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Album Reports 2024
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Al Lerman (Can) - Country-Fried Blues (Blues)
Alastair Greene (US) - Standing Out Loud (Blues - Bluesrock)
Alice De Micele (US) - Interpretations Vol.1 (Singer-songwriter)

Altered Five Blues Band (US) - Testifyin' (EP) - (Blues)
Alyssa Allgood (US) - From Here (Jazz)
Andromeda Turre (US) - From The Earth (Jazz)

Andy Ezrin (US) - I Was Here (Jazz)
Andy Milne & Unison (Can) - Time Will Tell (Jazz)
Anna Dukke (E) - Black Honey (EP) (Blues - Roots)
Annie Mack (US) - Testify (Blues - Soulblues)
Anthony Geraci (US) - Tears in my Eyes (Blues)
AurallaurA (US) - Exetastes (Jazz)

Bad Blues Quartet (US) - White Gloves (Blues)
Barnyard Tea (NL) - Train - Memories (Bluegrass - Roots)
Bart Bryant (US) - Backstage II (Rhythm 'n Blues)

Bart Moore (US) - Wild Flora (Singer-songwriter)
Beaux Gris Gris & Apocalypse (US/UK) - Hot Nostalgic Radio (Blues - Rootsrock)
Béla Fleck (US) - Rhapsody in Blue (Bluegrass)
Bernard Allison (US) - Luther's Blues (Blues)

Big Harp George (US) - Cooking With Gas (Blues)
BJ Baartmans (NL) - Ghostwriter (Americana)
Bjørn Berge (Nor) - Introducing SteelFinger Slim (Blues)
Blackberry Smoke (US) - Be Right Here (Southern Rock)
Black Cat Bones (US) - Troublemaker (Blues - Bluesrock)
Blind Lemon Pledge (US) - Oh So Good (Blues)
Bloodest Saxophone feat. Crystal Thomas (Jap/US) - Extreme Heat (Rhythm 'n Blues - Jump Blues)
Blues Eaters & The Hot Jivin' Horns (F) - The Hot Jivin' Sessions (Blues - Swing)
Blues Messenger (B) - The Other Side of The Coin (Blues)
Boogie Beasts (B) - Neon Skies & Different Hights (Alt-Bluesrock)
Brad 'Guitar' Wilson (US) - Buckle Up! (Blues)
Brandon Goldberg (US) - Live at Dizzy's (Jazz)
Breezers (US) - Hideaway (Folk)
Brothers Brown (US) - Nowhere Left To Go (Blues - Southern Rock)
Bywater Call (Can) - Sheperd (Blues - Soul)
Chicago Mike Beck (US) - LOVE! It's About Time (Blues)
Canned Heat (US) - Finyl Vinyl (Blues)
CeCe Gable (US) - Love On The Tyrrhenian (Jazz)
Celso Salim & Darryl Carriere (Braz-US) - About Time (Blues)
Chip Taylor (US) - Behind The Sky (Singer-songwriter)
Chris Cain (US) - Good Intentions Gone Bad (Blues)
Chris O'Leary (US) - The Hard Line (Blues)
Chris Rottmayer (US) - Being (Jazz)
Chris Wragg & Greg Copeland (US) - The Last Sundown (Blues)
Cryin' Out Loud (US) - Play Loud & Smoke Often (Blues - Rock)
Curtis Saldago (US) - Fine By Me (Blues - Soul)
Dana Gillespie (UK) - First Love (Covers)
Danette MacMahon (US) - No More Excuses (Jazz)

