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Album reports 2016 - Alphabetical

70's Tush (B) - Old Devils Tour 2015 (vol 1) - Live @ Get Rhyhtm
Adam Karch (Can) - Moving Forward
AJ Plug (NL) - Chew Chew Chew
Al Lerman (Can) - Slow Burn

Al Rose (US) - Spin Spin Dizzy
Albert Castiglia (US) - Big Dog
Allison Dietz (US) - Pretty Lies
Ana Popovic - Trilogy
Angel Forrest (Can) - Angel's 11
Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel (US) - You Belong Here
Any Vegetable (NL) - Veg Out!
Auburn (UK) - Love & Emotions
Backtrack Blues Band (US) - Way Back Home
Barbara Blue (US) - Memphis Blue
Barrelhouse (NL) - Almost There
Ben Harper (US) - Call It What It Is
Ben Poole (UK) - Time Has Come
Beth Hart (US) - Fire On The Floor
Bianca De Leon (US) - Love, Guns & Money
Big Daddy Stallings (US) - Slow Rollin'
Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore (US) - House Party at Big Jon's
Big Pete (NL) - Live
Big Smokey Smothers (US) - That's Allright
Bill Durst (Can) - Good Good Lovin'
Bill Johnson (Can) - Cold Outside
Bill Phillippe (US) - Parade

Billy Hector (US) - Old School Thang
Black Market III (US) - Black Country
Blind Lemon Pledge (US) - Pledge Drive
Blues Cargo (Gr) - On Time
Bluesbones (B) - Live
Blue Moon Marquee (Can) - Gypsy Blues
Boo Boo Davis (US) - One Chord Blues
Bravo Max (US) - Bullfighter Blues
Brothers Brown (US) - Dusty Road

Bruce Katz Band ft. Chris Vitarello (US) - Out Of The Center
Buckwood Mojo (B) - Live
C. Daniel Boling (US) - These Houses
Carolin Aiken (US) - Broken Wings Heal
Caroll Vanwelden (B) - Portraits of Brazil
Cee Cee James (US) - Stripped Down & Surrendered
Clarence Bucaro (US) - Pendulum
Colin James (Can) - Blue Highways
Curse Of Lono (UK) - Selftitled (EP)
Curtis Saldago (US) - The Beautiful Lowdown

Dana Immanuel (US) - Dotted Lines
Danny Marks (Can) - Cities in Blue
Dave Insley (US) - The Way That I Am
David 'Honeyboy' Edwards (US)(1915-2011) - I'm Gonna Tell You Somethin' That I Know (CD+DVD)
Derrick Procell (US - Why I Choose To Sing The Blues
Devon Allman (US) - Ride or Die
D.L. Duncan (US) - Self-titled
Doghouse Rose (Can) - Bourbon & Gasoline
Don Conoscenti (US) - Anastasia
Donald Ray Johnson & Gas Blues Band (US/Can) - Bluesin' Around
Doug MacLeod (US) - Live

Doug MacLeod (US) - Live in Europe
Dude (NL) - Give It Back
Duke Robillard and his All-Star Combo (US) - Blues Full Circle

Dylan Wickens & The Grand Naturals (Can) - Hi Lo-Fi

Dynamite Blues Band (NL) - Kill Me With Your Love
Earl King (US) (1934-2003) - Let The Good Times Roll

Echo Bloom (US) - Red
Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins (US) - Naked...In Your Face
Eight 'O Five Jive (US) - Too Many Men
Eli Barsi (Can) - Portrait Of A Cowgirl
Eliza Neals (US) - You Ain't My Dog No More (CD single)
Elliot and The Audio Kings (Can) - selftitled
Emilia Sisco & Helge Tallqvist Band (Fin) - Self-titled EP
Eric Bibb & North Country Far (US/SE) - The Happiest Man in The World
Eric Clapton (UK) - I Still Do
Eric Lindell (US) - Matters Of The Heart
Eric Sommer (US) - Brooklyn Bolero
Esquela (US) - Canis Majoris

