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Album reports 2017 - Alphabetical

61 Ghosts (US) - To The Edge
Aaron English (US) - American (Fever) Dream

Age Sten Nilsen (Nor) - Smooth Seas
A.J. & The Rockin' Trio (Por) - Rockin' The Blues
Alastair Greene (US) - Dream Train
Albert Castiglia (US) - Up All Night
Alex Lopez (US) - Is It a Lie

Alex Lopez (US) - Slowdown
Andrea Marr (Aus) - Natural
Andrew Chapman (US) - Well, It's About Time!
Andy Adamson Quintet (US) - First Light
Angus Crowne and the Family Jewels (US) - Shag Rug
Ani DiFranco (US) - Binary

Anton Walgrave (B) - When Oceans Meet

Audrey Silver (US) - Very Early
Backtrack Blues Band (US) - Make My Home in Florida
Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes (Can) - Cursed
Barking at the Mailman (B) - Trial & Error

BB & The Blues Shacks (D) - Reservation Blues
Bellemont (B/US) - Live or Lavish
Bendik Brænne (Nor) - The Last Great Country Swindle
Beth Wimmer (US) - Bookmark
Bev Grant (US) - It's Personal
Big Daddy Wilson (US) - Neckbone Stew
Big Time Bossmen (B) - Working on a Plan
Billy T Band (US/N) - Reckoning
Bind Boys of Alabama (US) - Almost Home
Blind Lemon Pledge (US) - Backwoods Glance
Bjøro Hallånd (Nor) - Tracks

Blue Heathens (B) - The Heat
Blues Caravan 2016 - Blue Sisters

Bob Cheevers (US) - Fifty Years
Bob Mundy (US) - Love To Me
Bobbo Byrnes (US) - Motel Americana
Bodinrocker (SE) - Roller Coaster Ride (EP)
Bonefish (SE) - Atoms
Boogie Patrol (Can) - Man On Fire
Bravo Big Band (B) - Another Story
Brett Perkins & The Pawn Shop Preachers (Den) - Put A Fork In Me, I'm Done
Brian Cullman (US) - New Year's Eve (EP)
Brock Zeman (Can) - The Carnival is Back in Town
Carol Morgan (US) - Post Cool
Carolyn Lee Jones (US) - In A Long White Room
Carrington MacDuffie (US) - Rock Me To Mars
Cassie Keenum & Rick Randlett (US) - Hauntings
Catfish Howl (US) - 10 Bourbon Street
Chastity Brown (US) - Silhouette of Sirens
Cherry Divine (Aus) - Rockabilly Chick vs. Mean Evil Woman
Chickenbone Slim and The Biscuits (US) - The Big Beat
Chilly Willy (B) - 25 Years Live
Chris Antonik (Can) - Monarch
Chris Bergson Band (US) - Bitter Midnight
Chris Cain (US) - Selftitled
Chris Ruest & Gene Taylor (US) - It's Too Late Now
Citizen K (SE) - Second Thoughts
Coco Montoya (US) - Hard Truth
Corey Dennison Band (US) - Night after Night
Cousin Harley aka Paul Pigat (Can) - Blues Smoke (The Music of Merle Travis)
Craig Cassler (US) - Find My Way
D-Tale (B) - Breathe In
Daisy Champan (UK) - Good Luck Songs
Dani Wilde (UK) - Live At Brighton Road
Dave Askren & Jeff Benedict (US) - Come Together
Davide Pannozzo (I) - Unconditional Love
Dee Dee Bridgewater (US) - Memphis...Yes I'm Ready
DC Snakebuster (B) - Demo CD
De Braave Joenges (B) - De Braave Joenges 2
Dede Priest - Johnny Clark & The Outlaws (US/NL) - Flowers Under The Bridge
Dee's Honeytones (NL) - Wow! Wow!
Delta Wires (US) - Born in Oakland
Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones (B) - A Doghouse Tribute To The Blues Greats (EP)

Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones (B) - Going Places
Doug MacLeod (US) - Break The Chain
Downchild Blues Band (Can) - Something I've Done
Dr. Bekken (Nor) - Live at Bar Moskus
Dries (B) - For The Light of Thy Heart
Dudley Taft (US) - Summer Rain
Eamonn McCormack (Irl) - Like There's No Tomorrow
Ed De Smul Band (B) - Hardworking Man