Danielle Nicole (US) - The Love You Bleed (Blues)
David Bixler (US) - BEATitude (Jazz)
David Serby (US) - Low Hanging Stars (Alt-country)
David Larsen (US) - Cohesion (Jazz)
David Murray Quartet (US) - Francesca (Jazz)
Dayna Stephens (US) - Closer Than We Think (Jazz)
Dean Owens (UK) - Pictures (Singer-songwriter)
Deb Ryder (US) - Live and Havin' Fun (Blues)
Dennis Jones (US) - About Time (Blues - Bluesrock)
Dial & DeRosa (US) - Keep Swingin' (Jazz)
Eddie Cotton (US) - The Mirror (Blues)
Elizabeth King (US) - Soul Provider (Soul)
Eric Bibb (US/SE) - Live at the Scala Theatre Stockholm (Blues)
Erik Friedlander (US) - Dirty Boxing (Jazz)
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US) - Swingin' Uptown (Jazz)
Fred Klee & De Voyageurs (B) - Bar La Florette (Americana)
Gardyn Jazz Orchestra (US) - Vinyl Brews (Jazz)
Geoff Muldaur & The Nite Lites (US) - I Ain't Drunk (Blues - Jazz - Folk)
Gerald McClendon (US) - Down At The Juke Joint (Soul)
Gerry Sephar & Friends (US) - Other Voices (Singer-songwriter - Americana)
Giles Robson (UK) - Seven Blues Classics (Blues)
Giulia Millanta (US/I) - God Only Knows (Singer-songwriter)
Glenn Marais & The Mojo Train (Can) - Red, Hot and Blue (Blues)
Grace Kelly With Strings (US) - At The Movies (Jazz)
Grant Langston (US) - Alabama (Singer-Songwriter)
Grey DeLisle (US) - She's An Angel (Roots - Country)
Grey DeLisle (US) - Driftless Girl (Singer-songwriter)
Gustavo Cortiñas (US) - Live in Chicago (Jazz)
Handsome Jack (US) - A Good Thing (Bluesrock)
Heather Little (US) - By Now (Singer-songwriter)
Helen Rose (US) - Rugged Elegance (Singer-songwriter)
Hymn For Her (US) - Bloodier Than Blood (Americana)
Ian Wardenski Quintet (US) - Unfoldings (Jazz)
Ina Forsman (Fin) - Live (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Ivanna Cuesta (DO) - A Letter To The Earth (Jazz)
Jack Walrath (US) - Live At Smalls (Jazz)
Jake Leckie & The Guide Trio (US) - Planter of Seeds (Jazz)
James Zollar (US) - The Ways In (Jazz)
Jay Gordon & The Blues Venon (US) - Live at Woodystock Blues Festival (Blues)
Jeff Pitchell (US) - Brown Eyed Blues (Blues)
Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival (US) (Blues)
Jennifer Porter (US) - Yes, I Do (Blues - Soul - Roots)
Jesse Dayton (US) - The Hard Way Blues (Blues - Rootsrock)
Jihey Lee Orchestra (KR) - Infinite Connections (Jazz)
Jim Keller (US) - Daylight (Singer-songwriter)
Jim Rotondi (US) - Finesse (Jazz)
JJ Milteau (F) - Key To The Highway (Blues)
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK) - Live & Undead (Voodoo Rock 'n Roll)
Joe Louis & The Groove (US) - First Time I Saw You (Blues)
John Clifton (US) - Too Much To Pay (Blues)
John Korbel (US) - Falling Feels Like Flying (Jazz)
John Primer & Bob Corritore (US) - Crawlin' Kingsnake (Blues)
Johnny Burgin (US) - Ramblin' From Coast To Coast (Blues)
JP Soars (US) - Brick By Brick (Blues)
Juan Megna Group (Arg) - Mariwô (Latin Jazz)
Katie Henry (US) - Get Goin' (Blues)
Keegan McInroe (US) - Dusty Passports and Empty Beds (Americana)
Kelly Green (US) - Seems (Jazz)
Kenny Barron (US) - Beyond This Place (Jazz)
Kenny Barron (US) - The Source (Jazz)
Kevin Burt & Big Medecine (US) - Thank You Brother Bill (Tribute Bill Withers)(Blues)
Krissy Matthews (UK/N) - Krissy Matthews & Friends (Blues - Bluesrock)
Kristen R. Bromley - Muagsician (Jazz)
Lawrence Fields (US) - To The Surface (Jazz)
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL) - Mighty Fine (Southernn Rock)
Leigh Pilzer (US) - Beatin' The Odds (Jazz)
Lone Star Mojo (US) - A Shot Of The Blues (Blues)
Mac Gollohon & The Hispanic Mechanics (US) - Bite of the Street (Jazz)
Mamiko Wanatabe (JP) - Being Guided By The Light (Jazz)
Malcolm MacWatt (Scot) - Dark Harvest (Singer-songwriter)
Markey Blue - Ric Latino Project (US) - Blue Eyed Soul (Blues - Soul)
Marshall Gilkes & The WDR Big Band (US/D) - Life Songs (Jazz)
Matthew Chaffey (Can) - Hotel Texas (Soul)
Matthew Whitaker (US) - On Their Shoulders: An Organ Tribute (Jazz)
Michael Eckroth Group (US) - Human Geography (Jazz)
Michael van Merwyk (D) - Blues Everywhere I Go (Blues)
Mike LeDonne (US) - Wonderful! (Jazz)
Mike Zito (US) - Life is Hard (Blues)
Mira Goto (US) - Before (EP) (Singer-songwriter)
Mississippi Shakedown QLD (Aus) - Selftitled (Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Mitch Ryder (US) - The Roof is on Fire (Blues - Bluesrock)
Naill McCabe (Irl) - Rituals (Singer-songwriter - Folk)
Nancy Reed - Spencer Reed (US) - Happying (Jazz)
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (US/Braz) - Guinga (Jazz)
Nick Finzer (US) - Legacy (Jazz)
Ndidi O (Can) - Simple Songs for Complicated Times (Singer-songwriter)
Nienke Dingemans (NL) - Ain't No Hollywood Girl (Blues-Roots)
Northern Rsonance (SE) - Vision of Three (Folk)
Olivia Foschi (US) - A Window Within (Jazz)
Omar Coleman (US) - Strange Times (Blues)
Özgür Hazar's Blues Syndicate (TR/B) - Way Back Home (Blues)
Patti Parks (US) - Come Sing With Me (Soul - Blues)
Paul Black (Can) - Beautiful Sin (Blues)
Phoebe Rees (UK) - Bring In The Light (Folk)
Rachel Z (US) - Sensual (Jazz)
Randy Napoleon (US) - The Door is Open (The Music of Gregg Hill)(Jazz)
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Bare Bones (Blues)
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (US) - The Hits Keep Coming (Blues)
Rick Vito (US) - Cadillac Man (Blues)
Rieany Plus (NL) - Songs For Rieany Plus (Americana - Singer-songwriter)
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US) - Red Moon Rising (Southern Rock)
Roberto Testini & The Blues Swingers (I) - T-Bone Jumps Again (Blues)
Rod Stewart with Jools Holland (UK) - Swing Fever (Swing Big Band)
Roger Kellaway (US) - Live At Mezzrow (Jazz)
Rosaway (F) - Girl(s) - (Pop - Jazz - Disco)
Rusty Apollo (NL) - Apollo III (Alt-blues)
Ruth Moody (Can) - Wanderer (Singer-songwriter)
Sam Joyner (US) - Come What May (Blues)
Samantha King & The Midnight Outfit (Can) - Selftitled (Blues)
Sarah Hanahan (US) - Among Giants (Jazz)
Sean Webster (UK) - Summer Has Gone (Blues - Bluesrock)
Sergio Pamies (E) - Time To Say (Jazz)
Sergio Pereire (Bra) - Bossa+ (Jazz)
Session Americana (US) - The Ratlle and The Clatter (Americana)
Seth James (US) - Lessons (Americana)
Shane Smith & The Saints (US) - Norther (Country rock)
Shelly Manne & His Men (US) - Jazz From The Pacific Northwest (Jazz)
Small Town Jones (UK) - Kintsugi (Singer-songwriter)
Son Henry & T. Rogers (US) - Grace (Blues - Bluesrock)
Steve Dawson (US) - Ghosts (Singer-songwriter)
Steve Howell & The Mighty Men (US) - 99 1/2 Won't Do (Blues)
Sue Decker (Can) - Keeping Time (Americana)
Sue Foley (Can) - One Guitar Woman (Blues)
Sugaray Rayford (US) - Human Decency (Blues - Soulblues)
Supersonics (NL) - Bird On A Wire (Original Roots Music)
Swamp Dogg (US) - Blackgrass: from West Virginia till 125th St (Bluegrass - Folk - Soul)
Sweetie & The Toothaches (US) - (Rhythm 'n Blues - Jump Blues)
Taylor Eigsti (US) - Plot Armor (Jazz)
Ted Russell Kamp (US) - California Son (Singer-songwriter)
The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective (US) - Fiesta at Caroba (Jazz)

