gospel)
Chris Cain (US)
Raisin' Cain
Jean-Jacques Milteau (F)
Lost Highways
Rev' Peyton's Big Damn Band
Dance Songs For Hard Times
(blues - roots)
Little Hat (NL)
Wine, Whiskey, Wimmen
(rhythm 'n blues - blues)
Jimmie Bratcher (US)
I'm Hungry
HOTH Brothers Band (US)
Tell Me How You Feel
(bluesgrass - folk)
Doug Schmude (US)
Mileposts (EP)
West Of Texas (US)
Heartache, Hangovers & Honky Tonks
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal (US)
Natural Born Hustler
(soul - funk)
Annie Keaton (US)
Bristol County Lines
(americana - blues)
Tom Craig (US)
Good Man Gone Bad
JP Williams & Ekat Pereyra (US)
JP & Ekat
Andries Boone (B)
(filmisch - soundscape)
Dara Tucker(US)
Dreams Of Walking
Ralph Peterson (US)
Raise Up Off Me
Queen Esther (US)
Gild The Black Lilly
(americana - roots)
3Hat Trio (US)
Lost Sessions
Jake Ian (Can)
Everythings Has Holes
Marco Z (B)
Lost Connections
Sardinia Plays The Blues (I) (DVD)
Various Artists - Narcao Blues Fest
Mary Stokes Band (Irl)
Comin' Home
Volume 2
Damon Fowler (US)
Alafia Moon
The Northern Belle (Nor)
We Wither, We Bloom
The Contraptionists (US)
Working Man's Dread
Jesse Brewster (US)
The Lonely Pines
Anna Elizabeth Laube (US)
(americana)(Euro release)
Natalie Bergman (US)
(rock - gospel)
The Hungry Williams (US)
Brand New Thing
(jump blues - rhythm 'n blues)
Tomislav Goluban (HR)
Express Connection
Bill Warfield & HKFO (US)
Kiko & The Blues Refugees (PT)
(blues - soul)
The Odd Birds (US)
Better Days (EP)
Steve Earle & The Dukes (US)
(country-folk & rock)
Johnny (NL)
Collecting Dinosaurs (Vinyl)
Eddie Seville (US)
High & Lonesome (EP)
Richville (NL)
Heath Cullen (Aus)
Springtime in the Heart
Adam Moezinia (US)
Folk Element Trio
Berta Moreno (E)
(afro jazz)
The Hitman Blues Band (US)
Not My Circus, Not My Monkey
Adam Douglas (US/Nor)
Better Angels
Muddy Gurdy (F)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B)
Gotta Get Away (Single)
Sunday Wilde (Can)
Peace in Trouble
(acoustic & harmonica blues)
Bad Temper Joe (D)
One Can't Wreck It All
(acoustic blues)
Bob Bradshaw (Irl)
The Ghost Light
Glenn Close & Ted Nash (US)
Ledfoot (US)
Black Valley
(gothic blues)
The Secret Combination (NL)
(americana - countryrock)
Jesper Theis (DK)
The Tide Will Turn Again
(acoustic blues)
Various Artists
Blind Raccoon Nola Blue Vol. III
M G Boulter (UK)
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Jason Ringenberg (US)
(cowpunk - country)
Lauren Lee (US)
The Queen Of Cups
The Spike Wilner Trio (US)
Aliens & Wizards
Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird (US)
These 13
Georgia Randall (US)
Hound Dog
Ruben Bertrands (B)
After Hours
(blues 'n roots)
Them Dirty Dimes (NL)
In Gold We Trust
(jazz 'n blues)
Trainman Blues (Ire/Den)
Shadows and Shapes
Carlotta Curves & Helge Tallqvist (Fin)
Voodoo Woman
Paul Bedal (US)
Cerulean Stars
UOJ Big Band (US)
Soul Conversations
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
I Love Real Live
(blues-rock 'n roll)
Femi & Made Kuti (Nig)
(Afrobeat - Jazz - Funk)
Curtis Saldago (US)
Damage Control
Lorne Lofsky (Can)
This Song Is New
Marques Carroll (US)
The Ancestors' Call
Popa Chubby (US)
Tinfoil Hat
(blues - bluesrock)
Rick Holstrom (US)
See That Light
Joanna Connor (US)
4801 South Indiana Avenue
Veronica Lewis (US)
You Ain't Lucky
Boogie Beasts (B)
Bring It On (Single)
Misty Blues (US)
No More Blues
(blues - funk - soul)
Dean Owens (Scot)
The Burning Heart
Alyssa Allgood (US)
What Tomorrow Brings
