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Album Reports 2021
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3Hat Trio (US) - Lost Sessions (Alt-Folk)
Aaron Lee Tasjan (US) - Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! (Singer-songwriter)

Adam Douglas (US/Nor) - Better Angels (Soul)
Adam Moezinia (US) - Folk Element Trio (Jazz)
Adam Schultz (US) - Soulful Distancing (Blues - Funk - Soulblues)
Adi Meyerson (US) - I Want To Sing My Heart Out In Praise of Life (Jazz)
Afton Wolfe (US) - Kings For Sale (Blues - Americana)
Air-Cool Jenny (US) - First Flight (EP)(Americana - Folk)
AJ Fullerton (US) - The Forgiver and the Runaway (Blues)
Alabama 3 (UK) - Step 13 (Electro)
Alabama Slim (US) - The Parlor (Blues)
Alex Conde (E) - Descarga For Bud (Jazz)
Alex Hamburger (US) - And She Spoke (Jazz)
Alex Lopez (US) - Rising Up (Bluesrock)
Allan Harris (US) - Kate's Soul Food (Jazz - Soul)
Allan Thomas (US) - The Journey (Singer-songwriter)
Ally Venable (US) - Heart of Fire (Bluesrock)
Altered Five Blues Band (US) - Holler If You Hear Me (Blues)
Altoizm (US) - Selftiled (Jazz)
Alyssa Allgood (US) - What Tomorrow Brings (Jazz)
Andries Boone (B) - T.I.M.E.L.A.P.S.E. (Filmisch - Soundscapes)
Andy Farber & His Orchestra (US) - Early Blue Eveninbg (Jazz)
Angela Wrigley Trio (US) - You Don't Know What Love Is (Jazz)
Anna Elizabeth Laube (US) - Annamania (Americana)
Annabelle Chvostek (Can) - String of Pearls (Singer-songwriter - Gypsy Jazz)
Annie Gallup (US) - Oh Everything (Singer-songwriter)
Annie Keaton (US) - Bristol County Lines (Americana - Blues) (G Promo PR)
Annie Keaton (US) - Bristol County Lines (Americana - Blues) (Hemifran)
Atomic 44's (US) - The Boogeyman (Blues)
Bad Temper Joe (D) - One Can't Wreck It All (Acoustic Blues)
Bad Edrington V (US) - Two Days in Terlingua (Americana)
Ben de la Tour (US) - Shasow Land (Dark Americana - Singer-songwriter)
Ben Reddell Band (US) - LA Baby (EP)(Country)
Big Creek Slim (DK) - Twenty-Twenty Blues (Acoustic Blues)
Big Creek Slim (DK) - Migration Blues (Acoustic Blues)
Big Daddy Wilson (US) - Hard Time Blues (EP)(Blues)
Big Daddy Wilson (US) - Hard Time Blues (Blues)
Bill Warfield & The Hell's Kitchen Funk Orchestra (US) - Smile (Jazz)
Berta Moreno (E) - Tumaini (Afro Jazz)
Betty Sue & The Hot Dots (D) - A Coffee and A Cigarette (Rockabilly)
Bjorn Berge (Nor) - Heavy Gauge (Blues - Singer-songwriter)
Blues Caravan 2020 - Jeremiah Johnson - Whitney Shay - Ryan Perry (Blues)
Bob Bradshaw (Irl) - The Ghost Light (Americana)
Bob Corritore & Friends (US) - Spider In My Stew (Blues)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Bring It On (Alt-Blues)(Single)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Love Me Some (Hypnotic Blues)
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans (US) - The Music Get Us Thru (Blues)
Brandon Goldberg (US) - In Good Time (Jazz)
Brian Lynch (US) - Bus Stop Serenade (Jazz)
Brian Setzer (US) - Gotta Have To Rumble (Rockabilly)
Brigitte DeMeyer (US) - Seeker (Singer-songwriter)
Bruce Harris (US) - Soundview (Jazz)
Bruno Deneckere (B) - Coming Up For Air (Singer-songwriter)
Carlos Henriquez (US) - The South Bronx Story (Jazz)
Cash McCall (US) - Blues Coming Down - One Who's Got A Lot (Blues - Soulblues)
Catherine Britt (Aus) - Home Truths (Country)
Cedric Burnside (US) - I Be Trying (Blues)