The Avett Brothers (US) - Selftitled (Folk)
The Cinelli Brothers (UK) - Almost Exactly (Blues)
The Commoners (Can) - Restless (Rock - Blues)
The Fugitives (Can) - No Help Coming (Folk)
The Groovy Four (F) - Take A Walk With...(Rhythm 'n Blues - West Coast)
The Hello Darlins (Can) - The Adlers & The Ashes (Americana)
The Hitman Blues Band (US) - Hey, Guys Can You Play...(Blues)
The Jamie Baum Septet (US) - What Times Are These (Jazz)
The Jaydees (NL) - Solitude (Americana)
The Mavericks (US) - Moon & Stars (Americana)
The Mighty Howlers (UK) - Back On Track (Blues)
The Mike Jacoby Electri Trio (US) - Rocket Fuel Logic (Americana)
The Name Droppers (US) - Starshine (Blues)
The Odd Cases (B) - Bad Love (Blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US) - Soul Brother Nr.1 (Blues)
The Smokey Lonesome (US) - Desert Run (Country Rock 'n Roll)
The Rusty Zippers (B) - Wait! There's More! (Americana - Blues)
The Teskey Brothers (Aus) - The Circle Sessions EP (Blues - Roots)
The Tibbs (NL) - Keep It To Yourself (Soul - Funk)
Tinsley Ellis (US) - Naked Truth (Acoustic Blues)
Toronzo Cannon (US) - Shut Up & Play! (Blues)
Troy Roberts (Aus) - Green Lights (Jazz)
True Rose (B) - Postcards from Berlin (Singer-songwriter)
Tyler & The Train Robbers (US) - Hum Of The Road (Country - Americana)
Ulysses Owens Jr. & Generation Y (US) - A New Beat (Jazz)
Vanessa Peters (US) - Flying on Instruments (Americana)
Various Artists (US) - Blind Raccoon & Blue Nola Collection vol.6 (Blues)
Various Artists (US) - Breakin' News (10 Years Nola Blue Records) (Blues)
Walter Trout (US) - Broken (Bluesrock)
Willy Rodriguez (PR) Seeing Sounds (Jazz)
Wolff-Clark-Dorsey (US) - A Letter To Bill Evans (Jazz)
Yotan Silberstein (Bra) - Standards (Jazz)
Yuko Ito (Jpn) - Seduzir (Latin Jazz)
Zaccai Curtis (US) - Cubop Lives! (Jazz)