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Album Reports 2018 (bands alphabetical)
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3hattrio (US) - Lord of the Desert
7 Days in Alaska (Nor) - Dancing With Ghosts
A/B Trio (Can) - Trioliloquy
Ad Vanderveen (NL) - Denver Nevada

Adi Meyerson (US) - Where We Stand
Adison Avans (US) - Meridian
Aiming For Enrike (Nor) - Las Napalmas
Aimée Allen (US) - Wings Uncaged
AJ Plug (NL) - Barefoot - The Grolloo Takes
Ajay Mathur (CH) - Little Boat
Alex Clough (US) - Near, Far, Beyond
Alex Nakhimovsky and June Bisantz (US) - Love's Tango
Allan Thomas (US) - Two Sides To Every Story
Amanda Fish (US) - Free
Amgala Temple (Nor) - Invisible Airships
Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips (Nor) - Perfect Stranger
Ana Popovic (SRB) - Like It On Top
Andrea Van Cleef (I) - Tropic of Nowhere
Andrew Gold (US) - First Things First
Andy Milne & Dapp Theory (US) - The Seasons of Being
Angel Forrest (Can) - Electric Love
Angel Sucheras (Arg) - New Orleans Spirits
Annie Keating (US) - Ghost of the Untraveld Road
Annika Fehling Trio (SE) - In The Universe
Anthony Fung (Can) - Flashpoint
Anthony Geraci (US) - Why Did You Heve to Go
Archie Lee Hooker (US) and The Coast to Coast Blues Band - Chilling
Artur Menezes (Braz) - Keep Pushing
Atomic (Nor-SE) - Pat Variations
Audun Skjølberg (Nor) - Last Days on Earth
B.R. Lively (US) - Into The Blue
Bakersongs (NL) - Words/In a Dream
Band of Gold (Nor) - Band of Gold
Banty Holler (US) - Tradition
Barbara Hendricks & Her Blues Band (US) - The Road To Freedom
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages (US) - Soul Flowers of Titan
Bart Buls (B) - Parallel Minds
Beady Belle (Nor) - Dedication
Beezlebub Jones (UK) - A Good Dag To Be A Bad Guy
Bekken & Gjems (Nor) - Spell (Live)
Ben Bostik (US) - Hellfire
Ben de la Cour (US) - The High Cost of Living Strange
Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite (US) - No Mercy in This Land
Ben Kunder (Can) - Better Human
Ben Poole (UK) - Anytime You Need Me
Ben Prestage (US) - Live in Europe
Benji Kaplan (US) - Corando Sete Cores

Bernard Allison (US) - Let It Go

Bettye Lavette (US) - Things Have Changed
Biezen (B) - Summer Of Red Roses
Big Apple Blues (US) - Manhattan Alley
Big Bo (NL) - Preaching The Blues
Big Creek Slim (DK) - Bad Luck Child
Big Daddy Wilson (US) - Songs From The Road
Big Harp George (US) - Uptown Cool
Bill Price (US) - Digging Deeper Toward The Sky (EP)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings (UK) - Studio Time
Billy & Bloomfish (B) - Happy Inclompete
Billy Hector (US) - Someday Baby
Billy Price (US) - Reckoning
Billy Walton Band (US) - Soul of A Man
Bjorn Berge (Nor) - Who Else?
Black Mango (B) - Djirri Djarra
Black Market III (US) - Dashboard Jesus
Blue and Broke (B) - Edward
Bluebird (B) - Live at Missppy
Blues Caravan 2017- Blues Got Soul
Blues Caravan 2018
Blues Ghetto (I) - Down in the Ghetto
Bob Corritore & Friends (US) - Dont Let The Devil Ride!