Cettina Donato & Ninni Bruschetta (I) - I Siciliani (Jazz)
Chad McCullough (US) - Forward (Jazz)
Champain Fulton (US) - Live From Lockdown (Jazz)
Charlotta Curves & Helge Tallqvist band (Fin) - Voodoo Woman (Blues)
Charnett Moffett (US) - New Love (Jazz)
Chris Bergson (US) - All I Got Left (Blues)
Chris Cain (US) - Raisin' Cain (Blues)
Chris Gill (US) - Between Midnight and Louise (Acoustic Blues)
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (US) - 662 (Blues)
Christopher Dean Band (US) - Songs From French Street (Blues - Soul)
Clarence Spady (US) - Surrender (Soulblues)
Colin Linden (Can) - bLOW (Blues)
Corey Ledet (US) - Corey Ledet Zydeco (Zydeco)
Cristina Vane (US) - The Magnolia Sessions (Acoustic Blues)

Crystal Thomas (US) - Now Dig This (Blues)
Cuby+Blizzards (NL) - Window of My World (EP)(Blues)
Curtis Saldago (US) - Damage Control (Blues)
Damon Fowler (US) - Alafia Moon (Blues)
Dana Gillepsie (US) - Deep Pockets (Blues)
Daniele Germani (I) - A Congregation Of Folks (Jazz)
Dara Tucker (US) - Dreams Of Walking (Jazz)
Dave Desmelik (US) - The Calender album (Singer-songwriter)
Dave Meder (US) - Unamuno Songs and Stories (Jazz)
David Crosby (US) - For Free (Folkrock)
David Liebman (US) - Selflessness (Music of John Coltrane) (Jazz)
David Massey (US) - Island Creek (EP)(Americana)
David Olney and Anana Kaye (US) - Whispers and Sighs (Americana)
David Ronaldo (B) - Shoot The With Words (Southern Rock - Rock)
Dean Owens (Scot) - The Burning Heart (Americana - Galexico)
Deb Ryder (US) - Memphis Moonlight (Blues)
Debbie Bond (US) - Blues Without Borders (Blues)
Deborah Parlor (NL) - Dreaming Wide Awake (Singer-songriter)
Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws (US/NL) - When Birds Were Snakes (Blues - Bluesrock)
Dee Daniels (US) - The Promise (Jazz)
Dennis Roger Reed (US) - Down at The Washington Hotel (Americana)
Desert Hollow (US) - Thirsty (Folk - Alt-Country)
Dexter Allen (US) - Keep Moving On (Blues -Soul)
Donna Herula (US) - Bang at the Door (Blues)
Doug Hoekstra (US) - The Day Diserved (Singer-songwriter)
Doug Schmude (US) - Mileposts (EP) (Americana)
Eddie 9V (US) - Little Black Flies (Blues - Soul)
Eddie Seville (US) - High & Lonesome (EP)(Alt-country)
Elizabeth King (US) - Living in the Last Days (Blues - Gospel)
Elly Wininger (US) - The Blues Never End (Acoustic Blues)
Eric Johanson (US) - Covered Tracks Vol.1 (Acoustic Blues)
Eric Straczan, Jennifer Jordan, Ian Siegal (F/UK) - Blues-O-Rama (Blues)
Ericson Holt (US) - 99 Degrees (Blues - Americana)
Ethan Gold (US) - Earth City 1: The Longing (Singer-songwriter)
Evan Arntzen (US) - Countermelody (Jazz)
Femi & Made Kuti (Nig) - Legacy+ (Afrobeat)
Fia Ekberg (SE) - Bangatan (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Fisher-Z (Uk) - Till The Oceans Overflow (Rock)
GA-20 (US) - Try It...You Might Like It (Hound Dog Taylor)(Blues)
Gabriel Zucker (US) - Leftover Beats From The Edges Of Time (Jazz)
Georgia Randall (US) - Hound Dog (Blues)
Gerald McClendon (US) - Let's Have A Party (Blues - Soulblues)
Gerry Gibbs (US) - Songs From My Father (Jazz)
Ghalia Volt (B) - One Woman Band (Blues)
Glenn Close & Ted Nash (US) - Transformation (Jazz)
Gonzalo Rubalcaba (US) - Skyline (Jazz)
Grant Richards (US) - Ballyhoo (Latin Jazz)
Gustavio Cortiñas (US) - Desafio Candente (Jazz)

Guy Davis (US) - Be Ready When I Call You (Blues)
