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Album Reports 2022
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Ad Vanderveen (NL) - Candle To You (Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Alex 'Apolo' Alaya (PR) - Bàmbula (Jazz)
Alex Lopez (US) - Nasty Crime (Blues)
Alexander Smalls (US) - Let Us Break Bread Together (Jazz)
Ali Sperry (US) - In Front Of Us (Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Alice DiMicele (US) - Every Seed We Plant (Singer-songwriter)
Alpacas Collective (B) - Seven Windows of Plutonia (Afro jazz - Funk Jazz - Latin jazz)
Angela Easly (US) - Rise (EP) (Blues)
Ann Peebles & The Hi Rhythm Section (US) - Live in Memphis (Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
Anthony Geraci (US) - Blues Called My Name (Blues)
B4 (B/US) - Highway (Blues)
Babaux and the Peacemakers (US) - Lucky 13 (Blues)
Ben Levin (US) - Take Your Time (Piano Blues)
Ben Markley Big Band ft. Ari Hoenig - Ari's Fun House (Jazz)
Bernard Allison (US) - Highs and Lows (Blues - Funk)
Beth Hart (US) - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin (Rock)
BigLlou Johnson (US) - Big Man (Blues - Soul)
Billy Truth (US) - Abstract Thruth (Blues 'n Roots)
Black Cat Biscuit (B) - The Way It Is (Blues)
Black Market III (US) - Soul Survivor (Blues - Soul - American Roots)
Blue Moon Marquee (Can) - Scream, Holler & Howl (Blues - Roots)
Blues Eaters (F) - Thunderbolt (Blues)
Blues Caravan 2022 (US/B) - Live (Blues)
Bob Stroger & The Headcutters (US) - That's My Name (Blues)
Bobby Gentilo (US) - Gentilo (Blues)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Blues From Jupiter (Alt-Blues)
Boris McCutcheon (US) - Pocket Hang Glider (Americana - Folk)
Brad 'Guitar' Wilson (US) - Selftitled (Blues)
Brock Davis (US) - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (Americana)
Bubba & The Big Bad Blues (US) - Drifting (Blues - Bluesrock)
Buddy Guy (US) - The Blues Don't Lie (Blues)
Bywater Call (Can) - Remain (Blues - Southern Soul)
Catherine Russell (US) - Send For Me (Jazz)
Charlie Musselwhite (US) - Mississippi Son (Blues - Country Blues)
Chiara Izzi ft. Andrea Rea (I) - Live in Bremen (Jazz)
Chris Antonik (Can) - Morningstar (Bluesrock)
Claudia Acuña (Chili) - Duo (Latin Jazz)
Dan Navarro (US) - Horizon Line (Singer-songwriter)
Dana Fuchs (US) - Borrowed Time (Blues - Bluesrock)
Dave Desmelik (US) - Clues of my Existence (Singer-songwriter)
Dave Liebman (US) - Trust and Honesty (Jazz)
David Lumsden (US) - Rooted in the Blues (Blues)
De Braave Joenges (B) - De Braave Joenges en e Braaf Maskke! (Blues)

Deanne Witowski (US) - Force of Nature (Jazz)
Delbert McClinton (US) - Outwanted Emotions (American Blues 'n Roots)
Dennis Johnson (US) - Revelation (Blues)
Detonics (NL) - Detonized (Blues - Rhyhtm 'n Blues - West Coast)
Dieter van der Westen Band (NL) - Honesty of the Hopeful (Americana - Folk)
Dietrich Strause (US) - You and I Must Be Out Of Mind (Americana)
Dissidence Blues (B) - Yidaki Blues (Blues)
DO'A (US) - Higher Grounds (Jazz)
Elles Bailey (UK) - Shining in the Half Light (Blues - Gospel)
Elsa Nilsson (US) - Coast Redwoods (Jazz)
Emanuel Casablanca (US) - Blood on my Hands (Bluesrock)
Emma Wilson (US) - Wish Her Well (Blues)
Erja Lyytinen (Fin) - Waiting For The Daylight (Bluesrock)
Eubanks Evans Experience (US) - EEE (Jazz)
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US) - The Jam (Jazz)
GA-20 (US) - Crackdown (Blues)
Gonzola Rubalcaba - Aymée Nuviola (US) - Live in Marciac (Jazz)
Gary Cain (Can) - Next Stop (Bluesrock)
Gene Ess (Jap/US) - Ah-Bop (Jazz)
Grace Fox Bog Band (US) - Eleven O' Seven (Jazz)
Grant Dermody (US) - Behind The Sun (Blues - Americana)