European Blues Challenge - 2016
Fabrizio Poggi (I) and the Amazing Texas Blues Voices
Giles Robson (UK) - For Those Who Need The Blues
Gina Sicilia (US) - Sunset Avenue
Ginger St. James (Can) - One For The Money
Giulia Millanta (US/I) - Moonbeam Parade
Gonzalo Bergara (Arg) - Zalo's Blues

Gus Spensos (US) - If You Were Gold Baby

Guy Verlinde (B) - Rooted In The Blues
Gypsy Soul (US) - True
Harper and Midwest Kind (Aus) - Show Your Love
Holly Hyatt & Jon Burden (Can) - Shufflin' The Blues
Howard & Skye (US) - Milkweed
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus (UK/US) - Wayward Sons

Ilja De Neve Band (B) - Wama Bama Mama
Imperial Crowns (US) - The Calling

In Layman Terms (US) - Tangled

Ina Forsman (Fin) - Self-Titled
Isaiah B Brunt (Aus) - A Moment in Time
Ivor S.K. (Aus) - Delta Pines
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns (US) - Back To The Shack
Jack Tempchin (US) - Learning To Dance
Jack Tempchin (US) - One More S
James 'Buddy' Rogers (US) - By My Side
Jane Lee Hooker (US) - No B!
James Hunter (UK) - Hold On
Janiva Magness (UK) - Love Wins Again
Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch (US) - Champagne Velvet
Jason Rosenblatt (Can) - Wiseman's Rag
Jeb Barry (US) - Milltown
Jeff Boortz (US) - Half The Time
Jeff Chaz (US) - Sounds Like The Blues To Me
Jeff Chaz (US) - This Silence is Killing Me
Jeff Jenssen (US) - The River City Sessions (Live)
Jeff Richman (US) - Sizzle
Jeff Young (US) - Choose Your Own Unknown
Jenai Huff (US) - Color Wheel
Jesse Dayton (US) - The Revealer
Jim Wurster (US) - No Joke
Jimmy Thackery and The drivers (US) - Spare Keys
Joanne Shaw Taylor (UK) - Wild
Joe Bonamassa (US) - Blues Of Desperation
John Cee Stannard (UK) - It's Christmas Time
John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon (UK) - Stone Cold Sober
John Clifton (US) - Let Yourself Go
John F Klaver (NL) - Live
John Frick Band (SA) - K02 Sessions
John Latini (US) - The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good
John Long (US) - Stand Your Ground
John Mc Donough (US) - Surrounding Colors
John McKinley (US) - Window On The World

John Pinamonti (US) - The Usual
John Primer & The Real Deal Bluesband (US) - That Will Never Do
John Richard (Can) - Lost in Dublin
John Weeks Band (US) - Dark Angel
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (US) - Bootleg
Jordan Patterson Band (The) (Can) - The Back On Track Recording Project
JW-Jones (Can) - High Temperature
Kat Riggins (US) - Blues Revival
Kate Campbell (US) - The K.O.A. Tapes (vol 1)
Katy Too (B) - Nine Lives
Kaurna Cronin (Aus) - Southern Loss
Keith Stone (US) - The Prodigal Returns
Kelly Richey (US) - Shakedown Soul
Ken Dunn & Gyspsy Starfish (Can) - The Great Unknown
King King (UK) - Live
Kirk Fletcher (US) - Burning Blues
KlezFactor (Can) - Europa
Landon Spradlin (US) - No More Blue Mondays
Larry Corban (US) - Corban Nation
Laurence Jones (UK) - Take Me High
Layla Zoe (Can) - Breaking Free
Lazy Afternoon (SE) - Whatever!
Leif De Leeuw Band (NL) - Leelah
Leigh Pilzer (US) - Strunkin'
Lee Delray (US) - Brand New Man
Levee Town (US) - Takin' & Givin'
Les Tzigales (B) - Anima Amici

Lew Jetton & 61 South (US) - Rain
Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers (US) - Heal My Soul
Libby Koch (US) - Just Move On
Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials (US) - The Big Sound Of...
Little Charlie & Organ Grinder Swing (US) - Honky Stronk
Little Hook (B) - Selftitled
Little Mike (US) - How Long?
Little Kim & The Alley Apple Tree (B) - The Longest Mile