Egidio 'Juke' Ingala & The Jacknives (I) - Switcharoo

Egil Olsen (Nor) - You and Me Against The World
Eliza Neals (US) - 10.000 Feet Below
Ellen Andrea Wang (Nor) - Blank Out
Elles Bailey (UK) - Wildfire
Emily Barker (Aus) - Sweet Kind of Blue
Eric Bibb (US) - Migration Blues
Erja Lyytinen (Fin) - Stolen Hearts
Eyal Vilner Big Band (US) - Hanukkah
Frank Kohl Quartet (US) - Rising Tide
Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers (US) - Bass, Drums, Guitars and Organs
Freak Go Home (B) - Demon Light (EP)
Gary Cain Band (Can) - Twangadelic Bluesophunk
Gas House Gorillas (US) - Shut Up!
Gasoline Lillipops (US) - Soul Mine
Geoff Alpert & Friends (US) - Open Your Heart
Ghalia & Mama's Boys (B/US) - Let The Demons Out
Ghalia & Voodoo Casino (B) - Have You Seen My Woman?
Gina Sicilia (US) - Tug Of War
Grainne Duffy (Irl) - Where I Belong
Greg Sover (US) - Songs of a Renegade

Gregg Stewart (US) - Twenty Sixteen
Ground Level Falcons (Can) - The New Wilderness vol.1
Gus McKay (Aus) - Talisman
Guy Bélanger (Can) - Traces & Scars
Guy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi (US/I) - Sonny & Brownie's Last Train
Guy Verlinde and The Houserockers (B/NL) - How How How
Hamilton Loomis (US) - Basics
Handkerchief (B) - Sea-Rain-River (2LP)
Handsome Johnny (NL) - First Round (EP)
Hayward Williams (US) - Pretenders
Hector Anchondo Band (US) - Roll The Dice
Helge Iberg's Jazz Kammer (Nor) - A Musical Offering
Helge Tallqvist & Loose Screws (Fin) - Loose Screws EP
Hideaway (B) - Live at the AB (30 Years Anniversary CD & DVD)
Highway To The Blues (B) - Selftitled
Hometown Marie (SE) - Wild Side (EP)
Honey B. Family (Fin) - Sings & Plays
Howard Gladstone (Can) - Hourglass
Hope (D) - Hope
Ht Roberts (B) - Stalemate Days
Humphrey-McKeown (US) - Tapestry of Shadows
Husky Tones (UK) - Who Will I Turn To Now?
Imelda May (Irl) - Life.Love.Flesh.Blood
Ivor S.K. (Aus) - Montserrat
Jan Preston (Aus) - Play It Again Jan
Jack Tempchin (US) - Peaceful Easy Feeling
Jake La Botz (US) - Sunnyside
James Armstrong (US) - Blues Been Good To Me
Jane Lee Hooker (US) - Spiritus
Janet Martin (US) - Eve Sessions
Janiva Magness (US) - Blue Again
Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of The Desert (Fin) - Hybrid Soul
Jason Buie (Can) - Driftin' Heart
Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind (US) - Approved By Snakes
Jay Pinto (US) - selftitled
JazzProfilactika (Bul) - Tick Tock
JD McPherson (US) - Undivided Heart & Soul
Jeangu Macrooy (Sur) - High On You
Jeff Rupert feat. Veronia Swift (US) - Let's Sail Away
Jeffrey Halford and The Healers (US) - Lo-Fo Dreams
Jelle Van Giel Group (B) - The Journey
Jesse Waldman (Can) - Mansion Full off Ghosts
Jesus on a Torilla (I) - Tonite is The Night
Jim Byrnes (Can) - Long Hot Summer Days
Jim Roberts and The Resonants (US) - Beneath the Blood Moon
Jim Shaneberger Band (US) - Above and Below
JJC Band (I) - After Midnight (Live)
Joakim Tinderholt (Nor) - Hold On
Johanna Lillvik (SE) - selftitled
Joel DaSilva (US) - Everywhere From Here
John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon (UK) - To The River
John-F Klaver Band (NL) - Catch The Morning Sun
John Mayall (UK) - Talk About That
John McNamara (Aus) - Rollin' Wit It
John Primer & Bob Corritore (US) - Ain't Nothing You Can Do!
John Németh (US) - Feelin' Freaky
John Strider (US) - Soul Reunion
Johnny Lang (US) - Signs
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys (US) - Dupre St. Stomp (Limited Edition)
Johnny Max Band (Can) - Roadhouse Soul
Johnny Rawls (US) - Waiting For The Train
Johnny Ray Jones (US) - Feet Back In The Door
Jon Zeeman (US) - Blue Room
Joseph Eid (US) - Watch It Fall
Joseph Veloz (US) - Offerings
Jude Johnstone (US) - A Woman's Work
Kai Strauss (Ger) - Getting Personal
Karen Lovely (US) - Fish Outta Water
Kate MacLeod (US) - Deep in the Sound of Terra
Kathryn Claire (US) - Bones Will Last
Katie Garibaldi (US) - Home Sweet Christmas
Kenny White (US) - Long List of Priors
Kevin Breit (Can) - Johnny Goldtooth and The Chevy Casanovas
King King (UK) - Exile & Grace
Kurt Deemer Band (US) - Gaslight
Lathouwers & Barbier (B) - No Time For Rock 'n Roll
Laura Tate (US) - Let's Just Be Real
Lauren Mitchell (US) - Desire
Laurence Jones (UK) - The Truth
Layla Zoe (Can) - Songs From The Road
Lazy Eye (Aus) - Pocket The Black
Leaky Roof (B) - Take A Jive
Lee Palmer (Can) - Bridge
Leif de Leeuw Band (NL) - Until Better Times
Lelle Dahlberg (SE) - These Words Are True
Leonard Griffie (US) - Better Late Than No Time Soon
Lesley Kernochan (US) - A Calm Sun
Lew Jetton & 61 South (US) - Palestine Blues
Linda Calise (US) - Happy To Be Loving You
Lighthouse Sweden (Swe) - Silence in the City
Lightnin' Willie (US) - No Black, No White, Just Blues
Lisa Biales (US) - The Beat Of My Heart
Little Freddie King (US) - You Make My Night
Lloyd Spiegel (Aus) - This Time Tomrorow
Lorin Hart (US) - Love Come Back
Low Society (US) - Sanctified
Lowlands and Friends (I) - Play Townes Van Zandt's Last Set
Lynn Jackson (Can) - Follow That Fire
Lynne Hanson (Can) - Uneven Ground
Mama SpanX (US) - State of Groove
Manitoba Hal (Can) - Live In Ghent
Marc Stone Band (US) - Live in Europe
Marcus Malone (US) - A Better Man
Mark Ripp & The Confessors (Can) - Under The Circumstances
Martin Goyette (Can) - Big Beets
Mary's Little Lamb (B) - Elixir For The Drifter
Matt Watts (US/B) - How Different It Was When You Were There
Mazzle (B) - Genetic Modified Art...GMA
McKee Brothers (US) - Moon Over Montgomery
Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band (A) - In Concert