Gina Sicialia (US) - Unchange (Blues - Roots)
Giulia Millanta (I) - Woman on the Moon (Singer-songwriter)
Grant Stewart Quartet (Can) - The Lightning of the Lamp (Jazz)
Grey DeLisle (US) - Borrowed (Singer-songwriter)
Handkerchief (B) - Ghost Of This Town
Hannah Read & Michael Starkey (US/UK) - Cross The Rolling Water (Folk)
Harley Kimbro Lewis (US) - Selftitled (Acoustic Americana)
Harish Raghavan (US) - In Tense
Heathen Apostles (US) - Bloodgrass vol.3&4 (Dark Americana)
Henrik Af Ugglas (SE) - Another Language (Alt-Folk)
Hinda Hoffman meets Soul Message (US) - People (Jazz - Souljazz)
HT Roberts (B) - Under The Weather (Singer-songwriter)
Hurricane Ruth (US) - Live at 3rd and Lindsley (Blues - Bluesrock)
Ivor S.K. (Aus) - Mississippi Bound (Delta Blues)
Jack Bottleneck & Band (NL) - Cow Country (Blues - Americana)
Jadea Kelly (Can) - Roses (Singer-songwriter)
James Combs (US) - Falling Under Spells (Singer-songriter)
Jeff Coffin (US) - Between Dreaming & Joy (Jazz)
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers (US) - Soul Crusade (Soul - Gospel - Blues)
Jeremiah Johnson (US) - Hi-Fi Drive By (Blues)
Jim Dan Dee (Can) - Real Blues (Blues)
Jim Keller (US) - Spark & Flame (Singer-songwriter)
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus (US) - Going The Distance (Americana)
Joe Louis Walker (US) - Weight of the World (Blues - Soulblues)
John Lee (KR) - The Artist (Jazz)
John Mayall (UK) - The Sun Is Shining Down (Blues)
John Minnock (US) - Simplicity (Jazz)
John Németh (US) - May Be The Last Time (Blues - Gospel)
John Primer (US) - Hard Times (Blues)
Johnny Sansone (US) - Into Your Blues (Blues)
Jon Spencer & The HITmakers (US) - Spencer Gets It Lit (Garage trash)
Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahaed (US) - Poetic (Jazz)
Jordi Baizan (US) - The Love in You (Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Josh Hyde (US) - Parish Blues (Blues)
Joy Lapps (Can) - Girl in the Yard (Jazz)
Judy Collins (US) - Spellbound (Folk)
Judy Niemack (US) - What's Love? (Jazz)
Kali Rodriguez - Peña (US) - Mélange (Jazz)
Karl Stoll & The Danger Zone (US) - The Workhouse (Blues)
Kate Baker & Vic Juris (US) - Return To Shore (Jazz)
Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts (US) - Fully Charged (Blues)
KB Bayley (UK) - Flatlands (Singer-songwriter)
Keb'Mo (US) - Good To Be... (Blues - Soul)
Kenny Barron (US) - The Source (Jazz)
Kenny Neal (US) - Straight From The Heart (Blues - NOLA)
Katie Henry (US) - On My Way (Blues - Roots)
King of the World (EU) - Royal Ten (Blues - Bluesrock)
Kirk Fletcher (US) - Heartache By The Pound (Blues)
Kristen Lee Sergeant (US) - Falling (Jazz)
Lara Taubman (US) - Ol'Kentucky Light (Americana)
Laura Tate (US) - Smokey Tango (Blues - Soul - Jazz)
Lauren Anderson (US) - Burn It All Down (Blues)
Lauren Henderson (US) - La Bruja (Jazz)
Lazy Afternoon (SE) - Just As Poor As Before (Americana - Folk)
Les Fradkin (US) - The Cross In The Sky (Rock - Pop)
Little Kim (B) - Moederland (Country - Americana)
Little Mouse & The Hungry Cats (F) - Voodoo Works (Blues)
Lucky Came To Town (B) - December Sessions (Americana)
Luis Deniz (CU) - El Tinajon (Jazz)

Mama's Biscuits (F) - Love Advice (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Margot Merah (NL) - Take Heart (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Mark Pontin Group (UK) - Kaleidoscope (Bluesrock)
Markey Blue Ric Latina Project (US) - Jumpin' The Broom (Memphis Blues)
Marty Winkler (US) - Songs I Never Sang For My Father (Pop - Funk - Jazz)
Matt Andersen (Can) - House To House (Americana - Blues)
Matt Lomeo (US) - When You Call (Soulfull Blues)
Matty T Wall (Aus) - Live Down Undergrouns (Blues - Bluesrock)
