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Album Reports 2024
(alphabetical order)

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Sauce Boss (US)
The Sauce
SirJo Cocchi & Balta Borboy (I/E)
Heads Up
Bria Skolberg (Can)
What It Means
Planet D Nonet (US)
Echoes of Harlem
Mark Brown (US)
Happy Hour
Left Lane Cruiser (US)
Bayport BBQ Blues
Ken Peplowski (US)
Live At Mezzrow
H. De Holanda & G Rubalcaba
The Steve Luciano Quartet (US)
Under The Covers
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US)
Red Moon Rising
(Southern Rock)
Chris Cain (US)
Good Intentions Gone Bad
Toronzo Cannon (US)
Shut Up & Play!
Erik Friedlander (US)
Dirty Boxing
Bywater Call (Can)
Blues Messenger (B)
The Other Side of The Coin
Dennis Jones (US)
About Time
Black Cat Bones (US)
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Jay Gordon & Blues Venon (US)
Live at Woodystock Festival
Geoff Muldaur & The Nite Lites (US)
I Ain't Drunk
(Blues - Jazz - Folk)
Roberto Testini & Blues Swingers
T-Bone Jumps Again
Michael Eckroth Group (US)
Human Geography
Gardyn Jazz Orchestra (US)
Vinyl Brews
David Murray Quartet (US)
Sergio Pamies (E)
Time To Say
Curtis Saldago (US)
Fine By Me
(Blues - Soul)
Dana Gillespie (UK)
First Love
Jake Leckie & The Guide Trio (US)
Planter of Seeds
The Name Droppers (US)
Sean Webster (UK)
Summer Has Gone
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Rusty Apollo
Apollo III
Reverend Freakchild (US)
Bare Bones
Swamp Dogg (US)
The Avett Brothers (US)
Giles Robson (UK)
Seven Blues Classics
The Mavericks (US)
Moon & Stars
David Serby (US)
Low Hanging Stars
The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio (US)
Rocket Fuel Logic
CeCe Gable (US)
Love On The Tyrrhenian
Andromeda Turre (US)
From The Earth
Blues Eaters & Hot Jivin' Horns (F)
The Hot Jivin' Sessions
Gerald McClendon (US)
Down At The Juke Joint
Sam Joyner (US)
Come What May
Markey Blue - Ric Latino Project (US)
Blue Eyed Soul
Celso Salim & Darryl Carriere (US)
About Time
Nancy Reed - Spencer Reed (US)
Gerry Sephar & Friends (US)
Other Voices
(singer-songwriter - Americana)
True Rose (B)
Postcards From Berlin
Hymn For Her (US)
Bloodier Than Blood
Sarah Hanahan (US)
Among Giants
Keegan McInroe (US)
Dusty Passports and Empty Beds
(singer-songwriter - Americana)
Jesse Dayton (US)
The Hard Way Blues
(Blues - Rootsrock)
Supersonics (NL)
Bird On A Wire
(Original Roots Music )
Helen Rose (US)
Rugged Elegance
Yuko Ito (Jpn)
(Latin Jazz)
Juan Megna Group (Arg)
(Latin Jazz)
Steve Dawson (US)
Kenny Barron (US)
Beyond This Place
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (US)
The Hits Keep Coming
Samantha King
& The Midnight Outfit (Can)