Midnight Blues Patrol (B) - Under Cover
Mike Biggar (Can) - Go All In
Mike 'Mudfoot' McDonald (Can) - (Tired of the Same Old Rut?) Play This
Miss Tess (US) - Baby, We All Know
Mississippi MacDonald feat. Steve Bailey & The Soul Fixers (UK/US) - Selftitled
Mojo Monkeys (US) - Swerve On
Monster Mike Welch & Mike Ledbetter (US) - Right Place, Right Time
Moonlamb Project (B) - Uchronic Tales (EP)
Mr. Sipp (US) - Knock a Hole In It
Mrs. R&B and the Soulshakers (NL) - The Two Tone Tracks
My Baby (NL/NZ) - Prehistoric Rhythm
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (US) - Live at Red Rocks
Neila Dar (US) - Son of The Stars
Nico Wayne Toussaint (F) - Nico Wayne Toussaint plays James Cotton
Nordgarden (Nor) - Changes
Nordmann (B) - The Boiling Ground
Ole Kvernberg (Nor) - Steamdome
Paal Flaata (Nor) - Love and Rain (The Athletic Sessions)
Passerine (US) - Harbingers
Patrik Jansson Band (SE) - So Far To Go
Paul Batto (SI) - Straight Talk
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes (UK) - Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Paul Messinger (US) - America 2.0
People vs Larsen (US) - Loning Losing
Peter Gallway (US) - Feels Like Religion
Petunia and The Vipers (Can) - Lonesome, Hevay and Lonesome
Pi Jacobs (US) - A Little Blue
Polly O'Keary and The Rhyhtm Method (US) - Black Crow Callin'
Popa Chubby (US) - Two Dogs
Quique Gómez & His Vipers (E) - Dealin' With The Blues
Radio String Quartet (A) - In Between Silence
Ralph de Jongh (NL) - Dancing On a Vulcano (Trilogy)
Ramblin' Dog (NL) - We Will Voodoo You!
Rebirth::Collective (B) - Witchcraft
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Preachin' Blues

Richard van Bergen & Rootbag (NL) - Walk On In
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats (US) - Groovin' in Greaseland
RK Dawkins (US) - Journey
Rob Jungklas (US) - Blackbirds
Rob Lutes (Can) - Walk in The Dark
Rodney DeCroo (Can) - Old Tenderment Man
Rocky Athas (US) - Shakin' The Dust
Ron Francis Blake (US) - Assimilation

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters (US) - The Luckiest Man
Rudy Rotta (I) - Volo Sul Mondo