Mean Mary (US) - Portrait of A Woman (Vol 1) - Singer-songwriter)
Mercedes Nicole (US) - Constellation (Jazz - Blues)
Merel van de Keer (NL) - Ghost in the Sorm (Blues - Roots)
Michael Blake (US) - Combobulate (Jazz)
Michael McDermott (US) - St. Paul's Boulevard (Singer-songwriter)
Michael Rubin (US) - I'll Worry If I Wanna (Blues)
Michael Ward with Dogs and Fishes (US) - Highway 61 (Blues - Bluesrock)
Mick Kolassa (US) - For The Feral Heart (Blues)
Mick Kolassa (US) - I'm Just Getting Started! (Blues)
Mick Kolassa (US) - They Call Me Uncle Mick! (Blues - Country Blues)
Mike Allemana (US) - Vonology (Jazz)
Mike Clark & Leon Lee Dorsey ft. Mike LeDonne (US) - Blues on, Top (Jazz)
Mike Holober & Balancing Act (US) - Don't Let Go (Jazz)
Mike Morgan & The Crawl (US) - The Lights Went Out in Dallas (Blues)
Mike Stevens (Can) - Breathe in the World, Breathe out Music (Harmonica)
Miss Bix (US) - Bring It (Blues)
Mississippi Heat (US) - Madeleine (Blues)
Misty Blues (US) - One Louder (Blues)
Muddy What? (D) - Spider Legs (Blues - Roots)
Nadje Noordhuis (Aus) - Full Circle (Jazz)
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (US) - Auburn Whisper (Jazz)
Neil Swainson (Can) - The Fire in the West (Jazz)
Niecie (US) - Queen of the Hill (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
North Mississippi Allstars (US) - Set Sail (Roots - Blues)
Nienke Dingemans (NL) - Devil on my Shoulder (Blues)
Oz Noy, Ray Marchica & U. Okegwo (US) - Riverside (Jazz)
Pat & Evert - Eternal Conversations - (Jazz - Soul)
Patty Tuite (US) - Hard Case of the Blues (Blues)
Peach & Quiet (Can) - Beautiful Thing (Blues - Americana)
Pepper Adams & The Tommy Banks Trio (US) - Live at Room at the Top (Jazz)
Peter Rogan (US) - Down Below Love (Americana - Blues)
Peter Veteska & Blues Train (US) - So Far So Good (Blues)
Popa Chubby (US) - Emotional Ganster (Blues - Bluesrock)
Professor Louie & The Crowmatix (US) - Strike Up The Band (Blues - Roots)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - T&R (Blues)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Koeln/Musicon (2CD)(Blues)
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Miko (Blues)

Randy McAllister (US) - Power without Power (Blues)
Regina Bonelli (US) - Truth Hurts (Blues -Funk - Soul)
Reverend Nathon (US) - Volume 1 (Blues)
Richie Goods & Chien Chien Lu (US/TW) - Connected (Jazz)
Rick Berthod (US) - Tribute To Peter Green (Blues)
Roberto Occhipinti (Can) - The Next Step (Jazz)
Rod Picott (US) - Paper Hearts and Broken Arrows (Singer-songwriter)
Ronni Le Tekro (Nor) - Bigfoot TV (Rock - Metal)
Reverend Nathon (US) - Volume 1 (Blues - Bluesrock)
Rik Meijer (NL) - Selftitled (Bluesrock and so much more)
Rob Heron & Tea Pad Orchestra (UK) - The Party Is Over (Western Swing - Country - Roots)
Roswell Rudd & Duck Baker (US) - Live (Jazz)
Roxy Coss (US) - Disparate Parts (Jazz)
Rupert Wates (UK) - For The People (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Sam Outlaw (US) - Popular Mechanics (Pop)
Sarah Elizabeth Charles (US) - Blank Canvas (Jazz)
Sass Jordan (Can) - Bitches Blues (Bluesrock)
Scott Ramminger (US) - Live at 3rd & Lindsley Nashville (Blues)
Shaggy Dogs (F) - Sorry For The Delay (EP)(Pubrock)
Shanda & The Howlers (US) - It Ain't Easy (Rhythm 'n Blues - Blue Eyed Soul)
Skip & Dan Wilkins Quartet (US) - In The Stars (Jazz)
Simon Belelty (US) - Pee Wee (Jazz)
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US) - Imàgenes Latinas (Jazz)
Stef Paglia Trio (B) - Light & Darkness (Bluesrock)
Stephen Doster (US) - Over The Red Sea (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Dawson (Can) - Gone, Long Gone (Roots - Blues)