Guy Verlinde (B) - Standing in the Light of A Brand New Day (Americana - Blues - Roots)
Haeyn Joo (Kor) - We Will Find (Jazz)
Half Death Clatch (UK) - Metamorfosis (Delta Blues)
Heath Cullen (Aus) - Springtime in the Heart (Folk - Rock)
Hilary Kole (US) - Sophisticated Lady (Jazz)
Hilary Scott (US) - Kaleidoscope (Singer-songwriter)
Horizons Quartet (US) - Selftitled (Jazz)
HOTH Brothers Band (US) - Tell Me How You Feel (Bluegrass - Folk)
I See Hawks in L.A. (US) - On Our Way (Alt- country)
Jackson Browne (US) - Downhill From Everywhere (Americana)
Jacques Mees (NL) - Sound Of The South (Americana)
Jalen Baker (US) - This Is Me, This Is Us (Jazz)
Jake Ian (Can) - Everything Has Holes (Singer-songwriter)
James McMurtry (US) - The Horses and The Hounds (Americana)
Jan van Bijnen (NL) - Modest Man (Americana - Blues)
Janinah Burnett (US) - Love The Color of Your Butterfly (Jazz)

Jason Ringenberg (US) - Rhinestoned (Cowpunk - Country)
Jean Marshall (Aus) - Mistreated (Jazz - Blues)
Jeff Chaz (US) - I Just Caught The Blues (Blues)
Jeff Coffin & Helen Gillet (US) - Let It Shine (Jazz)
Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys (US) - Keeping The Tradition Alive (Zydeco)
Jennifer Porter (US) - Sune Come and Shine (Soul - Blues - Jazz)
Jesco (NL) - Bored or Sad (Flithy Folk 'n Roll)
Jesper Theis (DK) - The Tide Will Turn Again (Acoustic Blues)
Jess Jocoy (US) - Brighter Eyes (Americana)
Jesse Brewster (US) - The Lonely Pines (Americana)
Jihye Lee Orchestra (KR) - Daring Mind (Jazz)
Jim Keller (US) - By No Means (Blues - Americana)
Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird (US) - These 13 (Blues - Roots - Folk)
Jimmie Bratcher (US) - I'm Hungry (Blues)
Jimmy Reiter (D) Live (Blues)
JJ Milteau (F) - Lost Highways (Blues)
Joanna Connor (US) - 4801 South Indiana Avenue (Blues)
Joe Lewis Band (US) - Up Next (Blues - Funk)
Joel Patterson (US) - Let It Be Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental)
John Hiatt & The Jerry Douglas Band (US) - Leftover Feelings (Americana)
Johnny Murry (US) - The Stars Are God's Bullet Holes (Singer-songwriter - Rock)

John Wort Hannam (Can) - Long Haul (Americana - Country)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (US) - Elmore James For President (Blues)
Johnny Ray Jones (US) - Way Down South (Blues - Soul)
Johnny Tucker ft. Kid Ramos & The Allstars (US) - 75 and Alive (Blues)
Johnny (NL) - Collectin Dinosaurs (Singer-songwriter)(Vinyl)
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal (US) - Natural Born Hustler (Soul - Funk)
JP Williams & Ekat Pereyra (US) - JP & Ekat (Blues)
Kalinec & KJ (US) - Let's Get Away (Folk - Americana)
Kat Danser (Can) - One Eye Open (Blues, Countryblues, Roots)
KB Bayley (UK) - Little Thunderstorms (Singer-songwriter)
Keith Brown Trio (US) - African Ripples (Jazz)
Keith Loftis (US) - Original State (Jazz)
Kelly's Lot (US) - Where and When (Blues)
Kiko & The Blues Refugees (PT) - Threadbare (Blues - Soul)
Kirk Lightsey (US) - I Will Never Stop Loving You (Jazz)
Krissy Matthews (UK/Nor) - Pizza Man Blues (Blues)
Kyle Culkin (US) - Pork Shops & Blues (Blues)
Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones (US) - Here To Tell The Tail (Roots - Rockabilly)
Lauren Henderson (US) - Musa (Jazz)
Lauren Lee (US) - The Queen Of Cups (Jazz)
Layla Zoe (Can) - Nowhere Left To Go (Bluesrock)
Lea McIntosh (US) - Blood Cash (Blues - Bluesrock)