Little Steve & The Big Beat (NL) - Another Man
Love On Drugs (SE) - I Think I'm Alone Now

Lucas Haneman Express (Can) - Tearing Up The Rails
Lucky Peterson (US) - Long Nights

Luke Winslow King (US) - I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always
Mac Arnold & Plate Full 'o Blues (US) - Give It Away

Mama's Bicuits (F) - Evil Gal
Marc Lelangue (B) - Lost In The Blues
Marc Stone (US) - Poison & Medecine
Mark Crissinger (Can) - Night Light
Mary Beth Cross (US) - Feels Like Home
Matt Bauer (US) - Dreams End
Matt Jacobs Band (NL) - Made Of Stone
Matty T Wall (Aus) - Blue Skies
Mátyás Pribojszki Band (HU) - My Stories
Mavis Staples (US) - Living On a High Note
Mike Sponza with Ian Siegal feat. Dana Gillepsie (I/UK) - Ergo Sum
My Girl The River (US) - This Ain't No Fairytale
Mia Rose Lynne (US) - Follow Me Moon
Michael Hearne & Shake Russel (US) - Only As Strong As Your Dreams
Michael Hearne (US) - Red River Dreams
Michael Kaeshammer (Can) - No Filter
Michael Tomlinson (US) - House of Sky
Mick Kolassa (US) - Taylor Made Blues

Mike Wheeler Band (US) - Turn Up
Mike Zito (US) - Make Blues Not War
Mississippi Heat (US) - Cab Driving Man
Mississippi Live & The Dirty Dirty (Can) - I Ain't Dyin'
Mitch Kashmar (US) - West Coast Toast
Moonlamb Project (B) - Snakes and Monkeys
Moreland & Arbuckle (US) - Promised Land Or Burst

Mr. Rick (Can) - God & Booze
M.S.G (Acoustic Blues Trio) (US) - The Flood
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (US) - A Little Something More From (vinyl)
Neal Black & Larry Garner (US) - Guilty Saints

Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes (F) - Dealing With My Blues
Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes (F) - Guitar Player
P. Van Sant (B) - Roots Raw Real
Paul DesLaurier Band (Can) - Relentless
Paul Lamb (UK) - After Hours 'The Country Blues Sessions)
Penny Nichols (US) - Golden State

Phil Bee's Freedom (NL) - Memphis Moon
Phil Smith & The Lights (Aus) - 1,2,3,4...
Phil Smith (Aus) - Year Of The Dog
Rachel Garlin (US) - Wink At July

Ralph De Jongh (NL) - Live At The Noot
Ralph De Jongh (NL) - Lonesome Love - Ocean Of Love

Raphael Wressnig (Aut) - Deluxe Edition
Rami and the Whale (SE) - selftitled
Randy McAllister & The Scrappiest Band In The Motherhood (US) - Fistful Of Gumption
Ray Cashman (US) - Slow Drag
Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers (US) - Long Black Train

Ray Goren (US) - Selftitled
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz feat. The Nighthawks (US) - Full Cirlce

Reverend Freakchild (US) - Illogical Optimism (3CD)
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues
Richard Paul Thomas (US) - Salado

Richard Shindell (US) - Careless
Riddle & The Stars (Aus/US) - New Coastline
Rivherside (F) - Electraw Blues
Robert Rex Waller, Jr. (US) - Fancy Free
Roberto Morbioli (I) - Acoustic Me

Rod Melancon (US) - LA 14
Rodney DeCroo (Can) - Campfires On The Moon
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters (US) - Maxwell Street
RootBone (Can) - The Long Road Home
Rory Block (US) - Keepin' Outta Trouble
Ross Nielsen (Can) - Elemental
Royal Southern Brotherhood (US) - The Royal Gospel

Rusty Apollo (NL) - Midgets & Monkeys
Ryan Davidson (US) - A Wick Burning High
Sammy Kershaw (US) - The Blues Got Me
Sari Schorr (US) - A Force Of Nature
Sean Carney (US) - Throwback
Shaggy Dogs (F) - Bababoomba