Steve Dawson & The Telescope 3 (Can) - Phantom Treshold (Blues - Classic Rock)
Steve McNaughton (Aus) - Journeyman (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Wallis (Aus) - Nothing Stays Yhe Same Way For Long (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Steven De bruyn & Jasper Hautekiet (B) - Aanhou Geraas Maak (Jazz - Filmisch)
Steven Troch (B) - Nowhere Left To Go (Blues)
Stratcat Willie & The Strays (US) - On A Hot Tin Roof! (Blues)
Sugaray Rayford (US) - In Too Deep (Soulblues)
Surrender Hill (US) - Just Another Honky Tonk in a Qiuet Western Town (Country - Americana)
Suzanna (Nor) - Elevation (Folk)
Suzie Blue & The Lonesome Fellas (US) - Blue Train (Swing - Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Sweet Bourbon (NL) - Slippery Slopes (Blues)
Sweet Undertow (US) - Skeletone Machine (Blues - Bluesrock)
Tami Neilson (Can) - Kingmaker (Americana - Country)
Tas Cru (US) - Riffin' The Blue (Blues)
The Adam Larson Trio (US) - With Love, From Kansas City (Jazz)
The Baylor Project (US) - The Evening (Jazz)
The Blue Chevys (B) - The Night Calls (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues - Roots)
The Boneshakers (US) - One Foot In The Groove (Blues - Soul - Funk)
The Celtic Duo (SE) - Selftiled (Folk)
The Commoners (Can) - Half A Better Way (Bluesrock - Southern Rock)
The Groove Krewe ft. Nick Daniels III (US) - Run To Daylight (NOLA - Rhythm 'n Blues)
The Heavy Hitters (US) - The Heavy Hitters (Jazz)
The James Hunter Six (UK) - With Love (Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
The Love Light Orchestra (US) - Leave The Light On (Soulblues)
The Lucky Ones (Can) - Slow Dance, Square Dance, Barn Dance (Bluesgrass - Country)
The North Star Band (US) - Then & Now (2cd)(Country)
The Odd Birds (US) - Tremolo Heart (Americana - Country)
The Pawn Shop Saints (US) - Ride My Galaxy (Americana)
The Remittance Men (US) - Scoundrels, Dreamers and Second Sons (Nothern Country)
The Rusty Wright Band (US) - Hanin' at the DeVille Lounge (Bluesrock)
The Rusty Zippers (B) - Film Dust (Americana)
The Slocan Ramblers (Can) - Up The Hill And Trough The Frog (Bluegrass)
The Space Age Travellers (NL) - Satellite Shuffle (Surf - Jazz- Swing Manouche)
The Sully Band (US) - Let's Straighten It Out (Rhythm 'n Blues - Soul)
The Texas Horns (US) - Everybody Let's Roll (Blues - Soul)
The Wildroots (US) - Sessions Vol. 2 (Blues - Gospel - Roots)
The Williams Brothers (US) - Memories To Burn (Country - Harmony)
The Grace Fox Big Band (US) - Eleven O' Seven (Jazz)
Ticket West (NL) - 49 Park St. Blues (Blues)
Tim Easton (US) - You Don't Really Know Me (Folk - Americana)
Tim Fitzgerald (US) - Full House (Jazz)
Tinsley Ellis (US) - Devil May Care (Blues - Bluesrock)
Track Dogs (E) - Where To Now? (Folk)
Travellin' Blue Kings (B) - Bending The Rules (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Trudy Lynn (US) - Golden Girl (Blues - Soulblues)
Tyler Mitchell Octet (US) - Sun Ra's Journey (Jazz)
Vanlentine U Trio (B) - Tenderly (Jazz)
Van Morrison (Irl) - What's It Gonna Take? (Blues - Soul - Gospel)
Vaneese Thomas (US) - Fight The Good Fight (Soul - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Vanessa Collier (US) - Live at Power Station (Blues - Funk - Soul)
Vanessa Lively (US) - Truth Is (Singer-songwriter)
Various Artists (US) - Blind Raccoon and Nola Blues Collection vol.4 (Blues)
Victoria Vox (US) - Nirvana In Rem (Americana - Folk)
Walk That Walk (US) - You Good.?! (Blues)
West Of Eden (SE) - Next Stop Christmas (Folk)
Wallace Coleman (US) - Folk Blues on Dutch Ground (Blues)
Will Vinson (US) - Tripwire (Jazz)
ZOOM ft. Shawn Kellerman (US) - Chocolate Cake (Blues - Funk - Soul)