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Album Reports 2023
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Alabama Mike (US) - Stuff I've Been Trough (Blues)
Alex Weitz (US) - Rule Of Thirds (Jazz)
Alexis Evans (F) - Yours Truly (Soul - Funk)

Ally Venable (US) - Real Gone (Blues - Bluesrock)

Ana Popovic (US/SR) - Power (Funk - Soul - Blues - Rock)
Angela Perley (US) - Turn Me Loose (Americana - Country)

Annie Capps (US) - How Can I Say This? (Singer-songwriter)

Aymeé Nuviola (CU) - Havana Nocturne (Jazz)
Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers (SLL/B) - Travelling Medicine Man (Blues - World)
Barbara Blue (US) - From The Shoals (Blues)
Ben Bedford (US) - Valley of Stars (Singer-songwriter)
Ben Wolfe (US) - Unjust (Jazz)

Bill Warfield & The Hell's Kitchen Funk Orchestra (US) - Time Capsule (Jazz - Funk)
Blues Rats (B) - The Last Train (Blues - Americana)
Champian Fulton (US) - Meet Me At Birdland (Jazz)
Daddy Long Legs (US) - Street Sermons (Blues - Rock)
Danielle Wertz (US) - Other Side (Jazz)
Danny Liston (US) - Everybody (Blues - Soul)
Dave Liebman (US) - Live at Smalls (Jazz)

David Ronaldo & The Dice (B) - Tunes For A Dime (Rock - Southern Rock - Bluesrock)
Denis Agenet (F) - No'Mo Lapsters (Rhyhtm 'n Blues - Soul - Blues)
Derrick Gardner & The Jazz Prophets (US) - Pan Africa (Jazz)
Diane Blue & The AllStar Band (US) - Live! at the Fallout Shelter (Blues -Soulblues)
Dyer Davis (US) - Dog Bites Back (Blues - Bluesrock)
Eddie 9V (US) - Capricorn (Soul)
Eric Lindell (US) - Oakland (Blues)
GA-20 (US) - Love in Loveland (Blues)
George Coleman (US) - Live At Smalls Jazz Club (Jazz)
Geraint Watkins (UK) - Aide-Mémoire (Roots - Americana - Zydeco)
Hailey Brinnel (US) - Beautiful Tomorrow (Jazz)
Harlem Lake (NL) - Volition Live (Blues - Bluesrock)
Jeff Pitchell (US) - Playing With My Friends (Blues)
Jeff Richman (US) - XYZ (Jazz)
Jesse Davis (US) - Live at Smalls Jazz Club (Jazz)
Jewel Brown (US) - Thanks For Good Ole' Music and Memories (Blues - Jazz)
Jill Rogers and Crying Time (US) - Many Worlds Theory (Country - Americana)
Jimi 'Primetime' Smith & Bob Corritore (US) - The World in A Jug (Blues)
Jo Lawry (Aus) - Acrobats (Jazz)
Joe Locke (US) - Makram (Jazz)
John Primer (US) - Teardrops For Magic Slim (Chicago Blues)
Johnny Wheels & The Swamp Donkeys (US) - (Blues - Bluesrock) (2022)
JP den Tex (NL) - The Stralight Adventure (Americana) (2023 Belgium release)
Kai Strauss (D) - Night Shift (Blues) (2022)
Kenny Barron (US) - The Source (Jazz)
Lauren Henderson (US) - Conjuring (Jazz)
Leon Lee Dorsey (US) - Cantaloupe Island (Jazz)
Lex Grey & The Urban Pioneers (US) - How Many Roads? (Blues)
Lizzie Thomas (US) - Duo Encounters (Jazz)
Lonestar Mojo (US) - Rough Around The Edges (Blues)
Lule and The Broadsides (US) - Selftitled (NOLA - Blues)
Lynn Harrison (Can) - Treasure (Singer-songwriter)
Lynn Miles (Can) - Tumble Weedy World (Singer-songwriter)
Markus Rutz (US) - Storybook (Jazz)
Matt Anderson & The Bottle Of Joy (Can) - The Bottle Of Joy (Soul - Gospel - Blues)
Meredith Moon (Can) - Constellations (American - Singer-songwriter)
Mike Miz (US) - Only Human (Singer-songwriter)
Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia (US) - Blood Brothers (Blues - Bluesrock)
Mississippi MacDonald (UK) - Heavy State Loving Blues (Blues)
Nadia Washington (US) - Hope Resurgence (Jazz)
Nathalie MacMaster & Donnem Leahy (Can) - Canvas (Celtic Folk)
Nick Finzer (US) - Dreams, Visions, Illusions (Jazz)
Nils De Caster & Sara De Smedt (B) - Take This Stone (Americana)
One Adam One (US) - Where Do I Begin (Rock)
Paul Carrack & the SWR Big Band (UK) - Don't Wait Too Long (Soul)
Paul Filipowicz (US) - Pier 43 (Blues)
PD Martin (B) - Soulbeat Incarnate (Blues - Funk)
Peter Storm & The Blues Society (P) (Blues - Bluesrock)
Rachel Therrien (Can) - Mi Hogar (Latin Jazz)
Red Beans & Pepper Sauce (F) - "7" (Rock - Bluesrock)
Rhyhtm Krewe (US) - Unfinished Business (Blues)
Rogue Parade (US) - Dion's Quest (Jazz)
Sanah Kadoura (Lib/Can) - Duality (Jazz)
Sárah Rogo (US) - Sunfall (Blues)
Savoy Brown (UK) - Blues All Around (Blues - Bluesrock)
Scott Ellison (US) - Zero-2-Sixty (Blues)
Scott Petito (US) - Many Worlds (Jazz)
Sem Jansen (NL) - Uncle Sem (Americana)
Seth Rosenbloom (US) - As The Crow Flies (Blues - Bluesrock)
Sister Lucille (US) - Tell The World (Blues - Soulblues)
Skylar Rogers (US) - Among The Insanity (Blues)
Steve Dawson (Can) - Eyes Closed, Dreaming (Roots - Blues)
Taj Mahal (US) - Savoy (Swing - Jazz - Blues)
Tammi Savoy (US) - Live (Rhythm 'n Blues - Rockabilly)
Tapestri (Wal) - Tell Me World (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Teresa James (US) - With A Little Help From Her Friends (Blues)

The Adam Larson Trio (US) - With Love From New York (Jazz)
The Backyard Casanovas (D) - Backyard Stomp (Blues - Rhyhtm 'n Blues)
The Bluest Sky (US) - The Bluest Sky (Alt-country)
The Cadillac Kings (UK) - Crash and Burn (Blues - Jump Blues)
The Gayle Harrod Band (US) - Temptation (Blues - Soul)
The Nighthawks (US) - Sliant Six (EP)(Blues)
The Özdemirs (D) - Introducing The Özdemirs (Blues)
The Weezil Malone Band (US) - Desert Drive-In (Bluesrock)
Trudy Lynn (US) - Royal Oaks Blues Café (Blues) re-release 2013
Van Morrison (UK) - Moving On Skiffle (Blues - Skiffle)
Vartious Artists (US) - Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue Collection Volume 5 (Blues)
Vince Ector Organatomy+ (US) - Live@ The Side Door
Wayne Alporn (US) - Saxology (Jazz)