Leahy (Can) - Good Water (Folk - Roots)
Ledfoot (US) - Black Valley (Gothic Blues)
Lee Rocker (US) - Gather Around (Rockabilly)
Leeann Atherton (US) - Fallen Angel (Blues - Americana)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US) - Freedom Jazzdance (Jazz)
Lindsay Beaver & Brad Stivers (US) - Selftiled (Blues)
Little Hat (US) - Wine, Whiskey, Wimmen (Rhythm 'n Blues - Blues)
Logan Richardson (US) - Afrofuturism (Jazz - Alt-rock - Soundscapes)
Lorne Lofsky (Can) - This Song Is New (Jazz)
Los Lobos (US) - Native Sons (Blues - Roots)
Louien (Nor) - No Tomorrow EP (Singer-songwriter)
Luca Kiella (US) - Ready For You (Blues)
Lucy Yeghiazaryan & Vanisha Gould (US) - In Her Words (Jazz)
Malcolm Holcombe (US) - Trick of the Trade (Singer-songwriter - Roots)
Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces (US/NL) - I Was A Witness (Soul - Americana)
Marco Z (B) - Lost Connections (Singer-songwriter)
Maria Muldaur ft. Tuba Skinny (US) - Let's Get Happy Together (NOLA - Ragtime - Blues)
Mark Cameron (US) - Back From The Edge (Blues)
Mark Viator & Susan Maxey (US) - Where The Road Leads (Americana Roots)
Mark Zaleski Band (US) - Our Time: Reimagining Dave Brubeck (Jazz)
Marques Carroll (US) - The Ancestors' Call (Jazz)
Martha Fields (US) - Headed South (Americana)
Mary Stokes Band (Irl) - Comin' Home (Blues)
Mehmet Ali Sanikol (US/TR) - An Elegant Ritual (Jazz)
M G Boulter (UK) - Clifftown (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Michael Johnathon (US) - The Painter (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Michael Stephenson (US) - Meets The Alexander Claffy Trio (Jazz)
Michael Wolff (US) - Live @ Vitellos (Jazz)
Mick Kolassa (US) - Wasted Youth (Blues)
Mike Clark & Michael Zilber (US) - Mike Drop (Jazz)
Mike Goudreau (Can) - The Isolation Blues (Blues)
Mike Zito (US) - Resurrection (Blues)
Miss Lady Blues (US) - Moe Betta Blues (Blues - Soulblues)
Misty Blues (US) - No More Blues (Blues, Funk, Soul)
Mitchell Manburg (US) - Laplace Resonance (EP)(Singer-songwriter)
Muddy Gurdy (F) - Homecoming (Blues)
Nacomi Tanaka (Jap) - Onward and Upward (Blues)
Natalie Bergman (US) - Mercy (Rock - Gospel)
Nathan Bell (US) - Red, White and American Blues (Roots - Singer-songwriter)
Nikki O'Neill (US) - World is Waiting (Americana)
New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers (US) - Volume 2 (Blues)
Nolan McKelvey & Ron James (US) - Songs of Hope (Singer-songwriter)
Nolan McKelvey (US) - Into The Silence (Singer-songwriter)
Optimystik Visionaries (UK) - Return
Patty Tuite (US) - Consider This (Blues)
Paul Bedal (US) - Cerulean Stars (Jazz)
Paul Benoit (US) - Beautiful Lies (Singer-songwriter)
Paul Carrack (UK) - One is One (Soul)
Paul Kaplan (US) - We Shall Stay Here (Folk)
Pete Alderton (UK) - Mystery Lady (Acoustic Blues 'n Roots)
Philippe Lemm Trio (US) - First Steps (Jazz)
Polly O'Keary & The Rhythm Method (US) - Too Much Like I Care (Blues)
Popa Chubby (US) - Tinfoil Hat (Blues - Bluesrock)
Queen Esther (US) - Gild The Black Lily (Americana - Roots)
Rachel Baiman (US) - Cycles (Americana)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Flower Of Life (Blues)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - I Love Real Live (Blues - Rock 'n Roll)
Ralph Peterson (US) - Raise Up Off Me (Jazz)
Rapheal Wressnig & Igor Prado (A/Bra) - Groove & Good Times (Jazzfunk - Funk - Blues)