Bobbo Byrnes (US) - Tho Sides To This Town
Bodinrocker (SE) - Eye To Eye
Bokanté & Metropole Orkest - What Heat
Bombino (Nig) - Deran
Brad Calorick (US) - Nine Ten Thirty
Bram Weijters (B) and Chad McCullough (US) - Pendulum
Bruce Katz Band (US) - Get Your Groove
Bruno Deneckere feat. Nils De Caster (B) - I Remember The Day
Bryan Lee (US) - Sanctuary
Budda Power Blues (P) - Back To The Roots
Buddy Guy (US) - The Blues is Alive and Well
Building Instrument (Nor) - Mangelen Min
Calle Karlsson (SE) - Monterey Shoreline (EP)
Cari Ray & The Shaky legs (US)
Carl Solomon (US) - Simple Things
Carolina Steel (US) - Selftitled
Caroline Wickberg (SE) - I'm Not Mad (EP)
Carolyn Fe (Can) - Sugat Ko
Carrington MacDuffie (US) - Kiss Make Better
Carter Sampson (UK) - Lucky
Carvin Jones (US) - The Big Time Souvenir
Celso Salim Band (Bra) - Mama's hometown
Champagne Charlie (NL) - Sixpack
Charles Pillow Large Ensemble (US) - Electric Miles
Chip Taylor (US) - Fix Your Words
Citizen K (SE) - III
Chris Ruest (US) - Been Away too Long
Chris Smither (US) - Call Me Lucky
Chris Thomas (UK) - Bound To The Ocean
Christian Li & Mike Bono (US) - Visitors
Cina Samuelson (SE) - Sweet Mama, Elvis and Me (single)
CJ Simmons (US) - Forever
Clementine (NL) - Letting Go
Cold Tone Harvest (US) - After You
Colin James (Can) - Miles To Go
Courtney Yasmineh (US) - High Priestess and the Renegade
Cowboy Junkies (Can) - All That Reckoning
Crystal Shawanda (Can) - VooDoo Woman
Curse of Lono (UK) - As I Fell
Curtis Saldago & Alan Hager (US) - Rough Cut
Cyril Neville (US) - Endagerend Species
Dale Bandy (US) - Blue.
Damon Fowler (US) - The Whiskey Bayou Session
Dan Israel (US) - You're Free
Dan McKinnon (Can) - The Cleaner
Dan Siegel (US) - Origins
Dana Fuchs (US) - Love Lives On
Dana Gillespie meets Al Cook and his original Al Cook Band (UK/A)
- Take It Off Slowly
Daniel Rotem (Isr) - Serenading The Future
Danielle Nicole (US) - Cry No More
Danny Bryant (UK) - Revelation
Danny Lynn Wilson (US) - Peace Of Mind
Dany Franchi (I) - Problem Child
Darling West (Nor) - While I Was Asleep

Darrel Nulisch (US) - The Bigtone Sessions vol.1
Darren Barrett (Can) - On Time for Romance: But Beautiful
David Gerald (US) - N2U
David Massey (US) - Late Winter Light
David Onley (US) - This Side Or The Other
David Vest (US) - Selftilted
Dayna Kurtz with Robert Maché (US) - Here vol.2
DC Snakebuster - Selftitled
Dean Haitani (Aus) - 47 Stones
Deb Rhymer (Can) - Don't Wait Up
Deborah Hendriksson (SE) - Near and Far
Demi Knight (NL) - Boedapest
Denis Solee & the Beegie Adair Trio (US) - Gershwin on Sax
Dennis Herrera (US) - You Stole My Heart
Detonics (NL) - Raise Your Bet
Dewolff (NL) - Thrust
Dieter van der Westen band (NL) - Me and You
Dirk Van der Linden Trio (B) - Groove Mood
Don Braden (US) - Earth Wind and Wonder
Doug Schmude (US) - Burn These Pages
Einar Flaa (Nor) - Silent String
Eli Paperboy Reed (US) - Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High and Mighty Brass Band
Elliot and the Audio Kings (Can) - Long Live The King
Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd (SE/US) - After US
Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio (US) - Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here
Emilia Sisco and Helge Tallqvist Band (Fin)
Emily Burgess (Can) - Are We In Love?

Emily Herring (US) - Gliding (2017)

Enrique Haneine (US) - The Mind's Mural
Eric Bibb (US) - Global Griot (2CD)
Eric Congdon (US) - Into The Woods
Eric Lindell (US) - Revolution in Your Heart
Eryn (US) - Lady E (EP)
Espen Berg Trio (Can) - Bølge
Eva Hillered (SE) - New Me
Evan Salvacion Levine (US) - Mestizo
Flaata, Ackles & Busk (Fab3) (Nor) - The Gospel Album
Fandango Live (B) - Sherwood Avenue
Farzane Zamen (Irn) - Z Bent
Fatoumata Diawara (ML) - Fenfo
Fiery Blue (US) - Lightning Out
Fiona Boyes (Aus) - Voodoo in the Shadows
Flavio Lira (Bra) - Coffe Gold Sugar Cane
Flavio Silva (Braz) - Break Free
Froghorn Stringband (US/Can) - Rock Island Grange
Fred Chapellier & The Gents feat. Dale Balde (F/US)
Frode Haltli - Avant Folk
Garrick Rawlings (US) - Selftitled
Gene Ess (US) - Apotheosis
Geir Sundstøl (Nor) - Brødløs
Geof Bradfield (US) - Yes, and...Music For Nine Improvisers
George Lilly and the Half-Fast Allstarz (US) - Thinkin' About You Baby
Greyhound (NL) - Double Sixty
Gerry Spehar (US) - Anger Management
Ghost Town Blues Band (US) - Backstage Pass (Live)
Gil Defay (US) - It's All Love
Giles Robson & Chris Corcoran (UK) - Roller Coaster!