Jeff Coffin & Helen Gillet (US)
Let It Shine
Soo Line Loons (US)
Desert Hollow (US)
(folk - alt-country)
Bruno Deneckere (B)
Coming Up For Air
The Space Ace Travellers (NL)
(surf-rock 'n roll)
Ben de la Tour (US)
Shadow Land
(dark americana - singer-songriter)
Jean Marshall (Aus)
Roni Ben-Hur (Isr)
Bjorn Berge (Nor)
Heavy Gauge
(blues - singer-songriter)
Jacques Mees (NL)
Sound of the South (EP)
Eric Tarczan, J. Jordan, Ian Siegal
Shawn Pittman (US)
Stompin' Solo
Evan Arntzen (US)
Corey Ledet (US)
Corey Ledet Zydeco
Joe Lewis Band (US)
Up Next
(blues - funk)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys
Elmore James For President
Dave Desmelik (US)
The Calender Album
Annabelle Chvostek (Can)
String of Pearls
(singer-songwriter - gypsy jazz)
David Massey (US)
Island Creek (EP)
Daniele Germani (I)
A Congegration Of Folks
Brigitte DeMeyer (US)
Steve Feike Big Band (US)
R. Tower, M. Priest, L. Brown (UK)
United State Of Mind
Steve Hill (Can)
Desert Trip
(singer-songwriter - blues)
Son Of The Velvet Rat (A)
Solitary Company
(Americana Noir)
Philippe Lemm Trio (US)
First Steps
Trevor B Power (US)
What Is Real
Steve Mednick (US)
Are We There Yet?
Steve Mednick (US)
River Of Tears
Michael Wolff (US)
Live @ Vitellos
David Olney & Anana Kaye (US)
Whispers and Sighs
Blues Caravan 2020
J. Johnson - W. Shay - R. Perry
Robby Rothschild (US)
Selftitled (EP)
(singer-songwriter - folk)
Selwyn Bichwood (US)
Living in a Burning House
Alabama Slim (US)
The Parlor
Allan Harris (US)
Kate's Soul Food
(jazz - soul)
Jimmy Reiter (D)
Mark Viator & Susan Maxey (US)
Where The Road Leads
(americana roots)
Tip Jar (NL)
One Lifetime
Jihye Lee Orchestra (KR)
Daring Mind
Soul Thrivers (B)
You Better Watch
(blues - country blues)
Cash McCall (US)
Blues Coming Down
Lee Rocker (US)
Gather Around
Joel Patterson (US)
Let It Be Acoustic Guitar
Skylar Rogers (US)
(soul rockin' blues)
Catherine Britt (Aus)
Home Truths
Atomic 44's (US)
The Boogeyman
Leeann Atherton (US)
Fallen Angel
Leahy (Can)
Good Water
(folk - roots)
Logan Richardson (US)
Ally Venable (US)
Heart of Fire
Rick Shea (US)
Love & Desperation
(country, blues, tex-mex)
Cristina Vane (US)
The Magnolia Sessions
(acoustic blues)
Aaron Lee Tasjan (US)
Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!
KB Bayley (UK)
Little Thunderstorms
Tammi Savoy & Chris Casello (US)
That Rock 'n Rll Rhythm!
(rhythm 'n roll)
Layla Zoe (Can)
Nowhere Left To Go
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
Flower Of Life (Limited)
Gustavo Cortiñas (US)
Desafio Candente
Kat Danser (Can)
One Eye Open
(blues - country blues - roots)
The WildRoots (US)
WildRoots Sessions Vol. 1
(blues - roots - soul)
Janinah Burnett (US)
Love The Color of Your Butterfly
Album Reports 2020
Bluewire (B)
Tip Jar Legacy
(folk, bluegrass, jazz)
Ghalia Volt (B)
One Woman Band
Ralph de Jongh (NL)
7 Limited Collector Albums (2020)
(blues - rock 'n roll)
Giulia Millanta (I/US)
Tomorrow Is A Bird
Gerry Spehar (US)
Lady Liberty (EP)
Dave Soldier (US)
Cathy Grier & The Troublemakers (US)
I'm All Burn
(Blues - Soulblues)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US)
Thank You, Mr. Mabern
The Grasso-Ravita Ensemble (US)
Jagged Spaces
The Bills (US/Nor)
Til The Blues Have Gone
Erik Dahl Ensemble (SE)
Gethenian Suite
Michaela Steinhauer (D)
Changes & Choises
Pete (B)
The Power of Almost Nothing
Drive By Truckers (US)
The New OK
(Southern rock)
Blues Lee (B)
Twenty Five

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