Johnny Burgin (US)
Ramblin' From Coast To Coast
Jeff Pitchell (US)
Brown Eyed Blues
Matthew Whitaker (US)
On Their Shoulders: Organ Tribute
Son Henry & T. Rogers (US)
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Ivanna Cuesta (DO)
A Letter To The Earth
The Groovy Four (F)
Take A Walk With...
(Rhythm 'n Blues - West Coast)
Sugaray Rayford (US)
Human Decency
(Blues - Soulblues)
Brother Jack McDuff (US)
Ain't No Sunshine (Live)
JP Soars (US)
Brick By Brick
Olivia Foschi (US)
A Window Within
The Smokey Lonesome (US)
Desert Run
(Country Rock 'n Roll)
The Mike Jacoby Electric Trio (US)
Rocket Fuel Logic
David Bixler (US)
Mac Gollohon & The Hispanic Mechanics (US)
Bite of the Street
Bad Blues Quartet (US)
White Gloves
Alastair Greene (US)
Standing Out Loud
(Blues - Bluesrock)
Grey Delisle (US)
Driftless Gril
Deb Ryder (US)
Live and Havin' Fun
The Fugitives (Can)
No Help Coming
Ina Forsman (Fin)
(Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Big Harp George (US)
Cooking With Gas
Elizabeth King (US)
Soul Provider
Beaux Gris Gris & Apocalypse (US)
Hot Nostalgic Radio
(Blues -Rootsrock)
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US)
Soul Brother Nr.1
Boogie Beasts (B)
Neon Skies & Different Hights
Bart Bryant (US)
Backstage II
(Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Bart Moore (US)
Wild Flora
Jim Keller (US)
Dean Owens (UK)
Al Lerman (Can)
Country-Fried Blues
Ruth Moody (Can)
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US)
Swingin' Uptown
Sergio Pereira (Bra)
Shelly Manne & His Men (US)
Jazz From The Pacific Northwest
Chicago Mike Beck (US)
LOVE! It's About Time
Barnyard Tea (NL)
Train - Memories
(Bluegrass - Roots)
John Primer & Bob Corritore (US)
Crawlin' Kinsnake
Small Town Jones (UK)
Jihey Lee Orchestra (KR)
Infinite Connections
Matthew Chaffey (Can)
Hotel Texas (EP)
Jennifer Lyn & Groove Revival (US)
Live from the Northern Plains
The Jaydees (NL)
Zaccai Curtis (US)
Cubop Lives!
Anthony Geraci (US)
Tears in my Eyes
Blind Lemon Pledge (US)
Oh So Good
JJ Milteau (F)
Key To The Highway
Sue Foley (Can)
One Guitar Woman
Mira Goto (US)
Before (EP)
Leigh Pilzer (US)
Beatin' The Odds
Grant Langston (US)
Ian Wardenski Quintet (US)
The Mighty Howlers (UK)
Back On Track
Phoebe Rees (UK)
Bring In The Light
Bloodest Saxophone
ft. Crystal Thomas

Extreme Heat
(Rhythm 'n Blues - Jump Blues)
Eddie Cotton (US)
The Mirror
Altered Five Blues Band (US)
Testifyin' (EP)
Anna Dukke (E)
Black Honey (EP)
(Blues - Roots)
The Commoners (Can)
(Rock - Blues)
Roger Kellaway (US)
Live at Mezzrow
Sweetie & The Toothaches (US)
Fired Up!
(Rhythm 'n Blues - Jump Blues)
The Cinelli Brothers (UK)
Almost Exactly
Cryin' Out Loud (US)
Play Loud & Smoke Often
(Blues - Rock)
Michael van Merwyk (D)
Blues Everywhere I Go
Jack Walrath (US)
Live at Smalls
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK)
Live & Undead

(Voodoo Rock 'n Roll)
Heather Little (US)
By Now

Alyssa Allgood (US)
From Here
Giulia Millanta (US/I)
Only Luna Knows

Wolff - Clark - Dorsey (US)
A Letter To Bill Evans
Handsome Jack (US)
A Good Thing
Nienke Dingemans (NL)
Ain't No Hollywood Girl
(Americana - Blues)
Nick Finzer (US)
Krissy Matthews (UK/N)
Krissy Matthews & Friends
The Rusty Zippers (B)
Wait! There's More!

(Americana - Blues)
Canned Heat (US)
Finyl Vinyl
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL)
Mighty Fine
(Southern Rock)
Shane Smith & The Saints (US)

Béla Fleck (US)
Rhapsody in Blue

Walter Trout (US)

Dayna Stephens (US)
Closer Than We Think

Brandon Goldberg (US)
Live at Dizzy's

Rod Stewart & Jools Holland (UK)
Swing Fever
(swing big band)
Eric Bibb (US/SE)
Live at the Scala Theatre Stockholm
Chip Taylor (US)
Behind The Sky
Özgür Hazar's Blues Syndicate (B)
Way Back Home