Gina Sicilia (US) - Heard The Lie
Giullia Millanta (IS) - Conversation With a Ghost
Glen Boldman & The Philadelpia 5 (US) - Hot Damn! It's
Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik (US) - Settling Scores Vol. II
Greg Sover (US) - Jubilee
Greg Ward (US) - Rogue Parade: Stomping Off From Greenwood
Greg Yasinitsky (US) - Yazz Band
Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson (US) - Two Of A Kind
Greyhounds (US) - Cheyenne Valley Drive
Guitar Jack Wargo (US) - Keepin' It Real
Gurls (Nor) - Run Boy Run
Gus Spenos (US) - It's Lovin' Guarantee
Guy Verlinde & The Mighty Gators (B) - X
Hadden Sayers (US) - Acoustic Dopamine
Hadden Sayers (US) - Dopamine Machine
Hanna Paulsberg Concept (Nor) - Daughter of The Sun
Hat Check Girl (US) - Cold Smoke
Hearts of Oak (US) - Moves
Helen Rose (US) - Trouble Holding Back
Henry Conerway III (US) - With Pride For Dignity
Hidden Agenda Deluxe feat. Oh Suzanna (NL/Can) - Angels in the Snow

Hilary Angel (US) - Don't Call Me Angel
Hilde Marie Holsen (Nor) - Lazuli
Hopeless Jack (US) - Selftitlted
Howard Gladstone (Can) - Hourglass
Hubert #6 (F) - One Man Delta Blues Show
Husky Tones (UK) - I Don't Give A Damn Anymore
Hymn For Her (US) - Pop 'n Downers (Americana)
I See Hawks in L.A. (US) - Live and Never Learn
I'm Kingfisher (SE) - Transit
Ian Siegal (UK) - All The Rage
Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni (I) - Twinkle Twinkle
Ilhan Esrahin (SE) - Solar Plexus
Ina Forsman (Fin) - Been Meaning To Tell You
In Layman Terms (US) - Strong Roots
Itai Kriss (Isr) - Telavana
J. Aubertin (F) - Bringers of the Light
J.P. Soars (US) - Soutbound I-95
Jack Kilby and The Front Line (US) - Love is A Song Anyone Can Sing
Jack Leckie (US) - The Adobe
Jacqueline Tabor (US) - The Lady in the Gown
Jamell Richardson (US) - Blues How I Wanna Blues (2017)
James Austin Jr. (US) - Songs in the Key of Wonder
James Harman (US) - Fineprint
James Payne (US) - Love Talk
James Weidman (US) - Spiritual Impressions
Jan de Bruijn (NL) - The Child Remaining Part 1
Janiva Magness (US) - Love is An Army
Jeb Barry and The Pawn Shop Saints (US) - Texas, etc...