R.B. Morris (US) - Going Back To The Sky (Singer-songwrier - Americana)
Rev' Peyton's Big Damn Band (US) - Dance Songs For Hard Times (Blues - Roots)
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Supramundane Blues (Blues)
Richard D. Johnson (US) - First Glance (Jazz)
Richville (NL) - RAW (Blues)
Rick Holstrom (US) - See That Light (Blues)
Rick Shea (US) - Love & Desperation (Country, Blues, Tex-Mex)
Riley Downing (US) - Start It Over (Blues - Roots)
Rob Lutes (Can) - Come Around (Singer-songwriter)
Rob Stone (US) - Trio in Tokyo (Blues - Jazz)
Robby Rothschild (US) - Selftitled (EP) (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Robert Billard & The Cold Calls (Can) - Stop (Bluesrock)
Robert Finley (US) - Sharecropper's Son (Blues)
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US) - Shine a Light on me Brother (Southern Rock)
Rodd Bland & The Members Only Band (US) - Live on Beale Street (Soulblues)
Roger C. Wade (D) - Cookin' At Home (Blues)
Roger Chapman (UK) - Life in The Pond (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Roland Roberts (US) - All About The Timing (Americana)
Roni Ben-Hur (Isr) - Stories (Jazz)
Ruben Bertrands (B) - After Hours (Blues 'n Roots)
Rusty Ends Blues Band (Can) - Selftiled (Blues)
Sam Blakeslee & Wistful Thinking (US) - The Long Middle (Jazz)
Sam Pilnick's Nonet Project (US) - The Adler Suite (Jazz)
Sam Robbins (US) - Finally Feeling Young (Singer-songwriter)
Samantha Fish (US) - Faster (Blues)
Samara Joy (US) - Samara Joy (Jazz)
Same Player Shoot Again (F) - Our King Albert (Blues)
Sardinia Plays The Blues (I) - Various Artists - Narcao Blues Festival (Blues)
Sasha Dobson (US) - Girl Talk (Jazz)
Scott McKeon (UK) - New Morning (Bluesrock - Rock)
Sean Chambers (US) - That's What I'm Talking About (Bluesrock)
Selwyn Birchwood (US) - Living in a Burning House (Blues)
Seth James (US) - Different Hat (Blues - Americana)
Seth Lee Jones (US) - Flathead (Bluesrock)
Shawn Pittman (US) - Stompin' Solo (Blues)
Shaye Zadravec (US) - Now and Then (Americana)
"Sir" Oliver Mally (A) - Tryin' To Get By (Blues)
Skylar Rogers (US) - Firebreather (Soul Rockin' Blues)
Skyler Floe (US) - Abstraction (Jazz)
Somi (R/ES) - Zenzile: The Reimagination Of Miriam Makeba (Jazz)
Son Of The Velvet Rat (A) - Solitary Company (Americana Noir)
Soo Line Loons (US) - Seltitled (Amricana)
Soul Thrivers (D) - You Better Watch (Blues - Countryblues)
Soulful Femme (US) - It Is Well With My Soul (Soul, Funk, Blues)
Southern Avenue (US) - Be The Love You Want (Blues, R'n'B, Soul)
Starlite Campbell Band (UK) - The Language of Curiosity (Blues)

Steve Cropper (US) - Fire It Up (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
Steve Dawson (US) - At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree (Americana)
Steve Earle & The Dukes (US) - J.T. (Country Rock & Folk)
Steve Hill (Can) - Desert Trip (Singer-songwiter - Blues)
Steve Mednick (US) - River Of Tears (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Mednick (US) - Are We There Yet? (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Feike Big Band (US) - Kinetic (Jazz)
Steven Graves (US) - All Alone (Singer-songwriter)
Sunday Wilde ft. Harpdog Brown (Can) - Peace in Trouble (Acoustic & Harmonica Blues)
Susanna en David Wallumrød (Nor) - Live (Indie Jazz)
Tammi Savoy & Chris Casello Combo (US) - That Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm! (Rhythm 'n Roll)