Russell Joslin (UK) - Hey Mathematician

Ruthie Foster (US) - Joy Comes Back
Sam Baker (US) - Land Of Doubt
Samantha Fish (US) - Belle of the West
Samantha Fish (US) - Chill & Fever

Sammy Kershaw & Friends (US) - Swamp Poppin'
San Pedro Slim (US) - In Times Like These
Sandra Marielle (SE) - Six Stories Seven Years
SaRon Censhaw ft. Blind B' & The Visionaires (US/NL/B) - Goin' To Get Deep
SaRon Crenshaw (US) - Drivin'
Savoy Brown (UK) - Witchy Feelin'
Scott Ellison (US) - Good Morning Midnight
Scott H. Biram (US) - The Bad Testament
Scott Ramminger (US) - Alive and Ornery
Scott Smith (US) - Down To Memphis

Scottie Miller Band (US) - Stay Above Water
Sean Noonan (Irl) - Man No Longer Me
Selwyn Birchwood (US) - Pick Your Poison
Shannon McNally (US) - Black Irish
Sharon Goldman (US) - Kol Isha (A Woman's Voice)

Sheewawah (NL) - Alles In Kleur
Shotgun Sally (B) - Selftitled
Some Christmas Elfs (Various artists) - Won't Be Home For Christmas
Someday Jacob (D) - Evreybody Knows Something Good
Son Of The Velvet rat (US/A) - Dorado
Southern Avenue (US) - Southern Avenue
Steph Cameron (Can) - Daybreak Over Jackson Street
Steve Kozak Band (Can) - It's Time
Steve Mednick (US) - The Ceremony of Innocence
Steve Sainas (Can) - Simple As This
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst (US) - Sometimes Jesse James
String Bone (Can) - Love & Highways
Stormy Mondays (E) - Suitcase Full Of Dreams
Sugar Ray and The Bluetones (US) - Seeing is Believing
Sugaray Rayford (US) - The World That We Live In
Surrender Hill (US) - Right Here Right Now
Susan Kane (US) - Mostly Fine
Sweet Bourbon (NL) - Night Turned Into Day
Taj Mahal & Keb Mo (US) - TajMo
The Big 4 Quartet (B) - All For The Money...
The Blues Overdrive (DK) - Overdrive Live!
The Brave (US) - Acute Inflections
The Como Mamas (US) - Move Upstairs
The Eric Byrd Trio (US) - Sacred Music Vol.1: Saints Are Still Marching
TG Swampbusters (Can) - Swamp Rock Country Blues
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer (Can) - Apolipstick
The Jimmy Zee Band (Can) - What You See Is What You Get
The Jon Hay Band (US) - Won't Let You Go
The Kokomo Kings (DE/SE) - Too Good To Stay Away From
The Mavericks (US) - Brand New Day
The Mojo Stars (Can) - Under The Influence
The Nighthawks (US) - All You Gotta Do
The Paladins (US) - New World

The Sextones (US) - Moonlight Vision
The Wild Ones (B) - The Wild Ones
Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado (Den) - Change My Game

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (US) -Songs for Mixed Compagny
Tim Bastmeyer's All Star Blues Band (Can) - Selftitled
Tine Thing Helseth (Nor) - Never Going Back
Tinez Roots Club (NL) - Have You Heard?!
Tiny Legs Tim (B) - Live at Sint-Jacobs
Tiny Legs Tim (B) - Melodium Rag
Tom Mank and Sera Smolen (US) - Unlock The Sky
Tom Savage (Can) - Everything Intertwined
Tommy Castro & The Painkillers - Stompin' Ground
Trevor Sewell (UK) - Calling Nashville
Trombone Shorty (US) - Parking Lot Symphony
Vagabundos (B) - Libido
Vanessa Collier (US) - Meeting My Shadow
Viva (US) - Living Well is the Best Revenge
Walter Trout (US) - We're All in This Together
Various Artists (US) - International Blues Challenge 2016 #32
Various Artists (US) - International Blues Challenge 2017 #33
Watermelon Slim (US) - Golden Boy
Wendy Webb (US) - Step Out Of Line
Wes Mackey (US) - Back To The Shack (Retro Collection)
West Of Eden (SE) - No Time Like The Past
Whitherward (US) - The Anchor
Whitney Rose (US) - South Texas Suite (EP)
Will T. Massey (US) - The Collection: 1987-2016
Willa and Company (US) - Better days
Willem Wynants (B) - Last Man on the Moon
Zachary Richard (US) - Gombo
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion (UK) - This Is The Life I Choose
Zsa Zsa Zsu (B) - Carrousel