Jeff Jensen (US) - Wisdom & Decay
Jeff 'Siege' Siegel Quartet (US) - London Live
Jennifer Maidman (UK) - Dreamland
Jenny Van West (US) - Happiness To Burn
Jeremiah Johnson (US) - Straitjacket
Jesper Theis (DK) - Narrow Line

Jesse Dayton (US) - The Outsider
Jim Dan Dee (Can) - Seltitled
Jim Stanard (US) - Bucket List
Jimmy Fink & The Instrution (US) - JFI
Jimmy Rankin (Can) - Moving East
JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci (US) - Beautiful Slop
JJ Milteau (F) - Blues Harp (re-release debuutalbum 1989)
Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls (UK) - Them Old Bones
Joe Louis Walker - Bruce Katz - Giles Robson - Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues
Johanna Sillanpaa (Can) - From This Side
Jonathan Barber (US) - Vision Ahead
Jørgen Sandvik (Nor) - Permanent Vacation
Josh Smith (US) - Burn to Grow
John Mayall (UK) - Three For The Road (Live)
Johnny and Jaalene (US) - Selftilted
Johnny Rawls (US) - I'm Still Around
Johnny Fink and the Intrusion (US) - JFI
Johnny Tucker (US) - Seven Day Blues
Jon Cleary (US) - Dyna-Mite
Joyann Parker (US) - Hard To Love
Judi Silvano & The Zephyr Band (US) - Lessons Learned
Judith Owen (UK) - Rediscovered
Jumping Matt & His Combo - Dressed Up
John Clifton (US) - Nightlife
Justin Piper (US) - Transcend (2017)
Justin Saladino Band (Can) - A Fool's Heart
Kai Strauss (D) - The Blues is Handmade (Vinyl Only)
Karen Graigie (Aus) - Mountains of Gold
Karen Lee Batten (Can) - Under the Covers In Muscle Shoals
Kat Danser (Can) - Goin' Gone
Kat Riggins (US) - In The Boys' Club
Kat Riggins (US) - It Ain't Christmas (kerstsingle)
Kate Campbell (US) - Damn Sure Blue
Katie Knipp (US) - Take It With You
Kathleen Scheir (B) - Border Guards
Kaz Murphy (US) - Ride Out The Storm
Keegan McInroe (US) - A Good Old fashioned Protest (2017)
Keeshea Pratt band (US) - Believe
Keith Stone with Red Gravy (US) - Blues With a Taste of New Orleans
Kelly Green Trio (US) - Volume One
Kenny Carr (US) - Departure
Ketil Bjørnstad (Nor) - Hum Som Kjenner Tristheten Ved Thing
Kid Ramos (US) - Old School
Kim In The Middle (B) - The 7 Years Itch
Kim Myhr (Nor) - Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds
Kirk Fletcher (US) - Hold On
Knut Reiersrud (Nor) - Heat
Kris Adams (US) - We Should Have Danced
Kris Lager Band (US) - Love Songs & Life Lines
Kurt Deemer Band (US) - Antenna (EP)
Kyle Carey (US) - The Art of Forgetting
Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Big Band (B) - Black Swan
Larry Ham & Woody Witt - Precense
Lassen (Nor) - Eventyrer
Laura Meade (US) - Remedium
Laurence Jones (UK) - The Truth (re-release)
Laurie Jane and the 45s (US) - Midnight Jubilee
Laurie Jane and the 45s (US) - Late Last Night - Elixir of Sara Martin
Layla Zoe (Can) - Gemini (2CD)
Lazy Afternoon (SE) - Everytime/Water (single)
Levi Parham (US) - I'ts All Good
Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers (US) - Usual Suspects
Lindsay Beaver (Can) - Tough As Love
Lisa Medwick Powell (US) - Blue Book
Little Freddie King (US) - Fried Rice & Chicken
Little Kim and The Alley Apple 3 (B) - Sugarbird
Little Steven and the Diciples of Soul (US) - Soulfire 'Live'
Little Victor (US) - Deluxe Lo-Fi
Lon Eldridge & Steven Troch (US/B) - Cool Iron
Louderdales (D) - En El Valle De Los Perdidos
Love on Drugs (SE) - Solder
Low Lily (US) - 10.000 Days Like These
Lucky Bones (Irl) - Matchstick Men
Luis Barbosa (Azoren) - Dust To The Sky
Luke Winslow King (US) - Blue Mesa
Lurrie Bell & The Bell Dynasty (US) - Tribute to Carey Bell
Madeleine Peyroux (US) - Anthem
Mai Khoi (Vietnam) - Dissent
Malcolm Holcombe (US) - Come Hell or High Water
Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces (US/NL) - Life Will Humble You
Manitoba Hal (Can) - Blues in the Water
Marc Borms & Friends (B/US) - Don't Die Till You're Dead
Marc De Wit & Rik Ooms (B) - Tribute to Dylan
Marcia Ball (US) - Shine Bright
Marco R. Wagner (Bra) - Music Love Magic
Maria Maulder (US) - Don't You Feel My Leg
Mark Huff (US) - Stars For Eyes
Mark Hummel (US) - Harpbreaker
Marla & David Celia (D/Can) - Daydreamers
Marshall Lawrence (Can) - Feeling Good
Marshall (US) - Carnivals and Other Tragedies
Marshall Gilkes & WDR Big Band (US/D) - Always Forward
Martha Jane & The Talisman (NL)
Mary Battiata & Little Pink (US) - The Heart, Regardless (2017)
Mat Walklate (UK) - Sea of Blues
Matthews Southern Comfort (UK/NL) - Like a Radio
Matt Lemmler (US) - Love - Southern Songs & Sonates (2CD)
Matt Ulery - Shifting Stars
Matt T Wall (Aus) - Sidewinder
Meadow Creek (SE) - 'Till Death Do Us Part
Mean Mary (US) - Blazing
Meg Okura & Pan Asian Chambre Jazz Ensemble
Melanie Dekker (Can) - Secret Spot
Melbreeze (US) - Animazonia
Michael C. Lewis (US) - Intimate Journey
Michael Kaeshammer (Can) - Something New
Michael William Gilbert (US) - Radio Omnibus
Michelle Lewis (US) - All That's Left
Mick Kolassa and the Taylor Made Blues Band - 149 Delta Ave
Mick Kolassa & Friends (US) - Double Standards
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip (Fin) - TwentyFive Live at Blues Baltica
Mighty Mo Rodgers (US) - The Virus
Mike Aiken (US) - Wayward Troubadour
Mike Farris (US) - Silver & Stone
Mike Field (Can) - True Stories
Mike Goudreau (Can) - Alternate Takes vol 1
Mike Harvey's Hot Club (US) - Selftilted
Mike Spine (US) - Don't Let It Bring You Down
Mike Spine (US) - Forage & Glean (vol I & II)
Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo (UK) - Beyound The Blue Horizon
Mike Zito (US) - First Class Life
Mike Zito (US) - Blue Room (re-release debuutalbum 1997)
Miss Rea & The Midnight Ramblers (Can)
Mona Wallin (SE) - To Build A Fire
Mongrel State (Irl/E/I/Arg) - Mestizo
Moon Relay (Nor) - IMI
Møster (Nor) - States of Minds
Moskus (N) - Mirakler
Mother T & The Chicks (B) - Selftitled
Mr. Shingels (UK/E) - Green in Blue
Mud Bay (Can) - Colebrook Road
Mud Morganfield (US) - They Call Me Mud
Murray Kinsley and Wicked Grin (Can) - Murder Creek
Naming The Twins (Can) - Sing The Winter Away
Nathan Bell (US) - In Spite of Everyone & Everything
Nathan Bell (US) - Loves Bones & Stars, Loves Bones & Stars
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (US) - Tearing at the Seams
Neal & The Vipers (US) - One Drunken Kiss
Needlepoint (Nor) - The Diary of Robert Reverie
Nichole Wagner (US) - And The Sky Caught Fire
Nick Moss feat. Dennis Gruenling (US) - The High Coast of Low Living
Nico Rivers and The Black Grass (US) - Tiny Death
Nik Barrell (UK) - Joy
Nikki Hill (US) - Feline Roots
Noa Fort (Isr) - No World Between Us
Now Vs Now (US) - The Buffering Cocoon
NPO Trio (US) - Live at The Stone
OBK Trio (US) - The Ing...
Old Riley and the Water (US) - Biting Trough
Orions Belte (Nor) - Mint
Osborne Jones (US/UK) - Ever Close
Park88 (US) - The Fearlessness (EP)
Pat Battstone (US) - The Last Taxi: In Transit
Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners (US) - That's All There Is
Patrick McCallion (UK) - Keep Smiling
Paul Filipowicz (US) - Unfiltered
Paul Messinger (US) - Love Will Find You
Paul Oscher (US) - Cool Cat
Peter Karp (US) - The American Blues
Peter Lin - The Lintet (US) - With Respect
Pharis and Jason Romero (Can) - Sweet Old Religion
Phil Bee's Freedom (NL) - Home
Phil Schurger (US) - The Waters Above
PK Gregory (US) - Honkabilly Blues
Popa Chubby (US) - Prime Cuts
Power Shake (B) - Go Wild!
