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Album Reports 2022
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Alex 'Apolo' Alaya (PR)
Roxy Coss (US)
Disparate Parts
Dave Desmelik (US)
Clues of my Existence
Professor Louie & The Cowmatix (US)
Strike Up The Band
(blues - roots)
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Devil May Care
(blues - Bluesrock)
ZOOM ft. Shawn Kellerman (US)
Chocolate Cake
(blues - funk - soul)
The Grace Fox Big Band (US)
Eleven O' Seven
Steve Dawson (Can)
Gone, Long Gone
(roots - blues)
Little Mouse & Hungry Cats (F)
Voodoo Works
Bernard Allison (US)
Highs and Lows
(blues - funk)
Hinda Hoffman meets Soul Message
Ali Sperry (US)
In Front Of US
(singer-songwriter - americana)
Various Artists (US)
"Blind Raccoon and Nola Blues Collection vol.4"
Nienke Dingemans (NL)
Devil on my Shoulder
Katie Henry (US)
On My Way
(blues - roots)(repost)
Ad Vanderveeen (NL)
Candle To You
(singer-songwriter - americana)
King of the World (EU)
Royal Ten
(blues - bluesrock)
Kristen Lee Sergeant (US)
Harley Kimbro Lewis (US)
Sam Outlaw (US)
Popular Mechanics
Tim Easton (US)
You Don't Really Know Me
(americana - folk)
Peter Veteska & Blues Train (US)
So Far So Good
Marty Winkler (US)
Songs I Nev er Sang For My Father
Reverend Nathon (US)
Volume 1
Deanne Witowski (US)
Force of Nature
Oz Noy, Ray Marchica & U. Okegwo
Roswell Rudd & Duck Baker (US)

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