Tashaki Miyaki (US) - Castaway (Rock)
Taylor Young Band (US) - Mercury Transit (Singer-songwriter - Alt-rock)
Ted Russell Kamp (US) - Solitaire (Singer-songwriter)
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps (US) - Rose-Colored Glasses vol.1 (Blues)
The Atomic 44's (US) - Volume 1 (Blues - Roots)
The Baylor Project (US) - Generations (Jazz - Soul)
The Bean Pickers Union (US) - Greatest Picks (Americana)
The Beautiful Art of Decay (SE) - Sounds Of A promising Future (Rock)
The Black Keys (US) - Delta Kream (Blues - Rock)
The Chillkats (D) - Chillkats Night Out (Jump Blues)
The Contraptionists (US) - Working Man's Dread (Folk-rock)
The Dirty Dimes (NL) - In Gold We Trust (Jazz 'n Blues)
The Halley DeVestern Band (US) - Money Ain't Time (Blues - Bluesrock)
The Hello Darlins (Can) - Go By Feel (Americana)
The Hitman Blues Band (US) - Not My Circus, Not My Monkey (Blues)
The Hungry Williams (US) - Brand New Thing (Jump Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
The Liberators (NL) - Waitin' (Bluesrock - Rock)
The Lucky Ones (Can) - Self-titled (Country-roots, Bluegrass)
The Northern Belle (Nor) - We Wither, We Bloom (Americana)
The Oak Ridge Boys (US) - Front Porch Singin' (Gospel Country)
The Odd Birds (US) - Better Days (Country-Folk)(EP)
The Pink Stones (US) - Introducing...The Pink Stones (Americana - Countryrock)
The Prokroll Project (US) - Papa Didn't Raise Me Right (Blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US) - The Cause Of It All (Blues)
The Secret Organisation (NL) - Finally (Americana - Country-rock)
The Space Age Travellers (NL) - Spaceology (Surf - Rock 'n Roll)

The Spike Wilner Trio (US) - Aliens & Wizards (Jazz)
The Wallflowers (US) - Exit Wounds (Folkrock)
The WildRoots (US) - WildRoots Sessions Vol.1 (Blues - Roots - Soul)
Thorbjørn Risager & Emil Balsgaard (DK) - Taking The Good With The Bad (Blues)
Thorbjørn Risager & Black Tornado (DK) - Best Of (Blues)
Ticket West (NL) - Cab Driving Man (Blues)
Tiffany Pollack & Co (US) - Bayou Liberty (Nola)
Tim Hagans (US) - A Conversation (Jazz)
Tim Mayer (US) - Keeper of the Flame (Jazz)
Tip Jar (NL) - One Lifetime (Americana)
Tom Craig (US) - Good Man Gone Bad (Blues)
Tomislav Goluban (HR) - Express Connection (Blues)
Tommy Castro (US) - A Bluesman Came To Town (Blues)
Tommy Z (US) - Plug In & Play (Blues)
Tony Holiday (US) - Front Porch Sessions Vol.2 (Blues)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B) - Gotta Get Away (Blues)(Single)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B) - Too Many People (Blues)(Single)
Trainman Blues (Ire/Den) - Shadows and Shapes (Blues)
Trevor B Power (US) - What Is Real (Blues)
Tylor & The Train Robbers (US) - Non-Typical Find (Americana)
Ulysses Owens Jr. Big Band (US) - Soul Conversations (Jazz)
United State Of Mind (UK) - United State Of Mind (Soul - Blues)
Urban Ladder Society (US) - The Summit (Blues - Hip Hop)

Van Morrison (Irl) - Latest Record Project vol.1 (Blues)
Various Artists (US) - Blind Raccoon NOLA Blue Vol.III (Blues)
Veronica Lewis (US) - You Ain't Lucky (Blues)
Water Tower (US) - Fly Around (Folk - Bluegrass)
Wesley Pruitt Band (US) - Gypsy Soul (Soul - Blues)
West Of Eden (SE) - Taube (Folk)
West Of Texas (US) - Heartache, Hangovers & Honky Tonks (Country)
Yonder Boys (D) - Acid Folk (Folk - Bluegrass)