Radka Toneff (Nor) - Fairytales (re-release album 1982)
Raebekah (Aus) - My World
Randy Casey (US) - I Got Lucky
Randy McAllister and the Scrappiest Band in the Motherland (US) - Triggers Be Trippin
Ranzel X Kendrick (US) - Texas Sagebrush
Raphael Wressnig (A) feat. Alex Schultz & James Gadson - Chicken Burrito
Raven & Red (US) - We Rise Up
Raw Blues Experience (B) - Trailer Trash
Red Beans and Rice Combo (US) - Let The Joy Begin!
Reggie Pittman & Loren Daniels Quartet (US) - Smilessence (2017)
Regina Bonelli (US) - Love Letter
Reverend Freakchild (US) - Dial It In
Reverend Jimmie Smith (US) - Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith (Live)
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (US)
Ric Harris (US) - Open For Business
Rich DePaolo (US) - Killed For Kings
Ripoff Raskolikov Band (A) - Small World
Rita Coolidge (US) - Save in the Arms of Time
Rita Engedalen (Nor) - Best Of
Rob McHale (US) - Prophets on the Boulevard
Rob Mo (I) - From Scratch
Robbert Fossen Band (NL) - Get Off On It!
Robert Connely Farr & The Rebeltone Boys (US/Can) - Dirty South Blues
Robert Jon & The Wreck (US) - Self-Titled
Robert Kennedy (US) - Closer to Home
Rockin' Dopsie & The Zydeco Twisters (US) - Rockin' Zydeco
Rondi Marsh (US) - The Pink Room
Rory Block (US) - A Woman's Soul: Tritute to Bessie Smith
Ruby Turner (UK) - That's My Desire (EP)
Rupert Wates (UK) - The Lights of Paris (2017)
Russ Johnson (US) - Headlands
Ruth Wyand (US) - Tribe of One
Ryan Lee Crosby (US) - River Music
Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar (Can) - Run To me
Sara Lee (Fin) - Heart of Stone
Sarah McQuaid (UK) - If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Be Dangerous
Sarah Reich (US) - New Change
Sari Schorr (US) - Never Say Never
Saverio Maccne & Double Ace (Arg) - Look Twice
Sawdust & Rust (SE/FO) - Leaving A Memory
Sax Gordon (US) - Rock 'n Roll Lives Here

Scott Pepito (US) - Rainbow Gravity
Scott Smith (US) - Ignity The Flame (EP)
Sean Chambers (US) - Welcome To My Blues
Shaggy Dogs (F) - All Inclusive
Shakedown Tim and The Rhythm Revue (B) - Shakedown's Th'owdown
Shelby Texas (US) - We Are Shelby Texas
Shemekia Copeland (US) - America's Child
Sheesham and Lotus and 'Son (Can) - Clear The Table
Shorty Jetson and his Racketeers (B) - Selftitled
Simone Morris (Can) - Setling Up
"Sir" Oliver Mally & Peter Schneider (A/D) - Folk Adventures
Skadedyr (Nor) - Musikk!
Skydive (Nor/Fin) - Sun Sparkle
Small World (B/SA) - Live at Bird's Eye
Somesh Mathur (Ind) - Time Stood Still
Son of the Velvet Rat (A) - The Late Show (Live)
Sons of Rhythm (Can) - Selftitled
Soul Return (US) - Selftitled
Spanish Harlem Orchestra (US) - Anniversary
Spencer MacKenzie (Can) - Cold November
Splashgirl (Nor) - Sixth Sence
Stefano Ronchi (I) - In Close Embrace (2017)
Steve Dawson (Can) - Lucky Hand
Seve Future (SE) - 7 Cities
Steve Hill (Can) - Live
Steve Krase Band (US) - Just Waitin'
Steve McQuarry (US) - Air
Steven Troch Band (B) - Rhymes for Mellow Minds
Stompin' Heat (D) - Live at Stummsche Reithalle
Sue Foley (Can) - The Ice Queen
Sugar Brown (US) - It's A Blues World
Sugar Queen and the Straight Blues Band - 340 Blues
Sundae & Mr. Goessl (US) - When Youre Smiling
Supersonics (NL) - Close To You
Surrender Hill (US) - Tore Down Fences
Suzie Vinnick (Can) - Shake The Love Around
Svein Finnerud Trio (Nor) - Plastic Sun
Swampcandy (US) - Mine
Sy Smith (US) - Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete
Tai Shan (US) - Meet Me in The Middle
Tami Neilson (Can) - Sassafrass!