Shake Russell (US) - Little Bright Band of Light
Shakedown Tim and The Rhythm Revue (B) - Hard To Catch
Shaun Murphy (US) - It Won't Stop Raining

Slim Robin (NL) - Claim Your Wings
Slow Bear (B) - Pale Morning Fades

Smoky Greenwell (US) - South Louisiana Blues
Sonny Axell (F) - Kick Back
Spencer McKenzie (Can) - Infected With The Blues
Spicewood Seven (US) - Still Mad
Steve Hill (Can) - Solo Recordings vol.3

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst (US) - I Feel Like I've Got Snakes In My Head
Steven Troch Band (B) - Nice 'n Greasy
Stevie J. Blues (US) - Back 2 Blues
Stone Cupid (US) - The Cardinal
Sue Sergel (SE/UK) - Beneath The Willow Tree
Sugar Blue (US) - Voyage

Sweet Marta & The Blues Workers (US) - Hoodoo Girl Blues
T-99 (NL) - Bedlam!
Tasha Taylor (US) - Honey For The Biscuit

Tawny Ellis (US) - Ghosts Of The Low Country
Ted Vaughn Blues Band (US) - Self-Titled
Tensfield (B) - Freeze The Clock
Teresa James & The Rhyhtm Tramps (US) - Bonafide
The Beat From Palookaville (SE) - Come Get Ur Love
The Blue Chevy's (B) - Turn It Back
The Bugaboos (B) - Decennium 2016
The Chapin Sisters (US) - Today's Not Yesterday
The Coal Porters (UK) - N° 6
The Division Men (US) - Under The Gun

The DogTown Blues Band ft. Barabara Morrison (US) - Everyday
The Fabulous Thunderbirds (US) - Stronger Like That
The Flyin' A's (US) - You Drive Me Crazy
The Hitman Blues Band (US) - The World Moves On

The Infamous Roots Rielemans Orchestra (B) - Time Of Day
The Kat Kings (Can) - Swinging In The Swamp
The Knickerbocker All-Stars (US) - Texas Rhody Blues
The Lucky Losers (US) - In Any Town

The McKee Brothers (US) - Enjoy It While You Can
The Mighty Mojo Prophets (US) - Record Store
The Mojo Slide (UK) - Twist Your Bones
The Mystix (US) - Rhythm and Roots (Live)
The Pinder Brothers (US) - Melancholy Sea
The Ragtime Rumours (NL) - Ain't Nobody

The Refusers (US) - Wake Up America
The Rifters (US) - Architecture of a Fire

The Robert Bobby Duo (US) - Folk Art

The Rolling Stones (UK) - Blue & Lonesome
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band (Can) - Cigar Store
The Sumner Brothers (Can) - The Hell In Your Mind

The Two (CH) - Sweet Dirty Blues
The Vaudevillian (Can) - Bringin Satan Down
Thornetta Davis (US) - Honest Woman
Tiffany Huggins Grant (US) - Jonquin Child

Tim Finoulst Trio (B) - Narrative
Tim Houlihan (US) - Another Orion

Tom Shed (US) - Davey's Cornet
Tom Craig and Soul Patch (US) - Get Ready For Me
Tony Joe White (US) - Rain Crow

Tony McLoughlin & Marlon Klein (Irl/D) - Where Is Jack
Toronzo Cannon (US) - The Chicago Way
Tracy K (Can) - What's The Rush?
Trevor Alguire (Can) - Perisch In The Light
Tweed Funk (US) - Come Together

Van Dyck Inc. (NL/D) - Further On Up The Road
Various Artists (US) - Blues For Big Walter
Walter Broes & The Mercenaries (B) - Movin' Up
Walter Trout (US) - Alive in Amsterdam

Wendy Webb (US) - This Is The Moment
West Of Eden (Se) - Look To The West
Whelan (US) - The Story Of Ike Dupree
Willie Bo Walker & ED Brayshaw (US) - Stone Cold Beautiful

Yeal Meyers (Chil) - Warrior Heart
Z-Band (B) - Sweet Fruit