Fred Klee & De Voyageurs (B)
Bar La Florette

(Americana - Folk)
Rachel Z (US)
John Clifton (US)
Too Much To Pay

Rieany Plus (NL)
Songs For Rieany Plus

(Americana - Singer-songwriter)
Omar Coleman (US)
Strange Times

Mike Zito (US)
Life is Hard

The Hello Darlins (Can)
The Adlers & The Ashes

Andy Milne & Unison (Can)
Time Will Tell
David Larsen (US)
Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini
Tyler & The Train Robbers (US)
Hum Of The Road


The Jamie Baum Septet (US)
What Times Are These

Steve Howell & The Mighty Men (US)
99 1/2 Won't Do

Andy Ezrin (US)
I Was Here
Ted Russell Kamp (US)
California Son

Rick Vito (US)
Cadillac Man

Blackberry Smoke (US)
Be Right Here

(Southern Rock)
Glenn Marais & Mojo Train (Can)
Red, Hot and Blue

Katie Henry (US)
Get Goin'

Troy Roberts (Aus)
Green Lights
Willy Rodriguez (PR)
Seeing Sounds
Mississippi Shakedown QLD (Aus)

(Blues - Rhythm 'n Blues)
Tinsley Ellis (US)
Naked Truth

(Acoustic Blues)
Breezers (US)

Bjørn Berge (Nor)
Introducing SteelFinger Slim

BJ Baartmans (NL)

Annie Mack (US)
Testify (EP)

(Blues - Soulblues)
Paul Black (Can)
Beautiful Sin

Yotan Silberstein (Bra)
Ndidi O (Can)
Simple Songs for Complicated Times

Sue Decker (Can)
Keeping Time

Brothers Brown (US)
Nowhere Left To Go

(Blues-Southern Rock)
Lone Star Mojo (US)
A Shot Of The Blues

Seth James (US)

Grace Kelly (With Strings) (US)
At The Movies
Randy Napoleon (US)
The Door is Open
Kelly Green (US)
Chris Rottmayer (US)
Brad "Guitar" Wilson (US)
Buckle Up!

Vanessa Peters (US)
Flying on Instruments

Kevin Burt & Big Medecine (US)
Thank You Brother Bill

Chris Wragg & Greg Copeland(US)
The Last Sundown

John Korbel (US)
Falling Feels Like Flying
Ulysses Owens Jr & Generation Y
A New Beat
Mamiko Wanatabe (JP)
Being Guided By The Light
Joe Louis & The Groove (US)
First Time I Saw You

Patti Parks (US)
Come Sing With Me

Northern Resonance (SE)
Vision of Three

Alice De Micele (US)
Interpretations Vol.1

Danielle Nicole (US)
The Love You Bleed

The Teskey Brothers (Aus)
The Circle Sessions

(Blues - Roots)
Gustavo Cortiñas (US)
Live in Chicago
Rosaway (F)
(Pop - Jazz - Disco)
Naill McCabe (Irl)
Various Artists (US)
Blind Raccoon & Nola Blue vol.6

The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective
Fiesta at Caroga
Taylor Eigsti (US)
Plot Armor
The Hitman Blues Band (US)
Hey, Guys Can You Play...

The Tibbs (NL)
Keep It To Yourself

(Soul - Funk)
Chris O'Leary (US)
The Hard Line

Mitch Ryder (US)
The Roof is on Fire

James Zollar (US)
The Ways In
Mike LeDonne (US)
Jim Rotondi (US)
AurallaurA (US)
Various Artists (US)
Breakin' News

The Odd Cases (B)
Bad Love

Kirsten R. Bromley (US)
Session Americana (US)
The Rattle and The Clatter
Marshall Gilkes (US)
Life Songs
Malcolm MacWatt (Scot)
Dark Harvest
Dial and DeRosa (US)
Keep Swingin'
Jennifer Porter (US)
Yes, I Do
(Blues - Soul - Roots)
Bernard Allison (US)
Luther's Blues

Danette MacMahon (US)
No More Excuses
Lawrence Fields (US)
To The Surface
Kenny Barron (US)
The Source
Grey DeLisle (US)
She's An Angel
(Country - Singer-songwriter)

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