Tas Cru (US) - Memphis Song
Ted Russell Kamp (US) - Walkin' Shoes
Teeny Tucker (US) - Put On Your Red Dress Baby
Ten-Hut (NL) - Clean (EP)
Ten Years Today (NL) - Selftitled
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps (US) - Here in Babylon
The Blue Chevy's (B) - Twice Fifteen
The Blues Eaters (F)
The Blues Messengers (A) - Uncut
The Bluesbones (B) - Chasing Shadows
The Breath (UK) - Let The Cards Fall
The Complaints (US) - Talk To Me
The Delta Bombers (US) - Pressure and Time
The DIVA Jazz Orchestra (US) - DIVA 25th anniversary
The Furious Seasons (US) - Now Residing Abroard
The Gloaming (Irl/US) - Live at the NCH
The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo (B) - Take Off Your Clothes
The Gravel-Aires (Can) - National Avenue
The Hot Club of San Francisco (US) - 30 Years
The House Jumpers (US) - Foolin' Around
The James Hunter Six (UK) - Whatever It Takes
The Knickerbocker All-Stars (US) - Love Makes A Woman
The Little Red Rooqter Blues Band (US) - Lock Up The Liquor
The LYNNes (Can) - Heartbreak Song for the Radio
The Plastic Pals (SE) - Psychic Reader
The Proven Ones (US) - Wild Again
The New England Jazz Ensemble (US) - Peter and the Wolf
The Ragtime Rumours (NL) - Rag 'n Roll
The Reverend Shawn Amos (US) - Breaks It Down
The Rex Granite Band feat. Sarah Benck (US) - Spirit/Matter/Truth/Lies
The Rob Ryan Show (US/D) - Coming Home
The Slocan Ramblers (Can) - Queen City Jubilee
The Space Age Travellers (NL) - @ Ventures in the Shadows
The Ted Vaughn Blues Band (US) - It Takes A Man To Play The Blues
The Vamps (US) - Premier Soul-Jazz
The War and Treaty (US) - Healing Tide
The Weight Band (US) - World Gone Mad
The Yearlings (NL) - Skywriting
Thea Hopkins (US) - Love Come Down
Tia Bradza (Can) - Daydream
Tim Lothar (Den) - More Stories
Tinsley Ellis (US) - Winning Hand
Tom Veith (D) - Tired of These Blues
Tomislav Goluban ft. Toni Starešinić (HR)
Tommy Dardar (US) - Big Daddy Gumbo
Tony Joe White (US) - Bad Mouthin'
Torgeir Waldemar (Nor) - Jamais Vu
Track Dogs (UK/US/Irl) - Kansas City Out Groove
Tragedy Ann (Can) - Matches
Trainman Blues - Selftitled
Travellin' Blue Kings (B/NL) - Wired Up
Travellin' Brothers (E) - 13th Avenue South
Tribu (US) - El Matador
Trio Thomastique (B) - Sea Breeze (EP)
Troels Jensen & Miriam Mandipira (DK) - Careless Love
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (Nor) - Happy Endings
Troy Roberts (Aus) - Nu-Jive Perspectieve
Trudy Lynn (US) - Blues Keep Knockin'
Tuba Skinny (US) - Nigel's Dream
Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra - We Have a Dream
Ultan Conlon (Irl) - Last Days of The Night Owl
Van Morrison (UK) - When The Prophet Speaks
Van Morrison & Joey DeFrancesco (UK/US) - You're Driving Me Crazy
Vanessa Collier (US) - Honey Up
Vanessa Peters (US) - Foxhole Prayers
Vanessa Rubin (US) - The Dream is You
Vanja Sky (HR) - Bad Penny
Various Artists - Strange Angels in Flight With Elmore James
Various Artists - Live at Notodden Blues Festival 2017 (20 Years Blue Mood Records)
Velma Powell & Bluedays (US) - Blues To The Bone
Verbraak - Van Bijnen (NL) - Endless Road
Veronneau (US) - Love & Surrender
Victor Wainwright and the Train (US) - Selftitled
Ville Lethovaara (Fin) - Regroovable
Vincent Beaulne (Can) - The Voice is Mine
Walter Trout (US) - Survivor Blues
Walter 'Wolfman' Washington (US) - The Futur is My Past
Willa Vincitore (US) - Choises
Willie Jackson Blues (US) - Chosen by the Blues
Willow Springs (UK) - Urban Ghosts
Yügen (Nor) - Yügen
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion (UK) - The Blues and I Should Have A Party